s sleeve, then grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar, his fingers pinched Fan Yuan’s shoulder, leaving several marks.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang on the single bed and was about to get up when Gu Yang grabbed his sleeve tightly.

“Where are you going? You can’t go, I don’t want you to go, you need to give birth to a little mermaid for me!”

Seeing that Gu Yang’s eyes were red, Fan Yuan’s consciousness was obviously blurred, but he pulled him very tightly with both hands.

He had no choice but to take off his coat.
As soon as he took off the coat, Gu Yang immediately grabbed the sleeve of Fan Yuan’s shirt with sharp eyes.

Fan Yuan was prepared this time, and took off his shirt neatly, and went to the bathroom naked.

He took out the bath towel, soaked it thoroughly with water, and carried it over without wringing it dry.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Gu Yang lying on the bed, clasping his hands tightly to the side of the bed, looking at him with sad and dependent eyes, like a poor little abandoned character.

Seeing Fan Yuan come back, he immediately raised the corners of his mouth, smiling obediently and proudly.

It’s like saying: Look! You didn’t want to leave me behind!

Gu Yang patted the tail, and as soon as Fan Yuan approached, he immediately wanted to grab Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

But now Fan Yuan was bare on his upper body, Gu Yang had no clothes to pull, so he could only pull Fan Yuan’s belt.

Fan Yuan let Gu Yang pull his belt, bent down and wrapped the wet towel around Gu Yang’s fish tail.

The bath towel carried the heat of warm water, and it was very comfortable to have it wrapped around the dry tail.

Gu Yang immediately stopped slapping his tail, and laid on the side of the bed clutching Fan Yuan’s belt.
His cheeks flushed, his expression dazed, but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

At this time, Gu Yang finally had the appearance of a quiet mermaid.

But he was quiet for only two minutes, and immediately started to make noise again.

He grabbed Fan Yuan’s belt, grabbed Fan Yuan’s arm, and waved his other hand wildly, as if he wanted something urgently.

Fan Yuan pressed him down, his eyes were dark and heavy, and asked him softly.

“What else do you want?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan who was close at hand, his body trembled, and he whispered, “I want a hug.”

Without saying a word, Fan Yuan stretched out his arms to hug him.
Rhe towel on Gu Yang’s body soaked the single bed, and when Fan Yuan laid down on it, his clothes were also soaked.

Gu Yang laid in Fan Yuan’s arms and his cheek pressed against Fan Yuan’s chest.
His skin was slightly cooler than his making him squint his eyes comfortably, and then he began to toss about again.

Fan Yuan’s patience was at max capacity at this moment, he simply let Gu Yang toss about.

Gu Yang sat up halfway, took off his shirt, was naked like Fan Yuan, and laid back in Fan Yuan’s arms, rubbing his chest against his chest happily.

Fan Yuan laid silent for a while, then suddenly got up and put on his shirt.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s shirt in dissatisfaction, and hummed aggrievedly: “No, no, don’t want this.”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything this time and refused to let Gu Yang make a fuss.
He put his palm into the wet towel, pressed Gu Yang’s mermaid butt, and pinched it.

Gu Yang shook, and immediately stopped moving.

It seems that even if it became a mermaid tail, it would still hurt.

Fan Yuan didn’t take back his hand, he pressed it there to scare Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was honest.
Fan Yuan was also tired, he hugged Gu Yang, and the two of them fell asleep unknowingly.

The sky was getting dark, and when Gu Yang opened his eyes, his mind was still a little confused.

He slowed down for a while, and found that he and Fan Yuan were lying naked in the same bed.

Fan Yuan’s eyes were tightly closed, his breathing was steady, and he was still in a deep sleep.

Gu Yang moved quietly, and found Fan Yuan’s hand on his buttocks.

His heart was beating violently, and he carefully slid down from the bed, feeling cold as soon as he got out of bed.

Gu Yang looked around, didn’t see the suitcase, so he gently pulled the quilt off Fan Yuan’s body and wrapped it around himself.

The quilt was shifted, revealing Fan Yuan’s body.

Gu Yang heaved a sigh of relief, Fan Yuan was wearing clothes, but his jacket was unbuttoned.

But why did he and Fan Yuan squeeze into a small single bed?

Gu Yang turned around and saw another bed with messy creases and a quilt thrown on the floor.

With a shocked expression, he went to the bed and touched it, his hands were wet.


What happened!

It wouldn’t be him…


Before Gu Yang regained his composure, an arm was placed on his shoulders, and then he fell backwards, being held around his waist.

He was captured by Fan Yuan and returned to the other bed, falling down on Fan Yuan’s lap.

Fan Yuan’s voice was full of drowsiness: “What are you bothering about? Tomorrow morning is the competition, hurry up and sleep.”

Gu Yang didn’t turn around, but carefully slid down from Fan Yuan’s body.

“I’ll just sleep in the other bed…”

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang’s arms tightly: “It’s wet, how can you sleep?”

Normally, Gu Yang would be more than happy to get into Fan Yuan’s bed.

But now his memory of becoming a mermaid was fuzzy, and this was the most embarrassing and shy time, so he shirked a bit.

“I’ll just change the bed sheet, there should be a spare.”

Fan Yuan was a little sober at this time, he sneered, then his chin pressed heavily on Gu Yang’s shoulder.

“Okay, Gu Yang, I didn’t realize before that you are so ruthless, you just throw it away after you used it?”

A thunderbolt exploded in Gu Yang’s mind.

Use it and throw it away?

What used?

What had he used?

Gu Yang turned his head stiffly, ignoring the quilt falling from his body, and staring into Fan Yuan’s black eyes, his whole body was slowly stained red.

“You and I…”

Fan Yuan chuckled and repeated his words: “You and me?”

Gu Yang pursed the corners of his mouth: “Th, that…?”

Fan Yuan’s tone was subtle: “Which one?”

Gu Yang stretched out two fingers and twisted each other, the fingertips were all red.

“That’s it.”

Fan Yuan suddenly picked up the fallen quilt, wrapped Gu Yang in the quilt from head to toe, threw him back on the bed and pressed him down.

“Gu Yang, apart from thinking about these things, shouldn’t you think about the competition tomorrow morning?”

Gu Yang was crushed under the quilt and couldn’t move, he was still a little dazed: “Huh?”

Fan Yuan wrapped his arms around the quilt, and pressed his long legs on it.

“It’s nothing, go to sleep.”

Gu Yang laid down for a while, and belatedly realized what he asked, so he huddled under the quilt, howling silently.

Fan Yuan looked at the rolled quilt in front of him, and curled the corners of his lips.

It was late at night, and the sky was not yet bright.

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