Chapter 96

Translated by Tam


“We’ve arrived.”


Sylvester said as the scenery of the Imperial Castle unfolded outside the window.


“I know, too.” 


I know because I have eyes too.


When I responded coldly, Sylvester looked at me indifferently.


“Will you fight me like this until we get into the ballroom, and then come out like this?”


“I have changed my mind from before.
I don’t think it would be bad to just go in with a fight.
Because I’m in a very, very, very bad mood!”


I frowned and said.


Sylvester still stared at me, then raised his hand and poked me in the middle of the forehead.


“You dress up beautifully so don’t make that expression.
Because it doesn’t suit you.”


No, why are you saying this all of a sudden?


I’m dumbfounded. 


“Why are you pretending to be kind all of a sudden?”


“What do you mean pretending? I’m hurt.” 


Sylvester said, clutching his chest as if he was really hurt.


It was almost as if he was making a gesture to suggest reconciliation in his own way.


So he looked really cute, but I shook my head.
I can’t back down just like this. 


I rolled my eyes.


“If you want to make up, apologize first.”


At my firm words, Sylvester lowered the hand that had grabbed his chest and narrowed his forehead.


“I did nothing wrong.”


“Then reconciliation is over.”


I nodded and said.
Sylvester burst into laughter as if he was dumbfounded.


“Even if I come out like this, you’ll keep doing that.”


“If you apologize, I’ll forgive you?”




Sylvester touched his forehead.
And glanced at me.


“You’re really stubborn.”


“Who do you think should say that?!” 


I don’t even look in the mirror.


‘Anyone can tell who’s the one who’s stubborn,’ says Sylvester’s face.


It’s really outrageous to the point of I want to run away from home.


“Never mind.
Let’s just focus on the ball today.”


“Don’t keep interfering with what I’m about to say..
I was going to say the same thing.”


“But I said it first, so I won.”


“What do you win? Ha, really.”


It sounds like a childish fight, but anyway, I turned my head with a snort.


Sylvester also turned his head.


A cold atmosphere passed between us.


At this time, the carriage slowly began to stop.
And we’ve arrived in the Imperial Palace.


When the servant ran out and opened the door, Sylvester got up, shaking off his clothes.


Then he slowly got out of the carriage, and then he reached out his hand towards me.


“Hold it.” 


I was going to hold it even if you didn’t tell me, you know? 




I took his hand and got off the carriage.
Sylvester patted his shoulder, clapped his shoulders, and gave his arm to me.


“Put your arms together.”


It’s annoying, but I did what he said.
Anyway, we had to show a good relationship externally.


“Oh, and…”


Sylvester told me, putting my hand on his arm.


“Don’t smile.” 



Again, I asked with a bit of excitement, wondering if there was any reason like earlier.


But Sylvester—,


“Because your smiling face is scary.”


He was just saying such rude things.


Ah, the snout of this disaster.
Really, what should I do? 


I held back my anger and breathed heavily.




“The Duke and Duchess of Ryzen entering!” 


The gatekeeper shouted.


And immediately, the heavy door opened slowly.


I walked in with my arms folded with Sylvester.


“His Excellency Duke is here!” 


“And with his wife!” 

I can feel people’s eyes gathering.


“His Excellency also looks handsome today.” 


“I know right.
It’s sad that he’s married.” 


“But he still pleases our eyes.” 


“That’s right, that’s right!” 


All the ladies were talking about Sylvester.




Is Sylvester a little handsome?


He’s very handsome, like what people say.


I didn’t want to admit it, but I raised my chin as I struggled to accept the fact I had to admit it.


And I greeted each and every one of the people staring at me lightly.
Then the people’s faces turned red like tomatoes.


“I don’t want to admit it but—”


“The Duchess is really beautiful.” 


“I can’t believe that beautiful face has a wicked soul in it! Oh, it’s so sad!” 


Who said the last word?


I can hear everything.


I stared at the person who said the last word and pretend to cut my throat with my hand.


Hiik! He freaked out and stepped back.


I left it behind and looked around slowly.


Everyone is looking at us.


This was thanks to Sylvester, who boasts of great dignity as the Duke of Ryzen, and it was also thanks to me, who had a beauty that anyone could not help but acknowledge.


I felt a little better. 


“Everyone sees only us.”


At my words, Sylvester glanced down at me.


“Is that good?”


“Is there anyone who doesn’t like being in the spotlight?”


“There is.


Sylvester said, pointing to himself.



“It’s annoying.”


He had a really twisted expression on his face as he talked.  An annoying expression for anyone to look at!




I frowned. 


“Yes, yes.
That must be tough for you.
You’re great Duke.” 


“Of course I’m amazing.” 


Sylvester replied with a happy smile.
It was Sylvester who didn’t notice anything sarcastic remark.


Wow, that’s amazing.


I clapped internally and looked at Sylvester.


“Please know that you’re fighting with such a great person.”


“I want you to know that you’re fighting with me, which is also so great.”


“Will you keep copying me?”


“You say the same thing as I think, so I have no choice but to copy it.”


“Ophelia Ryzen.” 


“Yes, why?” 


Sylvester inhaled deeply as he puffed out his chest.


“About your first dance with the Crown Prince.”




I frowned and squinted one eye.


“Are you even interfering with dancing now?”


“It’s not interference”.


“It’s interference.
You touched my privacy, you must be crazy.”


“Argh, really!”


Sylvester finally screamed and slammed his clenched hand into the air.


“Dance the first dance with me.
After that, I don’t care if you dance with the Crown Prince or not!”




Why do you insist like this?


Of course, the first dance at the ball is important.


All wives with husbands have to dance for the first time with their husbands.
Otherwise, it was no different from openly informing them of their affair.


That’s why Sylvester is so nosy.


‘I have a grand plan to screw Fleur up.’


I didn’t want to give up either.


Callian and I will do our first dance, and Fleur will grab the back of her neck and fall.


“No, I do not want to.
I will do my first dance with His Highness the Crown Prince.”


“The Crown Prince hasn’t come yet.
So, dance with me first.”


“No, you.
You really—.”


“His Highness the Crown Prince is entering!”


At this time, Callian, who was surprisingly like a nobleman, entered.


“Damn it.” 


Sylvester frowned as he let go of my hand.


“They said that even a lion would come if I spoke.”


Then I added. 


“Oh, of course, the Crown Prince isn’t a lion.
It’s just a cute cat.”


Why are you adding an additional explanation?


I looked at Sylvester a little pathetic, then turned my head to look at Callian.


The seat next to Callian is empty.


He entered alone.


“He’s not with Fleur?” 


“If they appear together, people will notice.”


Sylvester replied as if it was natural.


“Fleur is a married woman.”


So far it is.


But she will soon be divorced.


The time was just around this time.


And the wedding with Callian, whom Fleur had talked about last time, was on my mind all along.


Something must be done before that— I bit my lower lip.


It was at this time.


“So you were here.”


A shadow fell. 


When I raised my head, surprisingly Callian stood in front of me.


What is this? 


Why is he here?” 


I was wondering and narrowed my forehead slightly.


“Yes, Your Highness.
I was here.
But why—?”

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