Fan Yuan stared at the three puppies, then turned around and went into the kitchen to add another sweet and sour pork tenderloin that Gu Yang liked to eat.

Plates of dishes with more meat and less vegetables, full of color and fragrance were placed on the dining table, exuding a tempting aroma.

Fan Yuan set the table and chopsticks, sat at the dining table, and waited for Gu Yang to come over and pester him for a bite and pester him to feed him.

But Gu Yang hadn’t turned his head yet, he was still playing with those three little milk dogs!

Fan Yuan frowned slightly, and called Gu Yang: “Gu Yang, go wash your hands, it’s time to eat.”

Gu Yang picked up a little milk dog and rubbed it against his cheek, then gave a perfunctory “Mmm”.

After his “Mmm”, he didn’t move at all, still hugging and teasing the little milk dog.

Fan Yuan waited and waited until his patience was almost exhausted and his black eyes gradually became gloomy, then Gu Yang stood up and ran to wash his hands, and then sat down next to Fan Yuan, body full of puppy fur.

Seeing that the puppy fur on Gu Yang’s body also got on Fan Yuan’s body, Fan Yuan would have pushed Gu Yang away normally, but this time, for some reason, he endured it and didn’t say a word.

Gu Yang pressed his hands on the edge of the table without taking the chopsticks, his eyes drifted past the dishes on the table one by one, then finally fell on Fan Yuan’s lips.

Feeling Gu Yang’s focused gaze, Fan Yuan picked up his chopsticks to eat, and ate his own rice.
He put a mouthful of food into his mouth, and didn’t give it to Gu Yang, as if he didn’t know that Gu Yang needed him to feed him.
His eyes were secretly observing Gu Yang.

Gu Yang swallowed, pulled his chair and moved it forward again.
He put one hand on Fan Yuan’s leg, raised his head and sniffed gently at Fan Yuan’s lips, and began to beg softly.

“Fan Yuan, I’m hungry.”

Fan Yuan stopped eating, looked at Gu Yang, stuffed a piece of golden and juicy sweet and sour tenderloin into his mouth in front of Gu Yang, and swallowed it.

Gu Yang unconsciously licked his lower lip, then when Fan Yuan picked another piece, he opened his mouth and moved closer, and made a sound of “Ah——”.

Fan Yuan took a bite of the sweet and sour tenderloin on the chopsticks, Gu Yang obediently opened his mouth, thinking that the remaining half must be for him, but saw Fan Yuan stuff the remaining half into his mouth.

“Ah! My tenderloin!” Gu Yang raised his hand and pressed Fan Yuan’s wrist, but he still couldn’t stop Fan Yuan from putting it into his mouth.

The bad temper from being ignored by Gu Yang before seemed to disappear at this time, Fan Yuan began to feed Gu Yang well, he took a bite, Gu Yang took a bite, then watched the hairy ears on the top of Gu Yang’s head shake happily.
The corners of Fan Yuan’s lips were also slightly curved.

Just when the atmosphere between the two was getting more and more greasy, a little milk dog rolled and crawled and hit Gu Yang’s slippers.

Just as Gu Yang was about to bite the half-bitten dish Fan Yuan handed over, he felt something small on his feet, and immediately pushed away Fan Yuan’s hand and lowered his head to look.

Not just one little milk dog, but the three little milk dogs seemed to smell the aroma of food, and ran over one after another, pulling Gu Yang’s trouser legs and whimpering.

Gu Yang squatted down and picked up a little milk dog, patted the little milk dog on the head, and reprimanded it:

“This is not food you can eat! Go eat the food I prepared for you! Go! If you don’t obey, you will be beaten!”

The little milk dog seemed to really understand Gu Yang’s words, rubbing his wet little nose against Gu Yang’s fingers, and begging for mercy.

Fan Yuan watched as Gu Yang bent down to pick up the three little milk dogs and walk away.
He stopped eating, biting, and rubbing, and he was no longer in sight.

Gu Yang pressed the heads of the three little milk dogs and reprimanded them one by one.
Then he washed his hands again and sat back at the dining table, only to find that Fan Yuan had put down his chopsticks and was looking down at the dishes on the table, not speaking or eating.

The atmosphere froze for a while, and Gu Yang was inexplicably a little nervous.

He carefully sat next to Fan Yuan, and as soon as he got close to Fan Yuan, the sweet smell of Fan Yuan’s body penetrated into his nostrils.

Gu Yang took a deep breath, and lightly patted Fan Yuan’s knee with his hand.

“Why don’t you eat?”

Only then did Fan Yuan look up at him.
With dark eyes, he looked at Gu Yang expressionlessly, and Gu Yang’s heart pounded when he looked straight at him.

His intuition told him that Fan Yuan was not happy.

Gu Yang simply stood up from his chair, wrapped his arms around Fan Yuan’s neck, and squeezed himself against Fan Yuan’s body.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop him either, allowing Gu Yang to squeeze into his lap and sit on him, wrapping his arms around his neck and lowering his neck.

Gu Yang raised his head to meet Fan Yuan’s black eyes, and pressed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s.

“What happened to you?”

Fan Yuan hung his hands on both sides of his body, he didn’t hug Gu Yang back, and he didn’t answer Gu Yang’s words.

Gu Yang pursed his lips, and rubbed the tips of his fluffy ears against Fan Yuan’s chin, gently, carefully, and full of attachment.

Fan Yuan turned his head away from Gu Yang’s ears.

Gu Yang froze, Fan Yuan dodged.
He squeezed over, his ears and his big tail rubbing against Fan Yuan.

The three little puppies ran over again, scrambling and grabbing Gu Yang’s trouser legs, but this time Gu Yang didn’t look down at them again.

He only had Fan Yuan in his eyes.
He squeezed himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, reached out to grab Fan Yuan’s arm and put it behind him, and squeezed his forehead into Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan didn’t resist.
Gu Yang put his arm behind his back, and he pressed his hand on Gu Yang’s lower back like that, but the force was very loose, as if he would pull his hand away at any time.

Gu Yang stuck close to Fan Yuan, his nose was full of Fan Yuan’s smell, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and rub his small fangs against Fan Yuan’s skin twice.

“Fan Yuan, I’m so good, why don’t you give me a hug?”

Fan Yuan finally spoke this time, in a calm tone: “Isn’t this hugging?”

Gu Yang shook his head, his ear tips against Fan Yuan’s.

“Not like this.”

He tightened his grip on Fan Yuan’s neck even more, and put the tip of his tail on Fan Yuan’s wrist.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes were deep.
He looked at the soft white side of Gu Yang’s neck in front of him, his hands finally tightened their strength to hug Gu Yang.

“Hugging like this?”

Gu Yang still shook his head.

Fan Yuan continued to intensify his embrace, and the two of them were almost stuck together.

“Like this?”

Gu Yang still shook his head.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang tightly with all his strength, both of them felt a little pain.

Air could no longer be squeezed between the two of them, Fan Yuan leaned against Gu Yang’s ear and asked almost in a breathy voice:

“Is this how you hug?”

Gu Yang finally nodded, his cheek against Fan Yuan’s neck was a little hot, and his voice sounded a little aggrieved.

“Fan Yuan, you can’t ignore me.”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips followed the tip of Gu Yang’s tail upwards, gripped the root of Gu Yang’s tail tightly, even if Gu Yang begged for mercy again, he would not let go.

Gu Yang was covered in sweat by Fan Yuan’s embrace, and after the two separated, Fan Yuan went to reheat the food again, and then sat back at the dining table with Gu Yang, rubbing against each other, eating one bite at a time. 

The three little milk dogs were already tired from tossing around, and fell asleep at Gu Yang’s feet.

Gu Yang thought it was over like this, but who knew it wasn’t.

In the evening, Gu Yang washed himself, threw himself on the bed and asked Fan Yuan to dry his hair, ears, and even his tail.
Then, shaking his big fluffy tail, he ran out of bed and brought the three little milk dogs in.

As soon as he entered the door, he was stopped by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan leaned against the head of the bed, looking at Gu Yang with slightly narrowed eyes threatening.

“Gu Yang, wolves can sleep on my bed, but dogs can’t.”

Gu Yang, who had always claimed that he was the big bad wolf, looked down at the three soft little puppies in his arms, lowered his ears at Fan Yuan, and flicked his tail behind him aggrievedly.

He opened his mouth and said to Fan Yuan, “Wang*!”
* dog bark

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, obviously he didn’t expect that Gu Yang was willing to classify himself as a dog in order to take the little milk dogs to bed.

But obviously Gu Yang’s plan failed, Fan Yuan directly turned off the bedside lamp, turned his back to Gu Yang and laid down, the meaning of refusal was very clear.

Gu Yang stood in place for a while, carried the little milk dog to the guest bedroom, and laid down on the bed in the guest bedroom with the little milk dogs aggrieved.

He had lived in Fan Yuan’s house for a long time, but the number of times he stayed in the guest room was very limited.

Gu Yang felt that Fan Yuan had inexplicable hostility towards these three little milk dogs, but didn’t Fan Yuan once wanted to raise a dog?

He was lying in the dark, unable to fall asleep after thinking about it.
When he closed his eyes, what appeared in his mind was Fan Yuan, and when he opened his eyes, it seemed that there was also Fan Yuan’s figure in the darkness.

Tossing and turning until late at night, the door of the guest bedroom suddenly opened.

As soon as the door was opened, Gu Yang could smell the good smell from Fan Yuan’s body.

But Gu Yang didn’t move, he still turned his back to the door and hugged the three little milk dogs in his arms tightly.

The light from the corridor came in, and Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang curled up on the bed, with his tail slumped behind his back, his back arched, revealing a nice white neck.

He approached Gu Yang, bent down and hugged Gu Yang together with the three little puppies in his arms.

When Gu Yang was suddenly picked up by the waist, he was so scared that he raised his head to look, but only saw Fan Yuan’s chin.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang back to the master bedroom, stuffed Gu Yang and the three puppies into his bed, then went to bed himself, and hugged Gu Yang into his arms.

Gu Yang hugged the little milk dog, and Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang.

No one spoke, but the body temperature was real and warm.

Gu Yang rubbed his back vigorously, feeling warm in his heart.
Fan Yuan put his hand on Gu Yang’s waist and patted it lightly.

The bed was gradually warmed by the body temperature of the two people, Gu Yang secretly looked at the palm of his left hand.

Fan Yuan’s favorability: 20 points.

At some point, Fan Yuan’s favorability increased by two points.

Gu Yang’s heart was hot for a while, then he finally let go of the three warm little milk dogs in his arms, turned around and slipped into Fan Yuan’s arms, entangled their hands and feet together, and kept calling “Fan Yuan” in his mouth.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to slowly soothe Gu Yang’s back, allowing Gu Yang to lie on him with his tail inserted into his pajama pants.

Gu Yang squeezed Fan Yuan hard, he opened his mouth and bit Fan Yuan’s collarbone.

Because of the unexpected arrival of the three little milk dogs that attracted Gu Yang’s attention, Gu Yang was so busy that night that he ignored his desire for Fan Yuan.

At this moment, the work of taking care of the little milk dogs was temporarily suspended, and the hunger that he himself had neglected came back fiercely at this time.

The bed was hot and humid, Fan Yuan laid on his back on the bed, allowing Gu Yang to grind his teeth back and forth on his shoulder.
He stretched his hand behind Gu Yang, hooked his fingertips around the tip of Gu Yang’s tail, and laughed softly.

“Pa”, Fan Yuan reached out and pressed the bedside lamp.

Under the dim light, Gu Yang raised his head, revealing his bright red lips, and his small fangs looming.

With his fingertips, Fan Yuan pulled the freesia pendant on the necklace around Gu Yang’s neck.
Under the freesia pendant, there was a small iron ring that could be fastened to a chain.

Gu Yang raised his neck and let Fan Yuan pull the freesia pendant.

Fan Yuan suddenly put his fingertips into the necklace, hooked the necklace and pulled Gu Yang closer, and blew into Gu Yang’s eyes.

Gu Yang blinked his eyes, did not hide, and still relied on Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan raised his eyes halfway, and Gu Yang’s sweaty look was reflected in his black eyes.

“Gu Yang, how about I give you chains?”

The author has something to say: How about sending you a chain to lock you at home?

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