There was Fleur.


It’s a strange thing.


Fleur usually only wears modest clothes, so it doesn’t match Madame Ante’s design.


But why is she here? 


Did she follow someone like Jasmine to watch other people buy clothes?


I wondered and tilted my head.


But I can’t hear their conversation, so I’m just watching.


“Oh my!”


At this time, Jasmine jumped up and down at me, freaked out, perhaps as if she had heard the entire conversation.


“It’s Countess Fleur!”


“I saw it, too.”


“You didn’t hear it, right? What they’re talking about!”


Jasmine continues to talk. 


“She’s asking to make a match for the dress she’s going to wear to the imperial ball, but Madame Ante refused.
Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have time to make a dress, but the Countess doesn’t seem to accept it.”


“I can’t believe she doesn’t accept it.


“I don’t know.
Maybe it’s because she saw the Duke of Ryzen’s carriage outside?” 


“My carriage?”


Knowing that Madam is here, they’re getting even mad!”


If Jasmine was right, the story was going to be fun.


“Let’s go out.”


“Yes? Really?”




I slowly lifted myself up. 


“I think it’s going to be fun.”


And led Jasmine’s arm.


Jasmine seemed a little embarrassed, but she followed me smoothly.


I went out of the drawing room.


Then I saw Fleur and the others surrounding her. 


Angela Richel, who spilled perfume on me last time, was also seen.


Why did she bring her followers here?


I slowly approached them.




It seems that Fleur didn’t know that I would show up in person.


She looked at me without hiding her bewilderment.


Then she looked at the room I came out of.


Then she blinked and touched Angela.


As soon as she did, Angela spoke as if she had been waiting.


“You led the Duchess to the drawing room!”




Madame Ante looked at Angela with a look of what it was. 


“Is there a problem with that?”


Angela grinded her teeth.


“Don’t you think it’s wrong to leave the Countess outside even though there is a drawing room?”


“Oh, that’s—”


Madame Ante answered casually.


“There are a total of three drawing rooms in my shop, and there is only one left because two are under construction.
So I couldn’t help it.”


“What can’t be helped?”


“I can’t let the Duchess go and serve the Countess, right?”


That’s true a hundred times.


But Angela doesn’t seem to agree.


With a red and bluish face, she pointed and raised her voice to Madame Ante. 


“She’s going to be the Crown Prince’s wife!”


“But not yet.”


“How dare you!”


She raised her hand. 


It was not until this time that I opened my mouth.


“Stop it.”


And I snatched Angela’s wrist.


“What are you doing now?”


Tak! I threw Angela away and stared at Fleur.


Fleur looked innocent as if she knew nothing and had never ordered anything.


I hated that face so much.


How can you make others do all the bad things and pretend to be nice! 


“If she says she can’t make a dress, then you’ll have to go somewhere else, but why are you doing it?”


“What do you mean! Duchess! How can you say such a rude thing!”


“Angela Richel.”


I also said to Angela who was interrupting again.


“That mouth, shut it up.”


Angela breathed heavily in surprise.


I swept my hair and rolled my eyes.


“Because I’m really annoyed.”


I mean it.


It was getting less and less fun.


Should I continue to match this boring play?


I glanced at Jasmine.


“Let’s stop and go in.”


“Yes, Madam.”


Jasmine smiled and put her arms around me.
And she didn’t forget to tell Madame Ante.


“I was looking at the catalog and I have a question.
I’d like to come with you, is that okay?”


As expected Jasmine. 


I twisted my lips singing pleasure inside.


“Of course! I’ll follow you right away.”


Madame Ante’s words were a clear congratulatory message to Fleur’s group. 


Angela’s face, who noticed this, erupted again.
Fleur also hardened her face with a smile.


Ah, it’s nice. 


I left them behind and moved my feet to enter the drawing room.


It was then. 


“Are you doing this on purpose?”


Fleur’s voice stopped my foot.


I turned my head and looked at her, wondering what she was talking about.


Fleur was breathing heavily with her head down.


“You’re stopping me from doing everything on purpose, right?”



“What are you talking about—”


“Not too long ago, the furniture stores in the capital city, and this time as well.”


Fleur raised her head.


“Did I make such a big mistake to the Duchess?”


Tears filled her eyes as she lifted her face.


What the hell. 


Why are you acting like crying again? 


She deserves the Acting Grand Prize, really. 


I clicked my tongue. 




And I turned toward Fleur.


“You did something wrong, and that’s really big.”




Fleur’s eyes shook as if she didn’t know I would come out like this.


I smiled and looked down at her like that.


“It’s your biggest mistake that you don’t know the subject.”


And I put my hand on Fleur’s shoulder.


“Please don’t be presumptuous, Fleur.”


Startled, she shivered her shoulders.


It’s so scary to be open-minded.


I tapped her cheek and said the last thing.


“Before I get really angry.”




“You were so cool earlier!”


As soon as I returned to the room, Jasmine shouted. 


“The face of Countess Fleur turned completely white! She looked really scared!”


“I guess so.
I said it to scare her.”


When I answered casually, Jasmine opened her eyes wide and said.


You did an amazing job today.”


Jasmine, who approached me, said.


“You gave the Countess of Fleur a good punch without cursing, getting angry or hitting her.” 


That’s true.


In fact, it was funny to be angry, so I just didn’t do it.


Don’t you think so?


If I get angry over nothing, I’m the only one who gets ridiculous.


That’s why I just said it lightly, but Jasmine seems more moved by it.


“Tomorrow, what happened today will be gossip.
So what will happen?”


I raised my eyebrows.
Jasmine opened her mouth as if she had been waiting. 


“The story of Madam’s change will spread even more.”


Ah, she put her hands together and her eyes twinkled.


“I’m really looking forward to the imperial ball the day after tomorrow.”


I smiled. 


If it’s really like Jasmine’s words, there’s nothing better to do. 


Hoping so, I flip the catalog with my hands.


“Let’s choose a dress first.
Madame Ante, come in.”


I talked to Madame Ante who was standing outside.


“Yes, Duchess.”


Madame Ant hurried inside.
I asked her a question as soon as she sat down.


“Is there a dress that the Countess Fleur has chosen?”


“No, she went out to go to a different shop.”


“Do you know what kind of outfit she’s going to wear?”


“It seemed like she was trying to change her style this time.”


“Is that so?”




I crossed my arms. 




“She said she wanted a dress with a design that our shop likes to make.” 


“She wanted something fancy?”


From furniture to dresses.


These are not suitable for Fleur, who has always pursued a ‘thrifty’ image. 


Why did she change her mind?




I thought she might be copying me.


If this was true, it would have been hilarious.


Because the original story has been completely changed.


In the original, Ophelia copied Fleur.


This is because all her styles were in fashion in the empire.
And Callian liked it, too.


But it’s different now.


As Jasmine said, I was the one who led the trend.


Fleur is copying me because she is afraid of falling behind.


Oh, it’s really fun.


“Then, make me a more gorgeous dress than that.”


I laughed and flicked my finger.


“To the point where no one can take their eyes off me.”


Madame Ante said yes, and I was able to receive a really gorgeous dress two days later. 

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