g him to listen carefully to the class, Gu Yang then turned his head, laid in Fan Yuan’s warm palm, stretched comfortably, and yawned a little along the way, unknowingly closing his eyes and falling asleep.

The teacher on the podium was still lecturing when Fan Yuan looked down and saw little Gu Yang sleeping in his palm, but he didn’t wake him up after all.

When Gu Yang woke up, the surroundings were pitch black and still shaking a bit, he stretched his limbs, knowing that he should be in Fan Yuan’s pocket, Fan Yuan’s hand was still gently holding him.

He poked his head out from the edge of the pocket to look out, and just as he took a look, Fan Yuan pushed his head back, stuffing it in.

“It’s cold outside, don’t come out, you’ll be home soon.”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s fingertips and sat in his pocket, rubbed Fan Yuan’s fingertips on his warm sleeping cheek, and moaned vaguely twice.

He slept for a long time this time, but he didn’t expect that when he woke up, he would be out of school.

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang home.
Gu Yang wanted to come out as soon as he entered the house, Fan Yuan put him on the sofa, while he went into the kitchen to cook.

Now that Gu Yang doesn’t have a wolf’s tail and ears, Fan Yuan didn’t call his aunt back, but just found someone to take care of the three little milk dogs during the day.

Usually when they were at home, there was no one else in the house except the two of them and the three little milk dogs.

Gu Yang stretched his limbs and laid on the sofa for a while, his mind always thinking of the little wild flower outside the classroom window.

He sat up abruptly, stood by the sofa and looked around.
The three little puppies had gone to play somewhere, the sound of cooking came from the kitchen, and the TV in the living room was on, playing a boring variety show.

Gu Yang gritted his teeth, crawled down along the edge of the sofa, and landed cautiously.
He raised his legs and ran out.

There was a small door under the gate, which was specially installed for the three little milk dogs, unexpectedly it was convenient for Gu Yang now.

When Gu Yang went out from the puppy door, he immediately shivered in the cold wind.
Looking at the dark yard, he took a deep breath and ran out anyway.

Fan Yuan brought out the fried dishes and called out to Gu Yang, but he didn’t hear Gu Yang’s low moaning, so he thought he fell asleep again, so he went to the sofa and wanted to take Gu Yang to the dining table, but he didn’t expect the sofa to be empty.

“Gu Yang?”

Fan Yuan stood by the sofa in a daze for a moment, and immediately looked at the surrounding ground to see if Gu Yang had fallen, but there was nothing anywhere, Gu Yang was not nearby.

Gu Yang, who was so small, can still run out of his sight.

The courtyard of Fan Yuan’s house was green and the land was fertile.
Gu Yang walked close to the corner and found a small wild flower in the corner that was still blooming in winter.
The small wild flower stood tall.
Swaying with the cold wind, it was not pretty, but it was very attractive.

Gu Yang bent down and bowed to the little wild flower who was only a little shorter than him:

“Sorry, I’m going to pick you up, but I really want to give you to someone.”

After finishing speaking, Gu Yang stepped forward, grabbed the stem of the little wild flower with all his strength, and pulled it off.
When he pulled it off, he brought himself down, lying down on the ground.

He stood up, patted behind him casually, and ran back without any squeamishness in front of Fan Yuan.

In fact, Gu Yang had never been squeamish.
He was in so much pain in the terminal stage of stomach cancer in his previous life, yet he would smile at his parents who came to visit him, and he didn’t tell them his pain at all.

Only in front of Fan Yuan, Gu Yang was coquettish.

Fan Yuan was looking for Gu Yang in the house.
It was not easy to find such a small Gu Yang in the big house.
His hair was messy and his slippers were thrown away from running around.
Beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks, a little flustered.

Until Fan Yuan ran to the door and wanted to go out to look for him, he saw Gu Yang push open the puppy door and come in.

Gu Yang did not expect to see Fan Yuan as soon as he came in, and immediately hid the small wildflower behind his back, looking up at Fan Yuan who was very tall for him at this time.

Fan Yuan squatted down and looked at Gu Yang who was dirty all over.

Gu Yang’s face was flushed red from the cold, his lips were a little pale, and he trembled a little while standing.

“Where have you been?” Fan Yuan’s voice was very soft.

Gu Yang shrugged his shoulders, and felt that Fan Yuan’s tone was a bit scary, just like every time he was about to get angry.

He looked up carefully to observe Fan Yuan’s expression, but he couldn’t see the slightest bit of displeasure from Fan Yuan’s expression.

Gu Yang hesitated for a moment, then took the small wild flower hidden behind him, which was only a little shorter than him, in front of him, holding the stem of the flower with both hands and lifting it up.
As the flower was lifted up, he swayed a little bit unsteadily.

“Look, Fan Yuan! A flower that blooms in winter! Here it is for you!”

When Fan Yuan saw the ugly little flower, he was stunned for a moment, then put his hands in front of Gu Yang.
Gu Yang took the initiative to go up and sit in Fan Yuan’s hands.

“You ran out just to pick this flower for me?”

Gu Yang nodded in embarrassment.
He stood up when Fan Yuan held him in front of him, pressed his cold little hand on Fan Yuan’s cheek and stroked it comfortingly, then stood on tiptoe.
This little wild flower was pinned behind Fan Yuan’s ear.

“Don’t look at me as being small now, I can still send you flowers!”

Fan Yuan kept silent, just looked at the little Gu Yang in the palm of his hand, at his dirty appearance, and at his little face flushed from the cold.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan lowered his head and buried his cheeks in Gu Yang’s small chest.

Gu Yang pressed Fan Yuan’s forehead with both hands at a loss, and asked cautiously:

“What’s the matter with you? Are you angry? I won’t run out casually again! I swear!”

After a long time, Fan Yuan took a deep breath:

“Gu Yang, you said this, you have to remember.”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously, but did not see Fan Yuan suddenly withdraw a hand and stuff it into his pocket.

Fan Yuan took out something shining silver under the light, and clasped it around Gu Yang’s neck when he wasn’t paying attention.


Gu Yang touched the collar that Fan Yuan had just fastened on his neck, and then tugged the thin chain attached to the front of the collar.

The other end of the chain was connected to a bracelet of the same quality, and Fan Yuan was wearing this bracelet on his left wrist.

Looking at the chain, Gu Yang suddenly realized something, but he didn’t have any fear or panic:

“Ah! Is this the collar you ordered for me again? What about the earrings?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, held Gu Yang in his left palm and stood up.

With his left hand bent in front of him and a little Gu Yang, who was only a little bigger than a palm, he walked through the corridor and walked towards the dining room.

“Let’s talk about the earrings later, let’s eat first.”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes drooped down, quietly looking at the little Gu Yang who was sitting obediently in his palm.

Little Gu Yang seemed to be studying his left hand.
Feeling Fan Yuan looking at him, he immediately raised his head and smiled at Fan Yuan.
After smiling, he rubbed Fan Yuan’s fingertips very reliantly.

Fan Yuan took advantage of the situation and rubbed Gu Yang’s face with his fingertips, but Gu Yang didn’t dodge and let Fan Yuan rub it.

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang through the dark corridor to the dining room.

The darkness faded from the two of them, and the warm light shrouded them again.

Gu Yang hugged Fan Yuan’s fingertips, thinking of the favorability he saw just now, he couldn’t help rubbing Fan Yuan’s fingertips vigorously, and after rubbing, he pouted and kissed Fan Yuan’s fingertips.

Fan Yuan’s favorability score: 26 points.

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: Look who will be bigger in the future!

Fan Yuan: Oh 🙂

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