didn’t just want to change seats, so he quietly waited for him to speak.

Gu Yang pursed his lips, pressed his palm on the table and moved forward bit by bit, approaching Fan Yuan’s right hand that was pressing the book.

Fan Yuan propped his cheek with his left hand, and stared sideways at Gu Yang, to see what Gu Yang was going to do.

Gu Yang raised his eyes and looked at Fan Yuan, his eyes not moving.

He moved his index finger, hooked Fan Yuan’s pinky, and immediately retracted the finger once he hooked it.

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t move, he hooked it again, and gradually went even further, hooking Fan Yuan’s hand and pulling him towards him.

The space around the two of them seemed to be isolated from the class, and they didn’t even notice class was over, the noisy sound of the classroom could not reach their ears at all.

Gu Yang’s movements were very slow, and his eyes were a little evasive, but he still looked at Fan Yuan from time to time.
His long and dense eyelashes drooped down, leaving a small shadow on his cheek.

When the bell for evening self-study rang, Gu Yang finally went in front of him holding Fan Yuan’s hand.

He hooked Fan Yuan’s pinky with his index finger and touched his Adam’s apple, and said something in a low voice, which was drowned out by the sound of the bell.

Fan Yuan didn’t hear it, but only saw Gu Yang’s red lips opening and closing.

He simply leaned over and stood next to Gu Yang, their heads almost touching each other, hiding behind the high books.

Fan Yuan asked him in a low voice: “What did you say?”

The distance suddenly narrowed.
Gu Yang stopped talking, his Adam’s apple slipped back and forth under Fan Yuan’s fingertips while speaking.

“Touch me here.”

“Where?” Fan Yuan’s pinky moved suddenly, drawing a circle around the small Adam’s apple.


Gu Yang laid on the table, his cheeks were hidden in the crook of his arms, only one red ear was exposed, and he nodded.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang’s red ears for a long time, then suddenly withdrew his hand, sat back on the other side of the table, and distanced himself from Gu Yang.

“Don’t want to.”

Gu Yang was still lying on his stomach, his shoulders trembled slightly, as if he did not expect that Fan Yuan, who had been indulgent to him these days, would reject him.

The class had long been quiet, only the rustling of paper and pen rubbing against each other.

Gu Yang bit his lower lip, revealed his blushing face, the tip of his nose was also red, and he looked at Fan Yuan, asking.

He went to hook Fan Yuan’s right hand that was hanging by his side, his index finger hooked Fan Yuan’s pinky and shook it, his voice was small and pitiful.

“Fan Yuan, touch me here, please.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak any more, his black eyes fixed on Gu Yang, and he let Gu Yang hook his fingers close to his white neck.

The touch from Fan Yuan was like a cool wind, blowing away the unbearable itchiness in Gu Yang’s throat.

He pressed Fan Yuan’s hand under the crook of his arm and embraced him, and handed his most fragile and slender neck to Fan Yuan’s hand, relying and trusting at the same time.

Fan Yuan’s fingertips moved, and five fingers spread out, holding Gu Yang’s neck together.
He could clearly feel the beating of Gu Yang’s pulse.

Gu Yang was held by Fan Yuan.
He held Fan Yuan’s arm with both hands, smiled at Fan Yuan, narrowed his eyes, pulled Fan Yuan’s arm towards him, and asked him in a low voice with a pleading voice.

“Do you want to listen to a song? Shall I sing it to you? It’s guaranteed to be good.”

Before Fan Yuan could speak, a roar suddenly came from the radio at the front of the classroom.

“The two male students in the last row against the wall in Class 1, Grade Three! Stand up for me! Why aren’t you studying hard in your self-study! Hugging and hugging, what do you think it looks like!”

Class One, Grade Three.

Against the wall.

Last row.

Two male classmates.

Zhuo Wan, who was watching the evening self-study, had her eyes fall on Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, not only Zhuo Wan, but the whole class looked over.

Gu Yang was so frightened that he let go of Fan Yuan’s hand and stood up.
Fan Yuan was still sitting.
He opened his five fingers to look at the empty palm, and then stood up slowly.

Pan Fei suddenly turned her head and said in a low voice, “I forgot to tell you.
When you were asking for leave, a new dean came to school.
He is a bald man in his forties.
He likes to watch surveillance when he had nothing to do! From time to time, he would use the radio to call out names !”


Gu Yang turned his head and saw a surveillance camera behind them.

Before, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan sat in the back row on the far left of the classroom, and the monitoring was on the right side of the classroom.
Their place happened to be the only blind spot for monitoring in the whole class, so Gu Yang never cared about this matter.
Unexpectedly, changing seats today, he immediately got hit.

Zhuo Wan frowned and walked over, stood in front of the two of them and looked.

“What were you doing just now?”

Gu Yang hid his neck in the raised collar of his school uniform, and shook his head.

Fan Yuan was quite calm: “Teacher Zhuo, we didn’t do anything.”

Zhuo Wan stared at the two of them for a while, then nodded: “Okay, pay attention, don’t make small moves, sit down.”

As soon as the two of them sat down, the radio started to roar again.

“Who told you to sit down, stand up for me, that male student against the wall, you, go to the corridor for punishment, I’ve been watching you for a long time, and you’re the only one who was always flirting and idle.”

Gu Yang’s face was flushed, he walked from the back door to the corridor and stood with his head down.

Zhuo Wan returned to the podium, feeling a little annoyed.

The radio didn’t ring anymore, the new dean probably didn’t watch the monitor anymore.

When Zhuo Wan raised her head again, she realized that Fan Yuan, who was supposed to be sitting in the back row, was gone, she sighed, she didn’t care.

The voice-activated lights in the corridor were not on, Gu Yang stood with his head down against the wall, and suddenly there was a person standing beside him.

He raised his head and was about to speak when Fan Yuan pressed his finger against his lips.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and approached Gu Yang, touched Gu Yang’s shoulder with one hand, and slowly pulled down the zipper around Gu Yang’s neck with the other, his voice pressed against Gu Yang’s ear.

“Let me see your neck.”

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