It Could Get Worse

Just Keep Smiling

”Mona Drift. ” I shove my badge in his face. ”Im a student here ass. ”

”You can come in young man. Come straight to the office. ” The principle says over the intercom before buzzing him through. He rushes past me bumping my shoulder a bit. I go after him, but try not to make it look like Im following him. He doesn notice me tailing him as he heads to the office. The principle stands behind the front desk. His eyes say tired as does his stance. Some adults in school just give off the vibe that they wanted anything other than this. Then somewhere came in the universes cosmic ** you, and they **ed them.

”Sir, there has been a theft of one of your students uniforms. I also believe they might have taken their ID. ” I cough and step up next to him. ”Why did you follow me? Sir, this is the thief. ” I look at the principle and chuckle. He sighs and rubs his cheek.

”Whats your name young man? ”

”Oliver, sir. ”

”Well Oliver, I don know how you came to this conclusion, but I can tell you that Mona here is a student. Shes gone here for four years now, and she definitely is paying enough to be here. Now, if that is all that you came here to say. I suggest you get to your own school. ” He nods. As he turns to leave, he glares at me. The glare lasts only a second, but it makes me feel like I should stand up for myself. I turn to follow the asshole when the principle stops me. ”Mona. ” I turn to face the six-foot man wearing a cheap, black suit. ”I don know what kind of trouble you
e causing, but don drag this school or me into it. I have let you off with a lot of stuff because of who your grandmother is, but my favors don last forever. ” I nod and walk out feeling embarrassed.

⇜ ⇝

When I get to my locker before lunch Charlies there. Though, hes not at my locker. He placed himself a few lockers down with friends to make it seem coincidental. I see the fall of their plan come down the hallway. The owners of the lockers force the group to move. He looks at me, and for a second he blushes a little as if he was trying to impress me and messed up. Then his face turns smug and he acts like he wasn looking at me. I take my bag, brushing past him as I go into the locker room. The bell rings quietly above my head, as I pull my shirt off. You can hardly hear the bell in here. Which doesn make much sense since getting dressed, and undressed normally takes a while.

I stole some soaps from one of Charlies girl friends. We used to share a locker before she dropped our gym class. Shed bring in these fancy soaps and tell everybody how shed bring them some. So, when she told me she was dropping the class, I hid the soap in my bag. She didn notice of course, never even asked me about it.

The hot water runs down my arms and burns the back of my legs. I have gym right before lunch, but I hate showering with a bunch of people around. I don care if people see me, but I don love it. Especially girls at this school with their perfect bodies that money probably bought. Im lucky if my legs are shaved under my stockings. I scrub my short hair thinking about how much better it would look if it was still long. When my mom first told me to find a place to live I realized how much soap long hair uses up. So, I had Lil cut it short to save me money.

The corner of my mouth tugs up at the memory of Leos reaction to my hair cut. He was so mad that I did it without telling him. Of course, as soon as he was mad Lil was apologizing for cutting it. I remember thinking it was weird how much she kissed his ass. But, I brushed it off. I brushed everything off back then. Don mention it, and it won become a problem was my mantra back then. I get out and dry off with the same towel Ive been using since I started high school. I got it as a gift from Leo when we started going out. He said he wanted me to have something in his house, so I would feel more comfortable staying there.

Lunch is half way done when I get out of the locker room. I take my time walking out trying to decide whether I should go sit with Charlie, or not. I don have to decide though, because hes in front of the locker room door when I get out. His back leans against the wall, not doing anything but staring at his shoes. ”What are you doing? ” He glances up, he licks his lips as his hands push him off the wall.

”Where were you? I thought you were going to come to lunch, then you didn . ”

”Well obviously, I was in the locker room wasn I? ” He gives me a fake little smile.

”Why were you in there and not at lunch? ”

”Wasn hungry, and I wanted to take a shower since I have gym. ”

”Well, I wanted to ask you a question. ” His head does a little dip.

”What? ” He pauses, slowly crossing his arms.

”Are you mad at me? You
e giving me some attitude. ”

”What would I be mad at you for? As my friend you haven done anything to me recently to make me mad. Have you? ”

”Friend…ow. ”

”You broke up with me two days ago. What do you mean, ow? ”

”Moooona. ” He says holding out the o as he gets closer to me. His hands fall on my hips. His arms pull me into him, as they snake around my waist. His right hand rests on my butt while the other holds me to him. ”You know I overthink sometimes. When Im harsh, Im not serious. We talked yesterday. I thought we were okay. ” He kisses my cheek and then my ear.

”We did talk, and I said that we probably shouldn get back together right away. ”

”Were you serious? ” He pushes his bottom lip out with a little laugh. He takes a step forward causing me to take one back. ”Baby. ” He starts kissing my neck and takes a few more steps back. ”You know I love you. ” He whispers into my neck between kisses. I glance down the hallway, unable to see the main hallway. What a perfect spot for him to talk to me. The locker room is so tucked away into the back its unlikely that anybody would see us. ”Hey, I want to make it up to you. Why don you come over tomorrow? ” His right hand slides up my skirt a little.

”Charlie. Im not having sex with you. ” I push his hands off of me. ”You don even feel bad for breaking up with me all the time. ”

”Sure I do. ”

”No, cause if you did. You would stop doing it. When people actually feel remorse, they try not to feel that way. So, unless you love to make mistakes, then you don regret it. ”

”I just get into moods. Mona, its not about you. ” I shake my head and look at the floor. ”Hey, ” He grabs my hand and kisses it. ”I didn mean for you to come over for sex. I mean, I wouldn be against it, but that wasn what I was thinking. My parents are coming home and wanted me to bring over my girlfriend. I thought you could come over, meet them, and have dinner with us. ”

”How do they know that I used to be your girlfriend? ”

”They keep track of how much money I spend on food. Since I was buying food for both of us they figured it out. Will you come? ”

”I don know. Im not even your girlfriend anymore. Why would I come? ”

”Mona, Im asking you to please take me back. Isn this the kind of thing you wanted? ”

”To meet your parents? ”

”No, for me to be out front about our relationship. To show it off. Im trying to take this to the next level, but I need you to come with me. I can try to do better if we
e not together. ” He puts his hand on my cheek. ”Please come, Id really like for them to meet you. ” He tilts his head to the side after a pause.

”Fine. ” I say with a chuckle and sigh.

”Great. ” He slides in and hugs me. ”So, girlfriend, do you have something to wear? ”

”I have clothes if thats what you mean. ”

”No, I mean my parents are pretentious assholes who dress up for dinner in their own home. I don want my mother saying anything about how you dress. Not that you dress bad. You
e very sexy. ”

”Do you want me to pick up something just for your dinner? ”

”No, let my maid. She knows what my mother will accept as okay. Are you fine with that? ”

”Yeah thats fine, but tell Maddison not to pick out anything ugly. I want to make your mom happy, but not at the expenses of looking stupid. ”

”Maddison? ”

”Your maid. ” He makes an oh face and nods.

”Alright, well Ill bring you the outfit on Friday. Youll have to change after school, and you can drive home with me. ” I nod. His lips brush my cheek right as the bell sounds. The hallway starts bustling with bodies rushing off to class. He boops my nose and leaves.

”Should we just change our name to Terry? We
e still acting like our mother; you see that right? He was obviously just using you not to feel lonely. ”

”Yeah, well, I don have the privilege to worry about that. A free meal, clothes, and somebody to help me? What better am I going to get? ” I hear the click of shoes coming down the hallway. I stop talking to myself and walk off to class. I keep reminding myself that its best for me to be with Charlie. I need somebody. Anybody is better than nobody.

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