“Yeah, of course.” I answered with a light smile.
“The Duke is always open to you.”


“Thank you, Madam.”


Countess Amber said with a shy smile. 


“Come to think of it, it seems that the Count doesn’t even have to come.
The spirit can be retrieved from afar.”. 


“Ah, I see.
What?! Spirit?”


Countess Amber was surprised and asked back.
I smiled.


“I put a spirit on him.
As a watchdog.”


“B, but is it okay?”


Countess Amber trembled and said.


Normal people are afraid of spirit, so this is a natural reaction. 


I nodded my head.


“It’s okay.
It won’t be a problem because it’s a low level spirit.”


“But if there’s a problem—!”


“I can’t take responsibility for that.”


I was a little annoyed with Countess Amber, who kept talking back, so I deliberately said to stand on purpose. 


“You’re the one who asked for this.
Didn’t you find me to lean on my abilities?” 


“T, that’s true but—! You didn’t tell me in advance that you were using a spirit of death!”


“You didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell you.”




Countess Amber’s face turned white.


Let’s stop teasing.


“But nothing will happen.”


“Can I trust you—?”


“Don’t make me repeat the same thing.”


“Ah, yes.”


Countess Amber quickly come to her sense. 


I looked down at her and tilted my head.


“Aren’t you nervous?” And I asked.
“You’ll find out if your husband’s affair is right or not today.”




Countess Amber clenched her fist.


“Of course I’m nervous.”


She replied, pulling her chin.


“I hope not, but on the other hand, I hope it’s right.”




“As long as the seeds of doubt have already grown like this, there is no way we can go back to the relationship we had in the past.
So, we have to get a divorce, but I can only get alimony and get a divorce if it is clear that my husband is wrong.” 


I burst into laughter.


It was really an answer like her. 


“As expected, I like it.”


I laughed at Countess Amber, and she laughed similarly to me.


However, it was natural that the laughter was filled with anxiety.


So I hurried back to the mansion and called spirit as soon as it was evening.




I sat on the bed and looked out the window.


It’s dark outside.
It’s time for the moon to rise high.


I looked out the window and said the spell to summon the spirit. 




The wind blew hard.
The window shook violently with the sound.


I got up slowly and unlocked the window. 


The window opened.
And the spirit I called came in.


“You’re here.”


The spirit gently hovered around me.


I reached out to him.


As soon as the spirit appeared on my palm, I grabbed it tightly.


Immediately after that, all the things that the spirit had  seen throughout the day unfolded before my eyes.


I can see Count Amber from the moment he leaves the mansion. 


The scene was so vivid that it was like watching a movie. 


I waited until he got in and out of the carriage.
I think the climax is after this.


And the place he headed for is—.


‘Oh, this is.’


I rubbed my eyes a few times because I couldn’t believe it, but the sight remained unchanged. 


‘What do I do about this?’


I sighed.


‘I don’t think this is my job.’


I touched my forehead.


I didn’t want to be related to politics, but I don’t know why this keeps happening. 


‘There’s nothing I can do.’


I gave up and walked over to my desk.


And I wrote a letter. 


The recipient is—.


It was Callian. 




Early morning. 


I left the mansion skipping my breakfast.


It was to visit Callian. 


I sent him a letter yesterday, so I thought Callian would allow me to enter too.


However, a few days ago, I was concerned about the article, so I changed clothes a little.


I wore a slightly old dress and rode a shabby carriage. 


In order not to reveal that I’m the Duchess.


Then, I used the back road to enter the Crown Prince Palace.


“Come this way.”


Whether they had exchanged words in advance, the servant at the back door guided me. 


I followed him into the Crown Prince Palace.


Fortunately, Sylvester didn’t come into the room last night, so I could think about this all night.


And I came to a pretty clear conclusion, and I thought I could draw a favorable result for me.


As expected, people should know and read the original story. 


‘But this one is different from the original one, right?’


I don’t know why.


However, whatever it is, it can make it intertwined with the work of the original work, so isn’t that what happened? 


I thought so and looked over to the door of the drawing room that opened. 


Callian was sitting on the sofa, looking at me.



You’re going to kill me with your eyes.



I can’t get used to those bloody eyes whenever I see them.


I swept the back of my neck and approached Callian.


“I’m sure I told you not to come until I call you?”


“But it’s urgent.”


“If it’s not urgent, I’ll kick you out.”


“I’ve been kicked out a lot, so I’m not feeling any difference now.”


I shrugged and answered back.


Callian stared at me like this, then took a deep breath and pointed to the sofa opposite.


“Sit down.”




I sat down calmly.


And slowly opened my mouth.


“Do you remember? I said before that I was going to tell you about Marquis Richel.”


Angela Richel. 


Callian nodded as if he remembered.


I’ve been waiting because you haven’t talked since then.
What did you find?”




I took a deep breath.


“I thought that only Marquis Richel was communicating with the enemy, but it wasn’t.” 


“—Was he communicating with the enemy?”


He was acting as a spy.”


Callian’s eyes trembled.
I thought I should continue before he gets more angry.




I said with my eyes closed.


“He’s together with Count Amber.”


Callian jumped to his feet.


He was restless and circled around the sofa.
Then he rolled up his arms and placed his hands on the head of his sofa and looked down at me. 


“The Count Amber is from a family that has contributed to the founding of the country.” 


That’s right. 


Count Amber was a family that contributed to the founding of the country, and at the same time was also an Imperial family.


It means that they fully support the Emperor and at the same time support the Crown Prince, who is the bloodline.


But to hear that he was acting as a spy made Callian dumbfounded and angry.


I understand. 


But the truth was true.


I shook my head and said firmly.


“I know.
But it’s the truth.”


And I remembered the scene that the spirit showed me last night. 


I thought he would meet a woman or something.


I didn’t know he’d meet Marquis Richel.
And I didn’t know he’d meet someone from the enemy country.


Count Amber was a spy who was in communication with the enemy along with Marquis Richel! 


Knowing this great fact, I immediately ran to Callian.


Of course, I thought about telling Sylvester first.


However, I came to him to gain Callian’s trust.


For Sylvester, well, we can talk about it later. 


I thought so and looked at Callian.


“How can you prove it?”


“I can show the scene.”


“How do you find that scene?”


“If you close your eyes that it’s illegal, I’ll tell you.”


Callian his eyes tight. 


He seems to thinking about a lot of thing.
So I just pretend not to know and whistled. 


“Tell me.”


“Will you close your eyes?”


“I’m closing my eyes right now.
Just say it.”


I twisted my smile lips.


“I put a spirit of death on him.”




“I can see whatever Count Amber is doing.
So, you just have to attack when he meet someone from an enemy country you know well.” 




Callian snorted.
It was an unexpected situation, so he seemed dumbfounded.


“How the hell did you end up with a spirit of death?”


“I was chasing after Marquis Richel, and I saw Count Amber.
So, just in case, I sent a spirt of death, and Tak! Is there something that just I caught on?” 


Callian sighed and buried his face on both hands.


He struggled, but he didn’t seemed to be frustrated at all.


“If this is true, it is not only a strip of title, but also a crime enough to be executed.” 


“The death penalty is a bit—.
Let’s just lock him in jail for the rest of his life, okay?”


I slipped out my words.


“Because I don’t want to be a killer.” 


“That’s not for me to judge.
It’ll be decided at the trial.”


“But, Your Highness may be able to help with your power.
Despite committing such a serious crime against the merciful Monarch, he escaped from the death penalty! Don’t you want to be given a title like this?” 


Callian didn’t answer. 


But looking at it, it seemed like he would do what I said.


I smiled again and leaned towards Callian.


“And, Countess Amber has nothing to do with this.
I guarantee this.”


My eyes twinkled


“With my honor on the line.”


Callian laughed in vain.


“Do you have any honor left”?


Ah, really. 


Look at how rude he is.


I pouted. 


“Are you going to keep coming out like that? When I bring such good information?”


At my sharp words, Callian clicked his tongue. 


Then he messed up his hair.


“It’s because it’s complicated.”


He tilted his head back and let out a long sigh.


“I don’t know if I should believe you or not.”


“You have to trust me!”


“If I believe it, it’s like someone who used to be my hand hit me in the back of the head.”


Callian smiled in vain.


“I really don’t have anyone to trust.”


I think so.


Because Count Amber was one of the nice people to Callian—.


It was hard to believe that he was communicating with the enemy, and he felt betrayed.
It’s natural to feel that way. 


I said to Callian, who was looking frustrated.


“I already told you.”




“Trust me.”




Callian opened his mouth, then closed it.


His neck was seen moving.


What is he thinking?


His thoughtless eyes stared at me.


“You really—”


Callian’s hand reached out.


He stretched out his hand as if he was about to touch my cheek.




The door opened. 


And then. 


“Your Highness!”


Fleur came in.


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