Callian didn’t answer. 


No, he couldn’t answer. 


Because Ophelia sees through his own heart.


‘Don’t you think Fleur might not be as nice as Your Highness’ judgment?’


That’s right. 


He thought the same thing until just now.


How on earth did Ophelia know? 


Callian thought that Ophelia was really great while seriously wondered if his thoughts were simple enough to catch on so well.


The thought wasn’t long.


This is because Ophelia continued to speak.


“But no.” 




Fleur is a good woman.”


Callian didn’t know that Ophelia would say such a thing.


So he looked down at Ophelia with slightly startled eyes.


Ophelia smiled obliquely and met Callian’s eyes.


“Because she’s nice, she’s faithful to her own desires.”




“Don’t you think so?”


Callian couldn’t understand why Ophelia was saying this.


Didn’t she hate Fleur?


But now she said she’s nice.
How can she say that? 


It was difficult to accept with his head. 


So Callian asked.


“What do you think of Fleur?”


“She’s annoying.” 


“That’s a quick answer.” 


He laughed in vain.
Ophelia laughed similarly.


“But apart from that, I can admit that she’s nice.
She’s really nice.


Ophelia clenched Calian’s hand a little tighter.


“So, it doesn’t suit you, Your Highness.”


“What does that mean?”


“Your Majesty needs a bad woman.”


Callian twisted his lips as if he could understand Ophelia’s inner meaning now.


Ophelia was admiring Fleur and at the same time degrading her.


Because she is nice, she doesn’t fit next to Callian.


Ophelia herself was attractive at the same time.


“So what you mean is I need a bad woman like you?” 


“Is there a woman worse than me in the Empire?”


Ophelia burst out laughing and said.


It was his first time seeing her smiling so brightly, so Callian was somewhat surprised.


At the same time, he blushed.


Because Ophelia was so beautiful.


‘Damn it.’


Callian felt that he had no choice but to acknowledge Ophelia’s face, but he was relieved that the music was coming to an end.


Now he can be separated from Ophelia.


Ophelia stared at Callian like that.


To make sure. 


The fact that Callian’s feelings for Fleur are shaking.


In fact, Ophelia had no intention of completely separating Callian and Fleur.


She just wanted to live enough that she won’t be killed and that she would get a little bit of favor with Callian.


But Fleur didn’t see this and made a fuss.


That’s why Ophelia went out strong.


Just like now.


“Good women give mental stability, but not political stability.”


Ophelia whispered to him as she wrapped her arms around Callian’s shoulders.


“Please think carefully.”


She twisted her face, and it was an angle that would look like they were kissing from the back.




She heard people gasping for breath.


Ophelia smiled softly and released Callian’s hand that was holding her.


And she went back to her place.


‘Oh, I’m really cool.’


Thinking like this, Ophelia thought she had achieved her purpose of coming to the ball today.


From screwing Fleur to shaking Callian’s feelings. 


So she was very satisfied. 


So now she can spend some time and disappear.


She thought so and lifted a glass of champagne.


It was then.


“We need to talk.” 


Sylvester suddenly appeared and grabbed Ophelia’s wrist.


“Aren’t we talking right now?” 


Ophelia looked at Sylvester and said.
Sylvester frowned.


“So, let’s go somewhere else and talk.”


“Are you going to apologize to me?”


“Ophelia Ryzen.”


To Ophelia, who made a light joke, Sylvester said with a frighteningly scary look.


“Follow me.”






So Ophelia followed Sylvester calmly.






As soon as she entered the balcony, Sylvester pulled the curtains on the window.


Then he grabbed the curtain and let out a rough breath.


Whoo, whoo, as if he were trying to control his mind.


“What’s wrong with you?”


Feeling that Sylvester was strange, Ophelia asked.


Only then did Sylvester turn his head and look at Ophelia.


“What’s wrong with me?” 


Blood stands in his eyes.


He seemed really angry.



You were protecting me before, but why are you getting angry now?


Ophelia really couldn’t understand why Sylvester was doing this.




Sylvester called her and took a step closer.


“Did you kiss the Crown Prince?”




Ophelia could see why Sylvester was angry.


Well,  if a married woman with a husband openly kissed another man, of course, he would be angry.


Ophelia thought Sylvester’s anger was a reasonable anger.


So she answered right away.


“I didn’t kiss him.” 




“I really didn’t do it.
I just made it look like that.”


Ophelia shrugged her shoulders. 


“It’s good, it makes Fleur angry and makes others feel that I’ve become close to His Highness.”


Sylvester’s mouth opened.


Ophelia smiled brightly as she saw him puzzled.


“So, how much can you give me?”


Sylvester hardened as it was.


He pursed his lips, then shouted, slamming his hand on the forehead with his hand. 




He screamed a few more times, holding onto the railing on the balcony.


He turns his head and stares at Ophelia.


“You’re really crazy! Crazy woman!”


Ophelia was a little dumbfounded.


What did I do—?


She really just did as they originally planned.


She danced with Callian to screw Fleur.
In the process, she gained his favor.


All of this had been planned before, but she couldn’t understand why Sylvester was so angry.


So she asked.


“Why are you so angry?”


This question was really absurd for Sylvester.


He was angry from the moment Ophelia said she would dance with Callian for the first dance. 


So he kept trying to convince her.


But Ophelia did not listen to her.
He even refused the hand he reached out! And she took Callian’s hand.


How helpless did he feel when he saw Ophelia like that?


Sylvester watched them dance from afar and was engulfed in great betrayal and anger.


And the moment he saw them pretending to kiss, he felt something burst in his head.


It shouldn’t be like this.


He can’t do this. 


Sylvester received a signal that he was in danger, and he had a strong intuition that he would do something big if he went on like this. 


That’s why he dragged Ophelia here.


But Ophelia says something like. 


It’s not something you’re going to get angry about.


Sylvester could feel his mind spinning again.


So he asked back. 


“Why… did..
I get angry?”


Ophelia nodded with an expression that she didn’t understand. 


I really don’t understand why you’re angry.”




Sylvester shouted again and tilted his head back.


And shouted at Ophelia.


“Because I like you!”




Ophelia asked back because she thought she heard it wrong at the moment.


Then Sylvester spoke louder.


“Damn it, I’m falling in love with you!”

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