Ch 14 Magical duel, and once again the heroine falls asleep

I’m going to have a magic duel with Hermire, a character in the book.

We are in the schoolyard of the Academy of Magic and Witchcraft.

“Are you familiar with the magic duel?”
I nod my head as I have seen this event many times in the original story.

Meanwhile, Roy, who was watching nearby, raises her hand.

“Um… what is a magic duel?”

Including Roy, there seems to be a few people here and there who don’t know.

The teacher nods and provides an explanation.

“It is the traditional dueling method of the wizards.
Once the duel begins, a special alternate space is created.
Any damage there is not returned to reality.”

“Damage return… what is it?”

“Whether you are cut by a sword or burned by magic, you take no damage when the duel is over.”

A magical duel is supposed to be a divine ritual.

In exchange for pleasing the gods, who love to duel, the duelist gets a body that will not die during the duel and will not feel pain even if damaged.

However, there is one clear difference between a magical duel and a real-life fight.

“The difference?”

A magical duel is a sacred ceremony held in the presence of God.
The oath made prior to the duel is absolutely obliged to be observed.”

In other words, the promise made before the fight is absolutely fulfilled.

“If I win, speak the truth and apologize!”

Hermire won’t stop saying that I am cheating by using magical tools.

She wants to maintain her own legitimacy by calling me out on my dishonesty.

“The truth is nothing but the facts…”

But a magical duel? I don’t like it.

To be honest, I don’t want to stand out.

Well, it doesn’t matter if I lose.

I’ll just do it properly, apologize properly, and try not to get involved anymore…

“Let’s get this over with.”

“Wait a minute.
You didn’t say what the conditions would be if you won.”

“No, I don’t need those…”

“Then it won’t be a duel.
Well… if I lose, I’ll become your slave!”

Which… yeah…

No, I don’t want it…

No, wait.

Being a slave means that I can make her do what I say without the magic of obedience, right?

In other words, if I tell her to stay out of my life, she’ll never get involved with me again.

Yeah, I’ll do my best.

Let’s do it.”



Me and Hermire approach each other.

We hold our wands together like swords.

This is like a ritual before a duel.

We both turn to each other and keep a certain distance.

“”Magical Duel…!””

At that moment, a light ward develops.

Inside this ward, people do not die.

They gain temporary immortality.

Also, attacks inside will never hit people outside.

The space is cut off from the outside.

“Let’s go!”

Hermire starts chanting a spell.

“On my right hand…”


I strengthen my body with a physical enhancement and close the distance in an instant.

“Wha!? Huh…”

I use my magic wand as a blade.

The wand turns into a beam saber.

I cut Hermire’s body at an angle.


Poof, and something like the damage effect of the game occurs.

You never die in this area.

This is how it is handled in a game-like manner.

“How… fast you are.
And this sharp attack is…”

“Good thing it was a magical duel.
In real life, it would have cut you in half.”

There are life points in a magic duel.

4000 for each other.

If you give an attack, your points decrease.

When it reaches 0, you lose.

It’s really like a game, isn’t it?

A blow with the magic sword reduced her life by nearly 2,000.


Hermire’s expression becomes calm.

She must have judged me as a marvel, seeing the amount of damage a single blow can do.

“I’m going to be serious.”

She pulls out a crystal from her pocket.


As soon as the crystal shatters, a magic circle unfolds.

A giant lizard with a red body emerged f

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