Chapter 97

Translated by Tam
Edited by Tam


“Why do you think I’m here?”


Callian asked.


I shook my head. 


The reason Callian came here is because—.


“Are you going to scold me?”


“That’s right.”


Callian smiled.
But it was a cold smile.
I swallowed dry saliva.


“You’re finally crazy, aren’t you?”




I thought I would be scolded for what happened the day before yesterday.


I calmly put my hands together and bowed my head.


“You want her to know the subject? Do you deserve to say that to Fleur?”


Callian said, grinding his teeth.


“You’re the one who needs to know the subject! How dare you say that to Fleur!”


I looked around.


I felt that everyone was looking at me.


I whispered in a small voice.


“Are you going to come all the way here and scold me like this?”


You need to be scolded more.”


“People watch it.”


“That’s why I’m scolding you here on purpose.”


“Ah, are you really going to be like this?!”


My voice became louder without realizing it.


Then people’s attention was more focused.




“Make sure to apologize when Fleur comes later.
Did you get it?


“I’m not sure.”


“Ophelia Ryzen!”


Callian’s eyes widened.


Seeing that it comes out this much, I don’t think it’ll go smoothly.


My fortune. 


I was forced to nod.


I will—”


“I don’t think my wife did anything wrong.”


At this time, surprisingly, Sylvester intervened.


He pulled me and hid me behind him, facing Calian.


“I heard that the Countess had a quarrel first.
Aren’t you going to consider that?”


“It’s none of your business.”


Callian said with a slightly irritated look.


But Sylvester didn’t care a bit.


He looked at Callian with a unique sly face. 


“In fact, it’s nothing for Your Highness’ business to intervene in.
Anyway, it’s a fight between the two wives, so should the man come in?” 


Callian frowned. 


In fact, this is because Sylvester is right.


There is no place with men getting involved in fights between women.


Furthermore, it was as embarrassing for a man to intervene after women argue with each other as they do now.


That’s why Callian hesitated.
Because he has his own image. 


It was then. 


“Please stop it, Your Highness.”


It was Fleur. 


Today’s Fleur was wearing a different dress than usual.


It was a beige dress that went well with her blonde hair, and it was a very gorgeous dress with a deep cut to the chest and decorated with jewels. 


‘What Madame Ante said was right.’


Fleur is looking for a fancy dress, and it seemed that she chose that one. 


It felt a little awkward because it was different from her usual self, but Fleur was still an outstanding beauty, so that dress looked very good on her.


Callian seemed to think so too.
I saw a slight heat rise on his cheek.


Fleur came a step closer.


And she grabbed Callian’s arm.


“I’m really fine.
And— Because the Duchess didn’t say anything wrong—.”


I heard a buzzing sound from around me.


As expected, the Duchess didn’t kill her temper.


What’s wrong with the Countess?


How long are you going to be like that?


The sounds hit my ears one after another.


Oh, I was annoyed, but I thought I’d just flip it over.


But at this time, Sylvester opened his mouth.


What my wife said to you is not wrong.”


Fleur lifted her gaze, which had been dropping mercifully.


Looking at Sylvester, she looks absurd.


“Do you know what the Duchess said to me? You’re probably saying this to me because you know, right?” 


“No, I don’t know.”


Sylvester answered easily.


“But everything my wife says is right, so I’m saying it’s not wrong.
Right, Countess?”


What is this? 


What’s wrong with him? 


Why is he acting like we’re close all of a sudden?


I smiled in vain because I was a little speechless.


I don’t know if Sylvester thought this was a smile of reconciliation,


“So, dance the first dance with me.
Not with that jerk.”


Isn’t this what you’re saying?


But I’m more dumbfounded. 


I told you a hundred times that I’ll dance with Callian for the first dance. 


He turned his head with his mouth closed.


“No, I’m going to dance for the first dance with Your Highness.”


I glanced at Fleur instead of Callian and said.


“Because Your Highness promised to ask me for the first dance.


I could feel Callian taking a breath.


He looked at Fleur’s eyes. 


But he will have to choose me.


If he wants to get information about Marquis Richel and Count Amber.




Callian replied, closing his eyes tightly.



“I ask you to dance.”




Fleur, as if she already knew, bit her lips tightly and clenched her fist.


But that was all.
She doesn’t talk more or interrupt.


I was worried that Fleur would shed tears here, but I was glad she didn’t do that.


I smiled and grabbed Callian’s hand.


“I accept it, Your Highness.”


I bent my knees lightly and got up, and I walked to the center of the hall according to Callian’s lead. 


Of course, I didn’t forget to say a word when I passed by Fleur.


“I told you.
Know the subject.”


Looking back, Fleur stood with a pale face.


Oh, I’m relieved.


I faced Callian, feeling the freshness of the ten-year-old congestion descending. 


So I didn’t see what kind of expression Sylvester made when he was looking at me.




Callian hated this reality so much.


Because he has to dance with Ophelia.


But he couldn’t help it to get information.


Even if he tore Fleur’s heart to catch those who communicated with the enemy—.


‘Damn it.’


He knows. 


That he’s a bad guy.


If he had given priority to Fleur, he had to refuse to dance with Ophelia no matter how much information was at stake. 


But he didn’t.


Now, information is more important than Fleur’s heart.


What a mean and bad guy he is!


Callian was blaming himself and at the same time expressing his anger at Ophelia for making him do nothing but this.
It was typical refractive anger.


So Callian wanted to tore Ophelia apart and stared at her like she was about to die.


“Even if you look at me like that, you can’t pierce it, Your Highness.”


However, Ophelia responded calmly.


She nodded her head.


“I know why you’re angry, but you have to keep your promise.
Don’t you think so?”


Then he reached out to me.


Callian breathed heavily, then exhaled, and held Ophelia’s hand. 


The waltz started.


Callian and Ophelia skillfully stepped up and started dancing. 


“You’re pretty good at dancing.”


“That’s what you are.”


“I’m used to it.”


It’s true.


I was worried about what to do because I had never danced, but fortunately, my body was remembering.
The original Ophelia seems to have danced very well. 


But Callian thought that Ophelia was arrogant.


He held Ophelia’s hand a little hard.


“You don’t know how to be humble, do you?”


“Do I have to know that?”


Ophelia, who turned around once, said.


“And you will be the first one who will swear that I am terrible if I am humble.”


“That’s true.”


Callian smiled now.


“Why did you say that to Fleur?”


“About the subject?”




“There was a reason.”


Ophelia continued to speak.


“She was angry because I wouldn’t leave my place for the future Crown Princess.
So I said something like that, well.
Wasn’t it worth it?”




Callian didn’t answer.
However, he answered with an expression, and his crumpled face was the evidence.


He let out a low sigh.


Whenever he heard this from Ophelia, Callian was really confused. 


Because he felt like she wasn’t the Fleur he knew.


He bit his lips hard.


“I love Fleur.”


Ophelia looked up at Callian.


“It’s like you’re talking to yourself.”




“Strong denial is strong affirmation.”


Ophelia smiles. 




She passed her body between Callian’s arms and grabbed him by the waist. 


“Don’t you think Fleur might not be as nice as Your Highness’ judgment?”

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