The Wrap-up Party

There’s a saying that the success of a drama can be determined by its wrap-up party.
If a drama ends quietly, there might not be a wrap-up party at all, and rumors of discord between the production team and actors might circulate.
On the other hand, if the drama continuously breaks viewership records, the wrap-up party would be like a festival.
That was the case with the drama Men of August.
It was already unusual for it to be a 16-episode miniseries.
It defeated all the other high-quality dramas at the same timeslot and achieved a continuous soaring viewership.
As a result, the drama was extended by four episodes.

“Hey, kiddo, try this on!”

The expression on a husband’s face, who went shopping at a department store with his wife, would probably look like this.

“I don’t like this one.
Let’s go and try on the clothes over there one more time.”

“Noona, I’m really fine with any clothes.”

“Well, I’m not!”

Park Suyeong was busily browsing through the luxury brand section at a department store in Seoul.
It wasn’t just the production team and actors attending the wrap-up party; many reporters would be there too.

“Do we really have to do this much? In a few years, I won’t be able to wear any of these clothes anyway.”

“I’m doing you a favor by buying you these clothes.
You can’t even say thank you but keep nagging me about it.
Just hurry up and try them on.
We don’t have much time!”

It was a headache.
In my previous life, I had attended countless wrap-up parties.
That was only possible because I had worked on so many projects.
But I had never been so concerned about my outfit before.
Of course, some actors paid so much attention to their outfits at the wrap-up parties that it seemed like a fashion show, but that wasn’t me.
I would rather spend that time reading one more page of the script or memorizing one more line of dialogue.

“Noona, do child actors usually attend the wrap-up parties?”

Wrap-up parties are a place to comfort those who have worked hard.

“Usually, child actors don’t attend.
But your case is different!”


“You must not know how popular Men of August is because you’ve been stuck in Yeongdo.”

I did know. Men of August is famous even in Yeongdo.
The proof is that the number of female students who gave me chocolate and coffee milk during school breaks increased as time passed.
But it seems that the popularity in Seoul has far exceeded my expectations.

“Anyway, I can’t let you go like this, so if you want to finish quickly, just hurry up and follow my instructions, okay?”

“But why do you…”

“Why am I doing this? I’m not called Park Suyeong but Kim Hajin’s mom these days! So, stop nagging and just do as I say! There will be so many people at the wrap-up party.
Do you want to go looking like you just got off work at the market? There’s a proper outfit for every occasion.
At least have the right attitude, okay?”

How popular had Men of August become in Seoul to cause such a fuss? Anyway, I could feel the eyes on me as I walked around the department store.
Thanks to the agency staff escorting me, I wasn’t bothered.

That question would soon be answered.
After arriving at the venue of the wrap-up party.

A hotel?

Considering that wrap-up parties usually take place in high-end restaurants, renting a hotel convention hall signifies the drama’s huge success.
Even though the last episode had not yet been aired, the hotel’s entrance was already swarmed with reporters.
As soon as I got off the van with Park Suyeong, the reporters shouted simultaneously.

“It’s Jang Yeongguk!”

* * *


That was the viewership rating record for the drama Men of August.
With two more episodes left, it was almost certain it would surpass 40%.
Perhaps that’s why the KBC drama director also attended the wrap-up party.
It could be considered an unusual record for a miniseries.

The CEO must be extremely busy.

CEO Kim Seonghwan looked preoccupied with exchanging greetings with broadcasting station officials.
I couldn’t find anyone my age at the convention hall.
Even Yeon Su, who played the female lead’s child role, couldn’t attend the wrap-up party because she was filming for another drama.

“It’s been a while since I last ate this.
It tastes good.”

The food in the buffet was something I had eaten too much of in my past life, but I hadn’t had these dishes in Yeongdo.
They say it’s lonely to eat alone.
Though I might not know, among those attending the convention hall, I must have attended the most wrap-up parties.
I was sipping on some orange juice when it happened. 

“Are you Jang Yeongguk?”

It was actress Yang Minjeong, who played the female lead Son Yerin.
As a rising star, she was one of the actors whose popularity jumped thanks to this drama.   

“Hello, senior.”

“Senior? Isn’t that a bit much? How much acting experience does this kid have to be calling me a senior already? Anyway, you came to the wrap-up party alone without your parents?”


“Your parents must not care much about you.
No wonder they haven’t shown their faces since Men of August ended.”

What is she talking about?

“Look at Yeon Su.
It’s not because she’s my child role, but she’s also appearing in another drama right now.
She’s sorry she couldn’t attend the wrap-up party, but what can you do? In a way, Yeon Su is very perceptive.
This isn’t a place for child actors, is it?”

“From the way you speak, it sounds like you have decades of acting experience.”


“I’ll go back to eating my food.
Excuse me.”


I wonder if I avoided it because the situation was scary or because it was dirty.

Yang Minjeong couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry for long.
I witnessed her fall indirectly in my past life.
Yang Minjeong, who had made a name for herself as a new star, would end up on the newspaper’s front page because of a celebrity scandal in a few years.
If it had ended there, it would have been a relief, but the entertainment industry was turned upside down when she tested positive for drugs in the prosecution’s investigation.
Moreover, it was revealed that she had been taking illegal drugs continuously since her debut.
She was literally acting under the influence of drugs.


“Yeongguk! I heard you did well filming the indie film.
I should’ve visited at least once as the CEO but was too busy.”

“It’s okay.
I’m not a child, after all.
It was actually more comfortable since we were filming in Yeongdo.”

“Ah, you always act so mature.
By the way, Director Choi Taeseop contacted me.
He said he wants to submit the film to the independent film category of a film festival.
It seems like it was received quite positively, so we might have some good news soon.”

“Really? That’s great.”

It was good news.
It didn’t matter, even if we didn’t win an award.
It was satisfying enough to know that many people would recognize the hard work of those who made the film.
That’s when it happened.

“But Yeongguk, where’s Actor Park?”

“I saw her over there earlier, huh?”

Park Suyeong was conversing with the other actors, and Yang Minjeong was with them.
But every time Yang Minjeong opened her mouth, Park Suyeong’s face turned cold as ice.
Even a stranger could see that she was clearly angry.

“CEO, I’ll go see Park Suyeong for a moment.”

As I approached where Park Suyeong was, I could clearly hear Yang Minjeong’s voice.
She was skillfully talking behind my back.
She was surprised that a boy who used to sell fish at the market could act so well.
She was wondering if it was not a case of method acting, and if there was a fish smell, and if I had sold fish today as well.
Her words and expressions were downright vulgar.
Even the other actors seemed uncomfortable with her attitude, but they couldn’t say anything because of the presence of reporters and broadcasting officials.

” Park Suyeong.”

As I approached naturally, Yang Minjeong momentarily closed her mouth.

“Do you happen to have any emergency medicine in the car? My head hurts a bit, and I have a runny nose.”

Yang Minjeong’s eyes began to tremble with anxiety as I searched for medicine while sniffing.
It was a subtle reaction that others wouldn’t notice, but I saw it.
After all, a thief has a guilty conscience.

* * *

It was noisy.
After the reporters left, the party returned to its original atmosphere.
The venue had even been moved from the hotel to a high-end barbecue restaurant.
There was no need to be formal anymore.
The crew and actors, who had been working hard on the filming, enjoyed their drinks without reservation, and laughter never ceased.
It was a sight I had encountered many times in my past life.

Back then, I only used to show my face and leave.

In my past life, I wasn’t very sociable.
Even if I attended the wrap-up party, I often just showed my face and went straight home, so it had been a while since I felt this atmosphere.
That’s when the camera director, Kim Deukhyeong attracted everyone’s attention by tapping on the table.

“Come on! On a day like today, we cannot not hear from PD Yoo!”

The floor had been set, and the PD Yoo stood up.
He had been at the forefront of the Men of August team.
Despite this being his first work, he clearly demonstrated his potential as a director.
After all, he had climbed to the position of drama head in his past life, so his start was bound to be exceptional.

“Well, I can’t believe it’s already our wrap-up party.
When we first planned the drama, there was a lot of talk.
Our competitors at the same time slot were very strong.
Many people in the drama department thought that it would be impossible to beat the so-called “masterpiece” dramas being prepared by other terrestrial broadcasters with just a miniseries.
However, I’m glad and relieved that we were able to complete the drama safely, regardless of the results.
Of course, I can say this because we had good ratings.
I won’t say much more.
I want to express my infinite gratitude to our production team, actors, and Writer Choi Eunsuk, who wrote Men of August, the masterpiece of my life.”

“Director Yoo! Save that clichéd speech for the end-of-year awards ceremony! Can’t you just sing a song and be done with it?”

“Kim Deukhyeong, you know I can’t sing, so why say that! Wouldn’t it be better for Yeongguk to do it since he sings so well?”

PD Yoo’s gaze naturally headed in one direction.
Everyone’s attention was immediately focused on me, and I almost spat out the soda I was drinking.
I mean, come on, asking me to sing at a place like this?

“Alright, that’s better.
Everyone, clap! Yeongguk, do a great rendition of the song you sang at the Yeongdo fish market! Ji Yong, what are you doing? Hurry up and make a microphone for Yeongguk!”

Ji Yong, the FD, handed me a spoon in a bottle as if he had agreed with the camera director.
At times like this, there was no choice but to comply.
I had to sing a song and then slip away.
As the lively melody flowed out of my mouth, the faces of the adult actors showed surprise.
The camera director, who had heard my singing before, danced and muttered,

“As expected, he’s great!”

* * *

Everyone was intoxicated by the boy’s singing, creating a noisy atmosphere.

“What’s so great about that stinky kid’s singing?”

Yang Minjeong walked out of the bathroom with a disgusted expression.
Just then, she stumbled over something and nearly fell.
Park Suyeong was standing nearby with her arms crossed.

“Minjeong, do you want me to help you?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Why did you drink so much that you can’t even move by yourself? You shouldn’t drink so much that you lose control.
And don’t you have any respect for others when you’re drunk? I’m offering to help you, and you’re refusing?”

Park Suyeong grabbed Yang Minjeong’s shoulder and straightened her up.
On the surface, it looked like a grumpy sunbae helping her hoobae.
But no one would know that Park Suyeong had intentionally tripped Yang Minjeong as she came out of the bathroom and subtly kicked her inner thigh during the process.

“Minjeong, do you not want to have a long career in the entertainment industry?”


“Those who rise quickly also fade quickly.
Especially when their personalities are problematic.
So, don’t say anything you can’t take responsibility for.”

Yang Minjeong was terrified.
She wouldn’t have stayed quiet if it had been an ordinary sunbae.
But Park Suyeong was already one of the most infamous fighters in the entertainment industry.
How could a pet dog beat a fighting dog? Park Suyeong scolded Yang Minjeong, whose eyes were wide with fear.

“I will scold my child, not you.”

This damn girl.

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