Chapter 93

Translated by Tam




Sylvester sighed deeply and tilted his head back.


The pouring sunlight pierced his eyes.
He covered his eyes with his palm and closed his eyes tightly.


“It’s driving me crazy.”


He really didn’t know how to treat Ophelia.


He knows in his head that he has to divorce her and say goodbye.


But the chest didn’t want to admit it.


Because he likes her—.


‘Until when will this happen?’


It could be an emotion that passes by for a moment, he thought.


However, considering the emotions that still remain even after a long time has passed, it seems that it is not a momentary emotion.


Then what should he do?


‘What to do?’


Sylvester smiled in vain, raised his hand, and turned his head back.


‘I should give up.’




As Ophelia said, they can get a divorce. 


And he just has to live according to the original plan—.


Just like that.


Sylvester took a deep breath.
The pen he threw away comes again.
He tries hard to focus on his work.


It was then. 


—Knock, knock.


“Your Excellency, can I come in?”


This is Neil’s voice, who had been scolded heavily by Sylvester since the morning.


Sylvester was aware that he had been arguing with Neil, so he ordered him to come in with a sense of regret.
Then Neil came in. 


“What’s the matter?”


“Ah, yes.
It’s nothing.”


Neil treated Sylvester in a little nervous manner.


Ekhem! After coughing, he straightened his tie and looked at Sylvester.


“I would like you to let me know if you will attend the imperial ball the day after tomorrow.” 


Sylvester’s eyebrows slightly went up.


“Is it the time already?”


He knew the imperial ball would be held, but he didn’t know it would be this early.


Sylvester clicked his tongue briefly.


It doesn’t feel like it’s going to happen well.
Sylvester pointed to his forehead and thought.


“How about Ophelia?”


“Madam said she’ll attend too.”




He clicked his tongue and raised his chin. 


“Then I should go too.”


Sylvester raised his hand.
He was willing to attend.


Neil nodded and carefully looked into Sylvester’s eyes.


“But, Master.”




“There’s something I heard.”


“Say it.”


“Madam will dance the first dance with His Highness the Crown Prince.”




Sylvester’s pen broke into pieces.


“What the hell are you talking about?”


“T, that’s—”


Neil rolled his shoulders and stepped back.


“I heard that Madam and His Highness made a deal.
I don’t know the details of the deal, but anyway, the two of them will do the first dance together—” 


“Whoa, really!”


Sylvester jumped to his feet. Crash! The chair fell backwards and fell down.


“She must be really planning to make me crazy! She did it!”


Sylvester shouted and covered his forehead with both hands.


He turned to the window, then turned around and came back to the desk. 


“I’ll never let them do that.”


Bang! He hit the desk roughly.








I’m enjoying the warm wind and feeling better again.


The reason why I feel better is simple.


Since I came out to spend money.


And Jasmine decided to go with me.
She said she would find a perfect dress for me.


What a great friendship this is! And I thought it would be nice to maintain a smooth relationship with them even after divorce.


But it’s impossible.


Because these people like me as the ‘Duchess of Ryzen’.


Thinking about it like this made me a little bitter.


But what can I do?


I’m getting a divorce, and I don’t intend to withdraw this decision.


What happened after that was unavoidable.


With that in mind, I greeted Jasmine as she entered the carriage.


“I can’t believe you’re willing to say yes to a sudden call.
Thank you.”


“Oh my, Madam! Why did you say that!”


Jasmine smiled and shook her hand.


“I’m honored that Madam called me.
I can’t believe I can choose Madam’s dress by myself! Is there anything more enjoyable than this?”


Jasmine seemed like a type who was really good at flattery.


That’s why I liked it more.


I looked out the window before the carriage started to move. 


Old and shabby Viscount Smith.


Originally, they weren’t such a ruined family—.


I blinked slowly.


“Isn’t there a mine you gave me?”


I recalled the mine I received from her when I first made a deal with Jasmine.


“Yes, Madam.”


“I’d like to share some ownership of that mine.”




Jasmine was surprised and asked back.


“B, but, Madam.
The mine is a mine that really doesn’t have much to see.
To be honest, I don’t even know why Madam took the mine.”



“Is that so?”


After the carriage moved, I buried my body deep in the backrest and crossed my arms. 


Why did I take that mine?


This is because a diamond mine is buried under it.


I have ordered the miners to dig underneath, so I will be contacted shortly after that the jackpot has been hit.


Before that, I wanted to give Jasmine some ownership in advance.


Partly because I liked her, and partly because I had some sense of guilt.


In order to resolve the guilt, it was better to share the mine with Jasmine.


“But I still want to give you some ownership.”


I said before Jasmine opened her mouth again.


“Maybe something good could happen.”


Jasmine’s eyes shook.


She slowly closed her eyes, putting her hands together.


What is she thinking?


I couldn’t guess well, so I stared at Jasmine.


“I’ll look forward to that.
Thank you, Madam.”


Jasmine, who opened her eyes like that, was tearing up for some reason. 


What’s wrong? 


I tilted my head because I didn’t understand.


“Ah, I’m sorry.
I’m a little silly.”


Jasmine wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.


“I was deeply moved by how much you thought of me.”


No, well. 


I’m trying to relieve my guilt.


My cheeks turned red because I felt embarrassed for no reason.


I look forward to your kind cooperation.”


Jasmine held my hand, and I patted her on the back of her hand instead of answering.


Somehow I felt better.


It was a delightful day.




We arrived at Madame Ante’s shop.


As soon as my carriage stopped, Ante screamed and ran out of the store. 


“Oh my, Duchess!”


She made a fuss and circled around me.


“Are you here to buy a dress for the Imperial Ball the day after tomorrow? Really? At my shop?”


I’m sure Madame Ante was scared of me, but it didn’t seem like it again.


It was really scary to see the eyes glaring.


“Uh— yes.
That’s right.
But it’s only been two days.
Is it possible? If not, I will wear the dress I have at home—” 


“Of course it’s possible!”


Madame Ante clapped her hand and grabbed me.


“What is two days? It can be done in one day! If only I could dress Madam with my dress!” 


“Oh, uh— Yes.”


Madame Ante, I didn’t see it like that, but you were a really passionate woman. 


After answering, I followed her instructions to the drawing room in the show.


“Here’s the catalogue! Please tell us your favorite style and color.”




Madame Ante nodded lightly and left the room.


Tak, as soon as the door closed, Jasmine leaned forward and her eyes twinkled.


“Do you know why Madame Ant comes out like that?”


“I’m not sure?”


“She’s losing to Madame Jonah these days! Dresses, bags, accessories, and overall.
So she can’t help but be happy with Madam’s visit.”


Jasmine was excited and continued to talk.


“Because the dress Madam wears is always trending.”


Uh, that’s a bit embarrassing.


I scratched my cheek because I was a little embarrassed.




“Yes, of course! Don’t you remember? Madame Jonah’s success was all thanks to you, Madam.
You wore Madame Jonah’s dress!”


There was a time like that in the past. 


That’s why Madame Jonah’s eyes sparkled every time she saw me.


It was a world of designers that I didn’t even know. 


“Well, this time she may or may not benefit from me.
She must see to know.”


“I’m sure she’ll benefit greatly.”


Jasmine said with confidence.


I smiled and looked at the catalog that Madame Ante left behind.


“So, what color would look good—”


I think it would be good to choose a green color similar to my eye color.




I wonder. 


It was then. 




A little harsh voice was heard from outside.




I tilted my head. 


“Isn’t it a little messy outside?”


Jasmine seemed to feel the same way.
She pointed outward and said.


“Shall we go and see?”


“Let’s take a look.”


Jasmine hurried to get up.
And she opened the door of the drawing room a little.


And outside the door—.

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