The spit of the Chinese teacher on the podium was flying everywhere, and Gu Yang was sitting in a daze.

He spread the palm of his left hand, stared at the small book floating like black technology in his palm, and sighed.

This was the second day after Gu Yang traveled to the world in the book “Fan Yuan”, and he was still in a daze.

“Fan Yuan” was a youth campus novel.
The male protagonist Fan Yuan was ruthless and indifferent due to some special experiences in middle school, but he always pretended to be a polite and good student, and won the love of all teachers and classmates.
There were even countless girls who were crazy about him, but Fan Yuan had long been disgusted with feelings, and he was alone until the end of the novel.

Gu Yang fell in love with this novel because he liked the protagonist Fan Yuan of this book.

Gu Yang, who reads from a God’s perspective, felt sorry for Fan Yuan, he knew that Fan Yuan was not born like this.

Gu Yang recalled the plot in the book, and couldn’t help but peek sideways.

At this moment, Fan Yuan was sitting on his left by the window, and the distance between the two tables was only half a meter.

When he came inside the book, Fan Yuan became a living person.

Holding a pen in his hand, Fan Yuan had slender finger bones and neatly manicured nails.
He was looking at the blackboard and listening to the class seriously, seemingly unaware of Gu Yang’s peeking.

Gu Yang glanced again, then secretly retracted his gaze and lowered his head, looking worried at the little book in his left hand.

It’s nice to be able to revive in the book world, but it doesn’t come without a price.

This book gave him a mission: Capture Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang looked down, there was a record of Fan Yuan’s favorability towards him, and the bright red -20 indicated its existence.

Gu Yang sighed again, who told him to time travel as the little villain in the book?

There were not many villains in “Fan Yuan”.
After all, it was a youth campus novel, and the villains were not so bad no matter how bad they were.

And Gu Yang was one of them.

When he was reading the book, if he didn’t like the protagonist Fan Yuan so much, he would have given up the novel because of a villain with the same name as him.

Gu Yang in the book was a serious scum of a second generation rich kid.
His parents doted on him and his personality was domineering and arrogant.
Therefore, he disliked Fan Yuan who was outstanding in every way and was a model for other people’s children, and made trouble for Fan Yuan everywhere.

Just the day before Gu Yang transmigrated, Gu Yang had just torn up Fan Yuan’s textbooks while there was no one in class.
As a result, Fan Yuan’s new book hadn’t arrived yet, and now he could only read the blackboard and take notes in class.

Thinking of this, Gu Yang secretly glanced at the empty notebook on Fan Yuan’s desk, feeling that his future was uncertain.

How ruthless Fan Yuan was inside, Gu Yang understood it best, how can he conquer this ice that had a -20 favorability for him?

Gu Yang flipped through the cheat sheet introduction in the bottom line of the little book again, but he wasn’t too desperate.

After the book gave him his mission, it also gave him a golden finger.

The golden finger was a fairy tale.
As long as he read a fairy tale, the little book would randomly give him a cheat for one month according to the content of the fairy tale!

Gu Yang was silly happy, this would be good.
Let’s not talk about how to use this golden finger to capture Fan Yuan, but he can read about the mermaid first, shed some tears and turn it into pearls and sell it for money!

When Gu Yang was concentrating on reading the fairy tale about the mermaid in his hand, a neatly folded pink letter paper was placed in front of him.

The classmate sitting on his right whispered, “It’s for Fan Yuan.”

Is this asking him to help pass the note?

Before Gu Yang handed over the letter paper to Fan Yuan, the Chinese teacher who was spitting on the podium suddenly yelled loudly.

“Gu Yang, get up!”

Gu Yang was taken aback, then stood up abruptly, staring blankly at the Chinese teacher’s wide-eyes.

The Chinese teacher was Zhuo Wan, the head teacher of their class, with a gentle and pleasant name and a hot and direct personality.

She dropped the book in her hand, pointed at Gu Yang, and began to scold: “Gu Yang, what’s the matter with you? It’s fine if you are in a daze in class, yet you pass a note blatantly? Do you think I’m blind and can’t see? What note are you passing? I’ll give you a chance, read it to me now!”

Gu Yang squeezed the thin pink letter paper in his hand, and looked to the right blankly.
The students on his right lowered their heads one after another, avoiding Gu Yang’s sight.

Gu Yang could only open the letter paper in his hand, glance at the furious Chinese teacher, and read it slowly.

“Dear… Fan Yuan…”

Unexpectedly, after reading only one sentence, Gu Yang’s ears turned red, and the whole class burst into laughter.

He quietly glanced at Fan Yuan, who had already put down his pen at this moment, and was staring at him blatantly with one hand on his cheek.

The Chinese teacher’s eyebrows were almost knit together.
She already knew that Gu Yang and Fan Yuan did not get along.
Seeing that Gu Yang wanted to pass a note to Fan Yuan in class, she subconsciously thought that Gu Yang was going to trouble Fan Yuan again.

She turned around on the podium twice, and then started yelling again: “Keep reading! I want to see what’s the matter with you!”

Gu Yang in the original book was an arrogant and domineering person, but Gu Yang was not.
In his short eighteen years of life, he had always been rigid and thin-skinned.
At this time, not only his ears, but even his cheeks were dizzy and thinly red.

Several students were already whispering: “Gu Yang is blushing? Is the sun coming out from the west?”

Gu Yang bit his lip and continued reading.

“Since I met you in the first year of high school… I have been attracted to your handsome appearance and excellent grades… I know that I am too ordinary and must not be worthy of you, but I will try my best to become someone who can match you.
I really like you……”

After reading this, the fool also knew that this was a love letter, a love letter to Fan Yuan.

The Chinese teacher frowned, and also realized that this should not be a note from Gu Yang to Fan Yuan, but she was still very angry.

“It’s almost half a month since the third year of high school, yet you all aren’t studying hard, but playing puppy love? Huh?”

While speaking, the Chinese teacher stepped off the podium, wanting to snatch the love letter from Gu Yang, to see which female classmate wanted to have this puppy love.

Gu Yang glanced at the inscribed name, and from the corner of his eye, he saw

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