“Madam! You look really great with it!”


Irene shouted, looking at me in Madame Ante’s dress.




I couldn’t help but admire myself in the mirror.
The dress was so gorgeous and beautiful that my eyes almost popped out!


A dress made of silk a little darker than my light green eyes is an off-shoulder style that exposes my white shoulders. 


But the chest part was amazing. 


Because it’s decorated with flowers!


The decorations starting from the chest to the arms are in the shape of flowers and leaves, and were very colorful and elaborate enough to be seen at a glance from a distance.


Wearing a pearl earring with a purple ribbon here was a real bonus.
It couldn’t have looked so good on me. 




I said it with sincerity.


Then Irene added something.


“It’s not just pretty.
It’s really pretty! It’s the best!”


Irene raised her thumb and said.


“If they go to the ballroom, they will only see Madam.
I swear.” 


“Why do you swear for this?”


I laughed. 


“Of course.”


At my words, Irene burst into laughter.


“Because Madam is really amazing.’


I think she said it was great in a different way, but I pretended not to know.


After one more turn in front of the mirror, I picked up the shawl and was satisfied that there was nothing to fix.
It was a shawl made of white fur. 


“What about Sylvester?”


“He’s probably waiting in the hall.”


I thought he wouldn’t come with me.”


Irene’s eyes widened with my murmur.


“Yes? What do you mean?”


She asked, startled. 


“No way, did you two have a fight? Really?”


If I said so here, Irene really seemed to faint with bubbles in her mouth.


So I shook my head in a hurry.


It’s just that Sylvester was busy and I thought he wouldn’t go with me.”


“Ah, is that so? You didn’t fight, right?” 




That’s a relief.”


Irene sighed, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.


“Even so, I heard that the Master was in a really bad mood, so I was wondering again.” 




I heard his assistant get beaten again.”


“There’s no day when he doesn’t smash anything.”


I smiled and put the shawl around my shoulder.
Irene hurriedly organized my hair. 


“I’m in a bad mood too, so it must be half the same.” 


“…but still don’t fight.” 


“Okay, I’ll try.”


I smiled and picked up the fan. 


“Let’s go now.”




Irene took the lead in opening the door, and I followed her down alone.




Sylvester stood in the hall.


Today, he was wearing a navy blue uniform.


Well, it suits him so well that it’s not enough to say it suits him a hundred times. 


I didn’t want to admit it, but I had to admit it. 


Sylvester is really handsome.


His gaze as he looked outside turned to me.
I waved lightly at him.


“Did you wait for a long time?”




“Can’t you just say it’s not true?”


“I can’t.”


Ah, this jerk. 


I gritted my teeth and glanced at him.


“You’re not going to treat me like this all day, are you?”


Sylvester stared at me instead of answering.
I continued to talk.


“Do you want to brag about our fight?”




“It seems like there’s a rumor in the society that we’re getting divorced.
Let’s add more fuel here?


Sylvester’s expression only moved.
He narrowed his forehead.




He sighed and clicked his tongue.


“You look so fine.”


He looked at me from head to toe.


“That’s why I’m more annoyed.”


Why are you annoyed when I look fine?


I raised my eyebrows.


“Why? Did you feel so uncomfortable that you couldn’t sleep?”


“How did you know I couldn’t sleep?”


Oh, I just said it because it looked a little bad under his eyes, but I got it right.


I shrugged my shoulders.


“Just because.
Because your complexion looks bad.”




Sylvester tried to say something, but shut his mouth.
He clicked his tongue again and sighed. 


Let’s stop fighting.”


Then he gives me his arm.
It meant to hold his arms.


“It’s literally a short fight.”


I put my arms around him and said. 


“I’m still angry, too.”


Sylvester looked dumbfounded, but he didn’t say more.


As I said, we had a short fight.




Sylvester in the carriage stares at Ophelia sitting opposite him.


Today’s Ophelia was so beautiful.


She was always beautiful, but she is especially more beautiful today.



Maybe it was because she was wearing a dress that matched her eye color so well.
Or maybe it was because of the makeup that gave her more strength than usual. 


Sylvester thought so but had to admit that there was actually a filter over his own eyes.


A filter that makes Ophelia look prettier.


‘Damn it.’


Sylvester cried out abusive language and removed his gaze from Ophelia.


But at the same time, he kept looking at Ophelia, which was driving him crazy.


So he chose to close his eyes.


Endure it. 


Endure it. 


He shouldn’t like Ophelia more—.


He repeated it like that.


It was then. 


“By the way, Honey.”


Ophelia, who had been silent all along, spoke to him.


Sylvester replied without opening his closed eyes.


“Hm, why.”


“I had a little fight with Fleur the day before yesterday.”




Sylvester finally opened his eyes.
And he looked at Ophelia.


“How come? Why?”


“No, I went to buy a dress, but Fleur followed me.
Then they asked why Madame Ante guide the Duchess to the drawing-room and didn’t do the same thing to her.”




“I just said something because it seemed a bit presumptuous after listening to it.”


“That word must have struck a bone.”


“Yes, correct.”


Ophelia frowned and said.


“That’s why.”




“How likely is His Highness to get mad at me today?”


Sylvester laughed in vain.


“Do you have to ask me that? I think you know the answer better.”


He think it’s going to be 100%, right?




Ophelia bit her lips and muttered. 


“What if we don’t dance together.”


At that time, Sylvester narrowed his eyes. 


That’s what I was going to ask.”


“About what?”


“Why are you trying to dance with the damn Crown Prince for the first dance?” 


Where did he hear the information? 


Well, since she spoke to the Grand Duchess and Fleur, it must have been enough for the information to leak out.


Ophelia replied, pulling her chin.


“What do you mean? It’s all part of a plan to seduce the Crown Prince.
And the purpose is to screw Fleur.” 


“That’s why.”


Sylvester slowly opened his mouth, breathing heavily as if he would hold back his anger.


“I told you to stop seducing him.”


Ophelia shrugged her shoulders up.


“I told you I wouldn’t listen to that, right?”


Sylvester’s mouth hardened.


“You don’t want to lose to me, do you?”


“And you? Can’t you lose to me at least once?”


Sylvester’s mouth opened.


Ophelia quickly intercepted before he could speak.


“Do you think I’m doing this because I like it? It’s because for you too.”


It’s true. 


She must get close to Callian to a certain extent so that she can stop Callian from trying to kill Sylvester later.


That’s why I said this.




Sylvester’s voice was too cold.


“Don’t say you’re doing something for me.”


And it was scary. 


“Because I really don’t want to hear it.”


So Ophelia swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


No, why is he so cold all of a sudden?


She swept her arm with the chilly atmosphere.


Sylvester looked straight at Ophelia and said.


“Even if you keep fighting with me, I won’t back down.” 




But Ophelia didn’t want to back down either.
She answered, raising her chin. 


“It’s the same for me.”




“I will never bend over to you either.”


Sylvester glared.


“Then it’s a fight to decide who loses first.”


“Definitely not me, so it’s you.”


In Ophelia’s answer, Sylvester closed his eyes tightly.


Then, he breathed hard to hold back his anger.


Ophelia turned her eyes out of the window, leaving Sylvester behind.


Somehow, she was disappointed.


I’ve done everything you told me to do and I’ve been worrying about your future!


Sylvester is so mean.


So Ophelia kept looking out the window, ignoring Sylvester’s gaze.




I’m serious this time, too.


That’s what I thought. 

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