The reason why I want to use necromancy on Julia Amber’s request is simple.


This is because if I attach them, I will be able to monitor the opponent’s every move.


There is no better way to find out if the opponent is cheating or not. 


That’s why I was looking through the necromancy book.


[All about Necromancy]


A book with a very intuitive title.


But that’s why it’s written in simple terms.
It’s easy enough to understand even if you just read it. 


And thanks to my strong black magic, I was able to learn necromantic skills easily. 


I spread my palms.
And I focused my mind according to the contents from the book.


‘Anything, come out.


I moved my order slowly while thinking about it.
Because it is the language of the demon realm, there is no need to say it out loud, so I memorized the spell inside. 






Blurry smoke rose from my palm with the sound.


Wow, what is this?


I looked down at my palms with wide eyes. 


On the palm of my hand, there was something really opaque the size of my palm.


There are black sesame-like eyes attached to it, which is really—.




Oh my. 


It’s so cute. 


I stroked the spirit of the death’s head.
The spirit then started to float around me, muttering to see if I was happy.


Now, we’re going to use this to dig behind Count Ember.




I smiled brilliantly and put it on my shoulder.


And I turned my body around.
As soon as that happens, 




I meet Sylvester who ran to me. 


Sylvester was breathing heavily.
Seeing that his hair was disorganized, he seemed to have trembled for quite a long time.


Why did he run here?


I wondered and tilted my head.
Sylvester looked at me and shouted.


“He said you were going to use necromancy again!”




I remember say not to tell him. 


I stood there and glared at the scared librarian.


Hiik! The librarian took a deep breath and squatted down beneath the desk.




I sighed and looked at Sylvester.


“Yes, that’s right.”


I couldn’t help but admit it because I couldn’t back out here.


Sylvester’s eyes became sharp.


“Again? Didn’t you promise that you would never use necromancy again!” 


“At that time, I called my father because of my own reason.
This time it’s different.
The spirit I called this time is just a low-level spirit with no ego.” 


That’s true.


The spirit I summoned is a human spirit, but it has no memory of being human, and is literally just a ghost.
So it was easy to call.


But Sylvester doesn’t seem to believe it.


Well, it can’t be help because he can’t see it in his eyes. 


I thought once again that I should resolve his misunderstanding.


“I got a request and summoned the spirit.
I’ll send it back right after this request is finished.
So don’t be too angry.”


Sylvester stared at me in the face.


I felt like he was trying to see if what I was saying was sincere or not.


Then he slowly opened his lips with a sigh. 


“It’s illegal.”




“Necromancy, it’s illegal.”


I narrowed my forehead a little.


“When were you said that doing something illegal was the virtue of the Duke of Ryzen’s lady of the house?” 


“This time, it’s different.”


Look at that. 


I narrowed my eyes.
And I took one step closer to Sylvester.


“Why do you hate necromancy so much?” 


“It’s not that I hate it.”


Sylvester responded immediately.


Then, perhaps surprised by his answer, he placed his hand on his chest. 


Bite his lips.
He talks out as if muttering. 


It’s not that I hate it.”


He strangely avoided my gaze.


“But in front of me, necromancy is prohibited from now on.
Do you get it?”




What’s wrong with him? 


I wondered, but I nodded for now because I thought it would be troublesome if I continued talking.


“After this request is completed, I’ll do that.”




Sylvester unexpectedly answered softly.


Then he stared at my shoulder as if he could see the spirit I had summoned, then turned around and walked away.
“I really can’t take my eyes off you for even a second.” While muttering like this.


No, I mean, what did I do?


It’s unfair.




As soon as Sylvester came out of the study, he sighed again.




As he talks to Ophelia, he keeps falling into his old thoughts.


Just like today.


‘Why do you hate necromancy so much?’


It’s not that he hates it.


Rather, Sylvester was in a position to like necromancy. 


Because he thought he would be able to summon his mother from the demon realm.
However, his mother did not respond to Sylvester’s summons.


It means that she ignored it.


Maybe my mother doesn’t like me.


With this thought in mind, Sylvester became extremely reluctant to use necromancy after that.


Meanwhile, Ophelia used necromancy.
To summon his father.


However, it seems that she lacked power, so she summoned only strange creatures. 


Sylvester has banned necromancer since then and has not said anything about it. 



This is not simply because Ophelia failed her necromancy. 


It was because that terrifying summons seemed to overlap with his mother.




Sylvester saw the world by involving his mother in everything.
He didn’t want to, but he did.
He had no choice but to do so. 


He recalled the conversation with the 2nd Prince, Largo, today. 


‘Your mother is doing very well.’


‘As time goes by, she will forget you more and more.’


‘If you want to revenge, this is your chance.’


Sylvester clenched his fist.


This is the opportunity.
That’s why. 


‘Do you hate it when I’m with His Highness Crown Prince?’


Don’t be swayed by her words. 


Don’t even love her. 


He had to control his mind.


Sylvester brainwashed himself like that.




On this day, I headed to Count Amber.


This time, it was not as fancy as yesterday.


It’s annoying, but since I’ve already met Countess Amber, I’ve decided that there’s no need to fight like that.


As Countess Amber thought similarly to me, she greeted me in a modest outfit, unlike yesterday. 


“Duchess! You’re here!”


She smiled brightly and approached me.
I raised my chin with the greeting she gave me.


“Where is the Count?”


“He’s getting ready to go out.
He’s in the hall.”


“Then it’s even better.”


I held the spirit that was on my shoulder in my hand.
When I meet the Count, I will put it on his shoulder. 


“I’ll guide you first.”


I followed Countess Amber into the mansion.
In the hall, there was Count Amber preparing to go out. 


“Oh, aren’t you the Duchess!”


As soon as Count Amber saw me, he greeted me with a smile. 


I looked at him and responded briefly.


“I think it’s my first time greeting you.
Nice to meet you.”


“Yes, nice to meet you, Madam.”


Count Amber was a pretty good-looking man.
It is characterized by neat hair, flawless skin, and clear eyes.


He’s not a super handsome face, but he’s not ugly either.
Moderately handsome face.


‘This kind of face is the most dangerous.’


This is because there are women who meet only moderately handsome men because they feel burdened when they are too handsome and hate if they’re being ugly.


I want to tell such women.


About a man’s face. 


Isn’t a handsome man as worth his face? But ugly men are worth what they look like.
Isn’t the price of your face better than the price of the last one? (T/n: I’m not sure about this;;) 


In any case, Count Amber was a bit vague for a face value, but that didn’t mean he was ugly enough. 


‘I understand why the Countess is worried about the affairs.’ 


I narrowed my eyes.


“Even so, I’m thinking of inviting the Countess to the mansion soon.”


I said. 


“It would be good if the Count would also come at that time.” 




Count Amber opened his eyes wide as if surprised.


“W, we should be grateful if you do.
Thank you, Madam.”




I nodded and tapped him on the shoulder.
In the meantime, I didn’t forget to attach the spirit to his shoulder.


“Then, see you later.”


“Yes, Madam.”


Count Amber smiled brightly and greeted me again, and I beckoned to the spirit as I looked behind him leaving. 


‘Work hard to find out.’


With that in mind.




At this time, Countess Amber shouted.


“Are you really going to invite us?”

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