Overbearing OverLord

Chapter 1: Deliver Unto Master!

When he woke up, he found himself in a peculiar and unfamiliar place. His head was ringing with a terrible headache, eyes blurry, guts paining from starvation, and throat dried from terrible thirst.

With a struggle, he opened his mouth.

”Whe… Where am I? ”

He struggled to lift his head, but he lacked the energy to even move a finger. It was a miracle that his lips managed to move.

His eyes couldn see clearly, but he could perceive four silhouettes moving around his helpless body, and their voices vibrated in his ears, but he couldn hear a single word of what they were saying.

Suddenly, he felt the rush of energy infiltrating his body explosively, and his vitality surged while his senses recovers.

His eyes miraculously became clear, and his ears could hear clearly as if he just came underwater.

Hunger, thirst, nausea, exhaustion, and horrible aches suddenly disappeared as he feels his refreshed body filled with vigour and vitality. He felt like a new person and his body began to move as he looks at four boys surrounding his lying body.

”You finally woke up. ” One of the boys spoke in a friendly tone.

His bulging eyes quickly moved around to look at four young boys with shock.

They all look identical!

Same clothing, the same height, the same skin colour, and similar facial expressions. They gave him a weird feeling in his heart because their presence felt unnatural.

”Who… Who are you? Where am I? ”

His voice was trembling with fear.

The four young boys looked at each other with a surprised look on their faces, like they were expecting him to be aware of the location he was at.

One of the boys glared at him with a satisfied look.

”His vitality and soul energy are restored to a normal level. ”

”You do not know where you are? ”

Another boy spoke as his brows furrowed, ”Did he just forget us this quick? Did he lose his memory? Oh no! Did our process fail and mess with his brain? ”

”Nonsense! How can we make a mistake? But… But, theres something wrong with his soul. His soul feels entirely different. ” Another boy spoke.

The young man who was lying on the ground sat and listened. He looked at the four boys, and he became even more confused as fear filled his heart when he listened to their conversation.

They are young boys younger than him. They look fifteen years younger than he is, and he is twenty-five.

These ten years looking boys gave him unusual and threatening feelings even though they appear to be friendly and young.

They are talking about him but he doesn understand what they are talking about.

”We tempered his body and the bestow of our bloodline was successful. But his soul and memories are of an entirely different person. Maybe we messed up with the process because this is our first time imparting a human with our inheritance and bloodline. ”

”How can we make a mistake? Only humans make mistakes. The ceremony of bestowing our legacy was successful, but this human is an entirely different person in the same body. Maybe indeed we messed up with the process somehow. ”

The young man who sat on the ground after recovering and gaining vitality looked at his hands and his body to confirm something, and he realised that he is in his own original body, but listening to the conversation of four identical young boys, they seem to believe that he is in the body of another person.

He is being avoided and no one is telling him what is going on, where he is, and how he came to be in this scary cave.

”Who are you, young boys? And what are you talking about? ” The young man asked.

”Young boys??? ”

”Hahahaha! Ha… Hah hah… Hahaha! ” The four young boys laughed in unison.

”You must be out of your mind to call this God a young boy… ”

”Hahaha! Just let him be, he genuinely doesn know who we are. ” Another young boy interrupted.

”God? ”

”Young man, who are you? ”

”Me? I am Teboho Thema. ”

”Earlier you said your name was Philip Mod. Are you sure you are not Philip Mod? ”

”Philip Mod? No! That is not my name, and this is our first conversation. ”

”I see what is going on here. Where are you from, human? ” Another young boy asked.

”Cape town, South Africa. ”

”Do we know where that place is? ” Another young boy asked the other three.

”Nope. We have never heard of such a place in this world. ”

”Is he a reincarnation from another world? ” the young boys looked at each other with concern.

”I just read his memories. He is entirely a different person, and he had the same appearance even in another world. Hmm… The world he is from doesn have magic or special bloodlines. What? They live an entirely different life from this world, and their technology is completely different and advanced. ” One of the young boys said with awe on his face.

”We can see it. Impressive. ”

”So you are Teboho Thema from another world? ”

”Yes! I am Teboho Thema, but I do not know how I came to be at this place and why I felt terrible pains in my body a moment ago. ” Teboho Thema replied.

”Am I really in another world? ”

”It seems so. We just tempered this body of yours and bestowed you the last remnant of our bloodline. It seems during the process, the soul and memories belonging to this body faded and were replaced by your own. ” One of the young boys explained.

”Strange… Something like this is possible? Then what happened to my real body in another? ”

”If your souls didn exchange with Philip Mod, you have already died in your previous world. ”

The young man quickly stood from the ground with shock written all over his face.

”Dead? ”

”Even we don have the full understanding of what happened. It seems like there was an error in our process. ”

”You seem to be overwhelmed by my statement, but theres good news. You don have to worry anymore. You are now alive and well, and you will live longer than you lived in your previous life. Where you lived you had a life expectancy of eighty, but now you can live twice that number, and if you manage to awaken your new bloodline to the last stage, you can even live forever. ”

The young man listened and his expression changed again from shock to surprise.

”Live forever? ”

”Yes! You can live forever. Right now you have a life expectancy of one hundred and ninety, but if you can become successful by awakening the bloodline that we bestowed to you to the last stage, then you will live forever if you don end your life of course. Your bloodline is divided into seven stages. Each stage has its powers and a longer life expectancy. Your bloodline is not yet awakened to stage one yet. ”

”Congratulations on passing our trial by being the first human to reach the cave of the Southern Mountain God. Well… even though the achievements belong to the previous owner of your body… it is now your own body and our legacy is now your inheritance. ”

”Southern Mountain God? ” Teboho Thema asked.

”Yes, the four of us are named Southern Mountain God, and this cave is at the mountain that belongs to us. This mountain is also named after us, so no human ever managed to reach this place for the past hundred thousand years. You and Philip Mod are the first humans to be in our presence in a hundred thousand years. ”

”I received your legacy? So, What do I do with it? ” Teboho asked the four boys who are named the Southern Mountain God.

”You can do whatever you want with it. As long as you do not shame our divine name. Take this. ”

A golden shiny box appeared before one of the young boys and it flew towards Teboho Thema.

Teboho Thema stretched his hand to catch it, but the box became ethereal and passed his hand and shoot towards his glabella and disappeared.

”What was that? I was unable to touch it. ” Teboho Thema said with bewilderment.

”It was our last gift to you. ” The young boy who summoned the golden box and make it disappear onto Teboho Themas glabella replied with a smile.

”What is on the inside? ”

”Its a surprise, you will be able to open it when you can awaken your bloodline to the third stage. ” Another young boy replied.

”I see. How do I awaken my bloodline? ” Teboho Thema asked.

”Our time to ascend has come, human. We no longer have time to talk. We passed down our legacy and we no longer have any ties with this world. Farewell, human. ”

”At least tell me where I should go. I don have any idea where I am, and who Philip Mod is. You can leave me here alone. ”

”Human. We tempered your body, gave you our bloodline, and left you with a gift, but you still want us to accompany you and guide you? You are free to go wherever you want. Do not bother this God any longer. ”

”But since I understand your situation that you come from another world, and you don know where you are, Ill do one last thing for you. After we ascend, I will teleport a random human from the closest kingdom to this place. What you do after that is up to you. You can follow the human or do whatever you want. ”

A bright golden light surrounded the four young boys and they became ethereal as they faded away, and they disappeared forever from this planet.

”Ah? Did they leave me just like that? They didn even teach me anything about the things they left in this new body of mine. I only know that I am in the mountain of Southern Mountain God, other than that, I know nothing about this world. ”

While Teboho Thema was still confused about what to do, a golden light appeared on the cave floor.

A golden silhouette figure of a human appeared in the centre of the golden light.

”Ah? ”

Teboho Thema was startled and he unconsciously took two steps to move far away from the light.

Teboho Thema said in his heart, ”So they did send someone? Great! They didn go back against their promise. ”

The golden light disappeared and a beautiful figure of a young woman who looks like a goddess who just came out of a painting stood there with a confused expression.

She is a peerless beauty that Teboho has never seen before. He used to think those models and actresses he saw on TV were beautiful, but compared to the goddess standing before him now, they all paled in comparison.

She dressed like a princess from a fantasy world, and the ornaments on her body screamed royalty.

How can anybody be this beautiful?

Teboho Thema was lost in his thoughts while his jaw dropped to the ground with disbelief, ”How can a human be this beautiful? Did they send a goddess by mistake? ”

The young beautiful female who appears to be sixteen years old quickly regained her composure after realising that she is in a cave, and there is a young man in her presence.

Her eyes became cold, and her beautiful face radiated with extreme beauty as she gives the man before her a furious gaze.

”Who are you peasant? What did

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