I wasn’t worried about my wrists; if Callian despised me so much, it wouldn’t be weird if I lost my head the next day! Dealing with Sylvester was hard enough, but in order to protect my neck, I also had to try and seduce Callian—easier said than done.
The real Ophelia had done too much for this plan to go well. 


I thought to myself, ‘What should I do?’ and after long nights of just thinking and thinking, I finally found my answer. ‘Whatever the female protagonist did.’


In the novel, she saved Callian, making him fall for her, but that wasn’t the only reason he loved her; the countess did much more than just save him.
A few of the things she did stood out, so I was going to do the same.


‘That should be enough to change the story, right?’

‘Would he fall for it, though? WelI, I just had to live and watch.’


First and foremost, restoring my relationship with Callian was top priority, and for it to happen, I thought doing “that” would be the best.


“Irene,” I called her over to me as she was pouring tea, “Any invitations to the Countess of Cardell’s tea party?”


The Countess of Cardell came from a wealthy, renowned family.
In addition to that, she was loved by the former Empress, Callian’s mother, which meant that she possessed the last letter left by the former Empress to the Prince.


‘Of course, she doesn’t know.’


The previous Empress was known to be someone who loved playing tricks and so made sure to hide it well, but I was going to find it for Callian.
If I did, he would see me differently. ‘Right?’


I was proud of the plan I thought up, but I saw how Irene’s face turned strange.
I asked her, “What’s wrong?”


“Oh- no.
I was just a little surprised that you mentioned Countess Cardell’s name.”




“You don’t really get along well with each other,” Irene answered cautiously, “to be exact, you hate her. ‘All she has is money, and she just pretends to be noble.’ was what you said.”


“Oh my… Did I?”


“Yes, so when invitations from the Countess arrive, you tell me to burn them all.”


Ophelia truly was like a raging fire. I let out an awkward laugh.
“So you mean… there are no more invitations left?”


“None since the first royal ball where you spilled water on the Countess’s head; she has been terrified of you ever since.”


“Ha…” I breathed out a sigh, feeling my head pound.


“Will you be going to their estate, madam?”


“I’d love to, but I can’t go since I don’t have an invitation.”


“Oh?” Irene looked up as if recalling something.
“You said you didn’t need an invitation.”




“You only need to attend and she’d be glad to see you—”


I closed my lips instead of answering and Irene muttered, “Right, I shouldn’t be so rude.”


“I’ll go.” Realising that I was being too conservative, I thought it would maybe be okay to live a little more carelessly.
“Shall we get ready?”


Irene raised her head and prepared to help me. 




Countess Cardell was in the midst of beginning her tea party.


It was called a tea party, but it was also a place to boast her necklace that was made from the shells baby dragons shed off while moulting.


“Oh my, look at this color!”


“How could it be so beautiful?”


“Look at the ruby red of the fire at the centre, what a gorgeous necklace!”


“It looks amazing on the Countess.”


“That’s right! Who else would be able to pull off these necklaces other than the Countess?”


Countess Cardell and her close friends took turns speaking after the other.


“The Count is very loving.
I can’t believe he brought such precious jewelry for his wife!”


“That’s true, I heard you two are devoted to one another? There are lots of rumours circulating around in the capital.”


“Oh, I envy you.
Tell me how you can get along so well, ma’am.”


“Hohoho!” Countess Cardell flared her nostrils, happy from the praises she was receiving.
“I think I look most beautiful in my husband’s eyes.”


“Only the Count’s eyes? No! We all think you’re beautiful too! No one in the Empire is as beautiful as his wife!”


“That’s right, that’s right!”


All the young ladies shouted back. 


It’s true, Countess Cardell was a pretty woman with fair skin and charming freckles.


But when you say, “There is no one in the Empire as beautiful as the Countess,” are you sure?


There was Countess Fleur—a typical beauty with colorful blonde hair and lovely pink eyes.
And the Countess didn’t want to admit it, but there was also the wicked woman, Duchess Ophelia, who always went around with a cold smile.
In terms of appearance, Duchess Ophelia was the most beautiful woman in the empire despite her dirty temper.


They weren’t present, however, therefore the young ladies praised Countess Cardell to the fullest.


“I really envy the Countess.”


“You have such a beautiful necklace!”


“Not to mention your sweet husband!”


“I want to live like the Countess.


Countess Cardell’s shoulders rose higher and higher.
She invited the young ladies to fawn over her, to raise her self-esteem through compliments.


However, one of them—Lady Jasmine—was a little quiet and sullen, so it bothered the Countess, but that was fine, she can scold her later.


Countess Cardell put her hand on the necklace’s box, warming up inside.
“Should I try it on?”


“Oh my! Yes!”


“I think it’ll look great on you.”


“That would be perfect!”


Satisfied with the response, Countess Cardell slowly took the necklace out of the box.


It was just then.


“H-huh?” One of the young ladies pointed behind Countess Cardell.
“O-over there…!”


‘Over there?’ Countess Cardell slowly turned her head, immediately coming face to face with the person behind her.


“The Duchess… Ophelia?”


It was Ophelia Ryzen.

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