mely childish, then in another moment he felt that his heart was disobedient, beating non-stop.

He flicked his big tail happily, he couldn’t hold it back.
He crawled over cautiously, got under Fan Yuan’s arm, laid on Fan Yuan’s body, and lived in his puppy kennel.

As soon as Gu Yang came in, Fan Yuan put down the quilt that he had put up and covered the two of them.
Under Gu Yang, Fan Yuan was used as a blanket, and the quilt with Fan Yuan’s temperature was covered on top of his body.
He comfortably rubbed around in his puppy kennel, he didn’t dislike it at all!

Fan Yuan tightened the quilt around then he patted Gu Yang’s waist.

“Go to sleep.”

This time, Gu Yang stayed in his exclusive puppy kennel, and he stopped making noises, and didn’t argue for a cage.
He was very satisfied.
He closed his eyes obediently, and whispered before going to sleep:

“Fan Yuan, I will live in my puppy kennel forever from now on, this is mine, don’t give it to others.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak.
After Gu Yang’s breathing became steady and he fell asleep, Fan Yuan raised his hand and pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck.
He lowered his head and bit the tip of Gu Yang’s ear lightly, biting the sleeping Gu Yang.
He groaned and made some noise before he let go.

He rubbed the tips of Gu Yang’s wet ears with his fingertips, and replied softly:

“If you live inside, you can’t leave.”

The next day, the two went to school with a bottle of fake pearls.

A small wild flower was still inserted in the fake pearls, and a pinhole camera had been hidden in the small wild flower.
The transparent glass bottle was placed on the corner of Fan Yuan’s table as before.

Gu Yang looked back and forth as soon as he went out today, and now he was sitting in his seat looking around, as if everything around him was very new to him.

He found that this time-limited favorability display spray was really useful.
This morning, he saw all kinds of favorability.

After reading the favorability among so many different people, Gu Yang finally had a new understanding of the definition of favorability in this small book, and also discovered something that surprised him.

For example, the little book in his left palm had a very low favorability value for everyone.

Gu Yang looked at the two male classmates who were leaning on the side and talking together.
Their favorability scores were 4 points and 5 points respectively.
According to Gu Yang’s knowledge, these two people often played together, which meant they were relatively good to each other; they should be considered good friends, so he didn’t expect that the favorability between each other was only 4 points and 5 points.

The favorability between Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan at the same table on the other side of the classroom was a little higher, with 7 points between them.

The favorability between Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu in the front row was also 7 points.

In the first row, a classmate’s book was knocked off by a passing classmate on duty.
The classmate immediately bent down to pick it up, and the on-duty classmate who knocked off his book also helped to pick it up.

Gu Yang found that after the book was knocked off, the student’s favorability with the classmate on duty who knocked off his book immediately dropped by 1 point, from 3 points to 2 points.

And when the book was picked up, the classmate on duty took out a box of yogurt from his pocket and handed it to the owner of the book to apologize, and the favorability that became 2 points returned to 3 points.

Some students even have only 1 point of favorability between them, and some of them were in the same class from the first year of high school to the third year of high school.

Fan Yuan went to collect homework at this time, and Gu Yang took the opportunity to observe the favorability between Fan Yuan and the others.

The students in the class had different degrees of favorability towards Fan Yuan, with different scores, but Fan Yuan’s degree of favorability for other students in the class was basically the same, all were 0 points, and occasionally a few even showed -1 points or -2 points.

When Fan Yuan walked next to Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan, the favorability finally changed from 0 to 1.

Gu Yang frowned and pursed his lips, lost in thought.

Because of using this favorability display spray, he purposely ate the breakfast that Fan Yuan took him out to eat this morning.

In the lively breakfast shop, Gu Yang saw all kinds of favorability.

The favorability between a boyfriend and girlfriend was only in the 30s, the favorability of a newly married couple was in the 40s, and the favorability between an old couple who supported each other and moved slowly was higher, but only a bit more than sixty points.

He had seen the highest favorability score this morning from a mother and son, the mother had more than 80 points of favorability for the child.

However, when he looked at the favorability of so many people, all kinds of people, he didn’t see a single one with a perfect score of 100.

Gu Yang found that the small book in his left hand had a very strict definition of favorability, and most people’s favorability rose easily and fell even easier, perfectly interpreting the fickleness of people’s hearts.

Only Fan Yuan was different, Fan Yuan’s favorability was very stable.

Obviously he should be the most ruthless hero in the book “Fan Yuan”, but at this moment, compared with everyone’s favorability, Gu Yang thought that Fan Yuan was the most affectionate one.

In the past, Gu Yang always felt that the favorability degree given by Fan Yuan was very stingy, and the increase was small and low, but now he felt that what Fan Yuan gave him was the most distinctive.

After Fan Yuan delivered his homework and walked to his seat, he saw Gu Yang staring at him the entire time.

He watched attentively and seriously, and smiled triumphantly from time to time.

This state of Gu Yang continued until shortly after the first class, when he seemed to have come to his senses.
He looked away, picked up a pen and scribbled on the rough paper, writing and writing.
All of them was Fan Yuan’s name.

In the end, he simply dropped the pen, stretched his hand under the table cautiously, and tugged at the corner of Fan Yuan’s clothes.

When Fan Yuan looked over, Gu Yang’s fingers climbed up the desk and held Fan Yuan’s hand.

He interlaced and clenched Fan Yuan’s, one finger after another, then finally pulled Fan Yuan’s right hand and shook it under the table.

Fan Yuan looked down at him, his expression was obviously cold, but there was a big “23” on his head.

Gu Yang curled up the corners of his mouth and smiled happily.
He leaned closer to Fan Yuan and whispered:

“Fan Yuan, you are the best Fan Yuan in the whole world!”

Fan Yuan’s thick black eyelashes blinked slowly, he looked at Gu Yang’s slightly red face, a happy, dependent little look, and just about to speak, a female voice sounded above the two of them.

“Then am I the best class teacher in the whole world?”

The two turned their heads together, and saw Zhuo Wan who opened the back door a small gap, and spoke to the two of them gloomily through the gap.

Recently Gu Yang had been studying a lot more seriously, Zhuo Wan seldom monitored Gu Yang from the back door.

But in the past two days, the school’s monitoring was not working well, and many students with poor self-control have started to desert class and secretly play with their mobile phones.
After finishing the morning self-study, Zhuo Wan came out of the classroom and wanted to squat down to see if there were any students sneaking breaks.
When she went out, she saw this scene unexpectedly.
She was so angry and hated that he didn’t meet her expectation, so she couldn’t hold back her voice.

Gu Yang was so frightened that he wanted to withdraw his hand, but Fan Yuan suddenly held Gu Yang’s hand tightly and refused to let him let go, his fingers were tightly entangled with Gu Yang’s.

The two looked at Zhuo Wan together.
Seeing Fan Yuan’s appearance, Zhuo Wan’s surprise flashed across her face, and she quickly hid it.

She said with a sullen face: “Gu Yang, you go to the back and stand and listen to class!”

After she finished speaking, she still did not forget to warn Fan Yuan: “You, sit in your seat honestly, don’t go behind and play around with Gu Yang!”

Zhuo Wan left after her lecture, Gu Yang shook the hand that was still held by Fan Yuan, only then did Fan Yuan let go of it.

Gu Yang dejectedly walked to the back of the classroom and stood up.
It was called the back, but because Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were sitting in the last row, it was not far away, but there was no way to do small acts with Fan Yuan under the table.

Zhuo Wan’s sudden attack and because Fan Yuan and Gu Yang attracted all the firepower, many students who secretly played with their mobile phones escaped, at the same time that they were relieved, they did not forget to secretly tease the two of them.

Gu Yang stood at the back and kicked his legs against the wall.
Seeing Fan Yuan turning his head to look at him, he immediately raised the corners of his mouth, crossed his thumbs and index fingers, and made two little hearts towards Fan Yuan.

He thought that Fan Yuan would turn his head and ignore him after seeing it, but who knew that Fan Yuan also extended his left hand to him, interlaced his index finger and thumb, and returned a little heart.

Gu Yang opened his mouth in surprise, grinding his small fangs against his lower lip.
After seeing the favorability of others, he felt that Fan Yuan was good everywhere.

Fan Yuan turned around after giving him a heart, but he pulled his desk and chair back, leaning the back of the chair against the wall, then he pulled the desk in front of him, half of the desk blocking Gu Yang.

Gu Yang snickered.
Seeing Fan Yuan approaching, he quietly poked his big tail out of his clothes, and put it on the side of the chair.
As soon as he put it there, Fan Yuan held it with his hands, hooking his fingertips around the tip of his tail, round and round.

Gu Yang’s ears were red, and his face was also bright red.
He lowered his head, covered his face with a book, and let Fan Yuan play around the tip of his tail under the cover of the table.

Zhuo Wan never expected that she would not let Fan Yuan stand at the back to accompany Gu Yang, so Fan Yuan would simply drag the table to the back.

You have a good plan, I have a countermeasure.

When it comes to making small moves, the teacher can’t always beat the students.

Suddenly, Gu Yang’s complexion changed, and he said pitifully to Fan Yuan:

“The little scarf on the base of my tail fell off.”

Fan Yuan paused, pulled Gu Yang to sit halfway on his lap, reached under Gu Yang’s coat, slowly reached towards the hole in the back of his trousers, and searched down the base of his bare tail.

The small scarf slid down the tail all the way, and half of it fell off.
It was hooked by Gu Yang’s tail, so it didn’t fall to the ground.

Li Ziyan turned her head secretly, and saw Fan Yuan’s hand inserted into Gu Yang’s clothes.

He pinched Meng Zhan’s leg, and Meng Zhan stood up with an “oh”, which attracted the attention of the whole class and the teacher.

Except for Li Ziyan, no one noticed that Gu Yang, who was at the back of the classroom, collapsed into Fan Yuan’s arms.

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: is it because my pointed ears are not cute enough, or is the big tail unable to keep your heart?

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