gift box on the ground in the corner of the birdcage.

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up, and he rushed to the innermost part of the birdcage, and increased the distance he just travelled.

Seeing Gu Yang pick up the black gift box, Fan Yuan’s eyes changed, and he didn’t stop him in the end.

Gu Yang sat on the ground holding the box and looked at Fan Yuan.

“What’s this?”

Fan Yuan held the door of the birdcage without moving.

“It’s nothing, something I was going to throw away.”

“Throw away?”

As soon as Fan Yuan said throw away, Gu Yang became even more curious, and immediately opened the lid of the black gift box, and found a pair of earrings with complicated styles inside.

At first glance, the earrings were two freesias surrounded by black thorns, and the edges of the freesia petals were slightly reddish, but if you look closely, you can find that these two earrings were not just two freesias surrounded by thorns.
The surrounding freesia formed two cursive English letters, f and y.

Gu Yang looked at this pair of small stud earrings and was a little taken aback.

Fan Yuan frowned, still standing at the door of the birdcage.

“Don’t look at it, there is nothing to look at for an item to be thrown away, come out quickly.”

Gu Yang took out the pair of small earrings and held them in his palms, looked up at Fan Yuan, with indescribable surprise and anticipation in his eyes.

“Is it for me?”

Fan Yuan pursed his lips tightly and did not speak again.

Gu Yang knelt and moved forward, raised his neck to look at Fan Yuan, and kept asking:

“Surely it is meant for me, isn’t it? Why throw it away?”

Fan Yuan turned his head sideways, avoiding Gu Yang’s overly direct gaze.

“You don’t have pierced ears.”

Gu Yang froze for a moment, then touched his earlobe, it was white and smooth, and there were no pierced ears.

However, he looked down at the two delicate earrings in the palm of his hand, which belonged to Gu Yang uniquely.
Even if he didn’t have pierced ears, he still wanted to wear them.

“You put them on for me.”

Gu Yang said, holding the earrings in both hands and facing Fan Yuan.

“You pierce my ears and put them on.”

Fan Yuan tightened his fingers holding the birdcage door, his finger bones turned white.

“It will hurt.”

Gu Yang shook his head: “It’s okay, I’m not afraid of pain.”

Not being afraid of pain was a lie, Gu Yang usually would yell about pain after getting bumped a little and would want Fan Yuan to coax him, to hug him.

Fan Yuan was aware of this point, so he knew that Gu Yang’s saying that he was not afraid of pain was a lie.

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t move, Gu Yang urged him again:

“Come on, put it on for me.”

Fan Yuan’s hand holding the birdcage door slowly relaxed.
He walked into the birdcage again, and gently closed the birdcage door with his hand.

There was also a lock on the door of the birdcage, which locked automatically with a slight click when closed.

Gu Yang knelt on the floor of the birdcage, his ankles and slender feet sank into the plush carpet.
The black wings on both sides of his back quietly hung down, spread out on both sides of his body.

He raised his head, looking expectantly at Fan Yuan walking towards him.

Fan Yuan walked up to Gu Yang, stood upright, and looked down at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang raised his hands holding the pair of small earrings.
He raised his neck, so that his thin white neck can be seen at a glance.

Fan Yuan didn’t pick up the pair of small earrings, but reached out to lift Gu Yang’s chin, and met his black eyes.

“Do you really want to wear it?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “I want to wear it.”

Fan Yuan just sat next to Gu Yang, with one leg bent and the other straight, encircling Gu Yang.

He picked up the black gift box on the ground, opened the first layer, and revealed the small earring gun underneath.

Only then did Gu Yang notice that the gift box actually had a second layer, so he leaned over to look curiously.

What he didn’t realize was why Fan Yuan would put the pair of earrings here after he planned to throw away the pair of earrings because he didn’t have pierced ears, and prepared an earring gun on the lower layer of the earring box.

Gu Yang thought that he was testing Fan Yuan’s bottom line every step of the way, but wasn’t Fan Yuan doing the same?

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan put the earring into the earring gun with precision, aiming at his earlobe.

It wasn’t until this time that Gu Yang became nervous and afraid.
He knelt down in front of Fan Yuan and grabbed Fan Yuan’s trouser legs with both hands, feeling a little flustered.

Fan Yuan took the earring gun away, and placed his fingertips on the side of Gu Yang’s neck.
His slender fingers gently rubbed against the skin on the side of Gu Yang’s neck.
Occasionally, the fingertips would squeeze the necklace on Gu Yang’s neck. 


Gu Yang closed his eyes tightly, turned his ear to Fan Yuan, as if he was about to go to an execution ground.

“Who’s scared! Come on!”

Fan Yuan stuck the earring gun to Gu Yang’s earlobe.
Gu Yang felt his earlobe icy cold, at the same time, the necklace was untied by Fan Yuan and fell off and on the side of his neck, something felt soft and warm to the touch.

Those were Fan Yuan’s lips.

The tingling came from two places at the same time, and Gu Yang didn’t know whether it was the earlobe that hurt more or the neck that hurt more.

He opened his eyes and looked at Fan Yuan blankly.

Fan Yuan had already started to install the second earring on the earring gun.

Gu Yang touched his left ear, the earring was already on.

He touched his right neck again, a certain place was slightly warm and wet.

Fan Yuan aimed the other earring at Gu Yang’s earlobe, Gu Yang was so frightened that he closed his eyes again.

Also, along with the tingling in the earlobe came the tingling on the other side of the neck.

The coolness of the earring gun and the warmth of the lips left at the same time.

Fan Yuan’s voice sounded: “Open your eyes.”

Gu Yang slowly opened his eyes, and saw some traces of moisture on Fan Yuan’s lips.

He raised his hand to touch his earlobe, then took out his phone and turned on the front camera.

In the camera, Gu Yang wore beautiful earrings on both earlobes.
The black of the thorns and the red on the edge of the freesia made his skin look whiter.

At the same time, Gu Yang’s neck was also red in two places, one on each side, which was quite symmetrical.

Gu Yang touched the studs on his ears for a while, then touched the neck on both sides for a while, his face became more and more red.

Fan Yuan picked up the necklace on the ground and put it back on for Gu Yang, covering the two red marks on his neck.

He threw the empty gift box aside, and pulled Gu Yang to stand up.

Before Fan Yuan could speak, Gu Yang spoke first.

“I know! I know! Study, right! Let’s go!”

As he said that, he rushed to the door of the bird cage, pulled it, and found that it couldn’t be opened.

He turned his head to look at Fan Yuan, who came over and leaned against Gu Yang’s back with his chest, stretched out his hand and opened the fingerprint lock.

Gu Yang walked away, but looked back with some reluctance.

“How about we take the homework here and write it, is that okay?”

Fan Yuan had already gone out and opened the door, waiting.

“No, you can only come here for an hour a day from now on.”

Gu Yang walked out dejectedly, the two exquisite earrings on both sides of the earlobe were very conspicuous.

Fan Yuan’s gaze fell on Gu Yang’s earlobe, and he quickly moved away, walking in front of Gu Yang, leading him back to study.

Gu Yang was supervised by Fan Yuan.
Even if he could play and make trouble every day, he still had to study hard when it was time to study.

In the evening, Gu Yang threw himself on Fan Yuan’s blanket after a fragrant wash and rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“Let’s take the quilt to sleep in the birdcage at night, shall we?”

Fan Yuan put his hand on Gu Yang’s forehead and pushed him away, turned off the bedside lamp and laid down.


Gu Yang lay listlessly on the other side, his wings moved listlessly behind him.
He lifted them up, and put them down again, as if he was entertaining himself, but also as if he was very bored.

He wasn’t sleepy at night, and he could sleep for a while occasionally.
Tonight, he saw the big birdcage in that wonderful room, so now was the time of excitement, how can he feel sleepy?

In the middle of the night, Fan Yuan woke up suddenly.
He touched the place beside him, it was cold, sure enough, Gu Yang was not there again.

He got up and got out of bed, this time he didn’t look around, but walked out of the door and looked towards the innermost part of the corridor.

The corridor was pitch-black, and in front of the innermost iron door, Gu Yang stuck out his butt, turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone, and studied the fingerprint lock on the iron door.

He searched the Internet for various ways to crack this kind of fingerprint lock, and he was currently experimenting here.
After trying one by one, he found that it didn’t work.
The Internet was all a lie.

He looked at the firmly locked door lock and was already thinking about breaking it open.
He even began to think about whether to smash it with a hammer or use an iron to pry it open.

Fan Yuan walked behind Gu Yang, stepping on the thick carpet without making a sound.

Gu Yang didn’t realize that there was someone behind him until he was pressed against the iron door by Fan Yuan.
His heart almost jumped out of his mouth, and he turned the flashlight of his phone to look backwards, and saw Fan Yuan’s black eyes quietly looking at him.

“You, you are going to scare me to death!”

Fan Yuan was dazzled by the light of the flashlight, stretched out his hand to push Gu Yang’s hand away, pressed both sides of the iron door with both hands, and pressed Gu Yang firmly in front of him.

Gu Yang laid his chest on the iron gate, and could feel the coldness of the iron gate through the layers of clothes.

He arched back and whispered, “Don’t press me, the door is too cold.”

Fan Yuan didn’t move, his body was steady and his voice was hoarse.

“Why aren’t you sleeping properly?”

Gu Yang clasped the patterns on the iron door with his fingers, defending himself:

“It’s better to sleep in a cage, it’s too much if you have a cage and won’t let me sleep…”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak.
His hand lowered and Gu Yang thought his butt was about to suffer again, but Fan Yuan just opened the fingerprint lock of the iron door.

Gu Yang was overjoyed, and immediately squeezed in through the half-open door, rushed into the birdcage, turned on the small light, laid himself down on the plush swing, and exhaled comfortably.

He swayed on the swing, closed his eyes and waited for a while, only to find that Fan Yuan did not follow.

Gu Yang ran out of the birdcage again, and found Fan Yuan still standing at the gate of the iron gate, with his head lowered, thinking about something.

It was dark all around, only a little light came through the cracks in the black cloth inside the birdcage.

Gu Yang stretched out his hand to grab Fan Yuan’s hand: “Fan Yuan, come in and sleep with me.”

Only then did Fan Yuan raise his head.
Gu Yang gently pulled it, and Fan Yuan walked in with him.

Gu Yang turned around and closed the iron door.
As soon as the door closed, there was a slight locking sound.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang take the initiative to close the door, dragged him into the cage, and closed the cage door himself.

Gu Yang dragged Fan Yuan and squeezed onto the swing together.
He turned over and pressed onto Fan Yuan’s body, flapped his wings, and covered the two of them, saving the use of a quilt.

He took a deep breath comfortably, and rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Let’s go to sleep.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but slowly put his hand on Gu Yang’s waist.

Gu Yang slept the sweetest and most familiar sleep since he randomly got the “Nightingale” Goldfinger.

He thought that Fan Yuan, who was always the body clock, would wake him up in the morning, but he didn’t.

It was rare for Fan Yuan to oversleep with Gu Yang, the sunlight could not shine in the birdcage, and the flow of time seemed to have stopped.

Zhuo Wan listened to the bell for the first class, looked at the two seats in the back row which were still empty, and raised her eyebrows with anger.
She was ready to unleash her teacher’s rage on Fan Yuan and Gu Yang later.

She just didn’t know if Fan Yuan and Gu Yang will come to class today.

The author has something to say: ready for the next golden finger, hee hee~

Thank you so much little angels for the liquid!

[Gao Liang: Both Fan Yuan and Gu Yang are both academic masters, falling in love will not delay your studies, but children, don’t learn from them, you must study hard and make progress every day! 】

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