Sylvester was crazy about the report that came in from the morning.


He had been doing a background check to Count Amber for a long time. 


He caught some amazing evidence a while ago and was just about to explode!


But how can Ophelia do it! That’s also for Callian!


Sylvester pulled his back neck.
His mind was dizzy.


“Stop it now.”




“Stop seducing the Crown Prince.”


Sylvester spoke to Ophelia with a determined face.


“I need to use your good brain towards me.”


This is a fact that is acknowledged even after excluding emotions.


Ophelia was really smart.
Much more than he thinks.


That’s why Sylvester came to a reasonable conclusion.


To prevent Ophelia from approaching Callian any further.




“I don’t want to.”


Ophelia spoke too firmly.


Sylvester was blank for a while. 


He never imagined Ophelia would answer like this!


“Why, why don’t you want to?”


“It’s a waste of what I’ve done so far.”




Sylvester clenched his fist and touched his forehead.


He was holding back his anger.


Ophelia said with her eyes glaring at Sylvester.


“Be honest, you.
You don’t want to pay me anymore, right?”


“It’s not like that!”


Sylvester eventually couldn’t stand it and shouted.


“You keep getting on my way because you’re with Callian!”


“You told me to do that one day!”


Ophelia of course didn’t hold back and raised her voice.


“I believe in your words, so why do you ask me to stop it all of a sudden? No, I do not want to! I will somehow make the Crown Prince stand by my side!” 


Isn’t this intended to leave a gap in which she shouldn’t die? Ophelia thought so. 


Of course, Sylvester doesn’t know what Ophelia thinks. 


So he was a little shocked.


“Come out.
Are you saying you’re going to stand on the opposite side?”


Sylvester said with a little empty expression.
Ophelia lifted her chin without losing.


“It won’t happen unless you give up supporting the 2nd Prince.”




“Yes, my ears are open.
Speak quietly.”


“You’re really—!”


‘Ugh!’ Sylvester groaned and kicked with his feet. 


His veins were sticking up, and he seemed very angry.


“Why don’t you ever obey my wish!”


“What about you?”


Ophelia’s eyes narrowed.


“You don’t follow my wishes either!”


This is right.


So Sylvester was a little speechless.


A, argh! 


Sylvester closed his eyes and tilted his head back.


Hold it. 


You have to hold it. 


But he can’t stand it!


“You’re so mean!”


Ophelia looked dumbfounded.


“That’s what I want to say.
You’re so mean!”


“Yeah! We’re both mean! We met someone really mean!”


“That’s why, you should divorce me!”


At Ophelia’s shout, Sylvester stopped breathing for a moment.


He looked at Ophelia with a really shocked face.


How on earth can you say that—?


He stepped back as if he couldn’t believe it.
Then he clenched his fist and shouted.


“I’ll do it.
Divorce! I’ll do it for you!”


“Yes! Thank you so much!”


Hmph! Ophelia turned her head with her arms folded.


Sylvester, who had been standing around for a long time over such Ophelia, finally screamed.


“Do whatever you want.
Do whatever you want!”


He pointed at Ophelia and said.


“Instead, I can’t take responsibility for what happens later.
You got it?”




Ophelia snorted.


“That’s what I want to say!”


She shouted at Sylvester as she turned around and walked away.


“You, because you can’t die!”


Sylvester pretended not to hear and went inside the house.


Ophelia bit her lips in the face of the snow that fluttered violently.


It was a historic day when she first fought Sylvester.




I raised my body.


It’s a good morning with the morning sun coming in at an angle.


But for me,




I didn’t feel good.


Today is the first time I’ve been in a bad mood after waking up.


Why have I been in such a terrible mood?


The answer was simple.


Because I fought with Sylvester yesterday.
And it was also because Sylvester didn’t enter the room.


No, if we fight, we fight.
Why aren’t you coming into my room and sleeping somewhere else?


I blew my nose hard and pulled the string hard.
Irene soon appeared.


“Madam, are you awake?”


How about Sylvester?”



“I know the master is in the office.”


“Really? Is he busy?”


“I thought maybe so—?”


He’s not busy.
He’s pretending to be busy.
I mumbled.




Then I snorted.


I guess I’ll apologize first.


He never apologizes. 


And I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?


I followed Sylvester’s words and seduced Callian diligently.
So now I got closer to Callian. 


But Sylvester tells me to move away from Callian now.


No, this and that.
What do you want me to do?


I didn’t want to listen to him.


First, if I give Callian a lot of trust and now step back from him, I will be more hated by him.
Then, what will happen?


‘I might suffer later.’


I’ve been trying so hard to stop that!


‘No, I can’t!’


And second, Sylvester was somehow suspicious.


Didn’t he say strange things, such as whether we should get a divorce from the very first time? Besides, it seemed like he didn’t like me being with Callian. 


This phenomenon could be guessed by one emotion.


‘I wonder if he likes me.’


But it can’t be. 


Then I wonder if that rude guy likes someone else?


I think it’s not, and I hope it’s not.


If Sylvester likes me, then—.


‘I’ll get a headache.’


If I say I don’t like him, it’s not like that. 


But that doesn’t mean I like him enough to give up on my divorce. 


That’s why I was going to avoid Sylvester somehow.


“First of all, I need to go out today.”


Because I don’t want to run into Sylvester.


“Can you prepare it?”


“Ah, yes!”


Irene nodded and replied.


“But, Madam.”


She asked me carefully.


“By any chance, did you have a fight with the master?”


“What? Why? No?”


I was surprised and said, then Irene breathed out relief and swept away her chest.


“That’s a relief.
I was just wondering.”


“Why? What did you hear?”


It’s not like that—”


Irene was blurring her words, and soon pulled her chin and put her hands together.


“Actually, you’re right.
I’ve heard that the aide has been broken since this morning.
He says the master is in a really bad mood.” 




“But I asked you just in case because Madam has been frowning since the morning.
But it’s a relief that you didn’t fight!” 


Irene smiled and said.


“It could just be that you both feel bad for each other.”




She seems to be the best in the world for really not noticing it.


It’s obvious that we fought.


Tsk, I clicked my tongue and swept my hair back.


“That’s right.
I don’t feel good.
So I should go out and spend some money.”


I’m talking about Sylvester’s money. 


“So let’s get ready.”




Sylvester was still angry.


‘I believe in your words, so why do you ask me to stop it all of a sudden? No, I do not want to! I will somehow make the Crown Prince stand by my side!’


‘That’s why, you should divorce me!’


How can she say that! 


Sylvester frowned with his face on his hands.


She’s like a woman who never moves the way he wants! 


Sylvester gritted his teeth and raised his head.


And he thought.


It seems like he pressed the wrong button from the beginning.


It’s wrong to tell her to seduce Callian in the first place.




At that time, it was the best.


And at that time, he really didn’t know he would like Ophelia, so he said it. 


Who knew he would fall in love with her?

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