It was none other than the 2nd Prince, Largo.


“I knew we’d meet again, but I didn’t know we’d meet this early.”


Largo said to me as he slowly walked down the stairs.


I swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


Where did Sylvester go?


If there was him, there would be less tension, but I couldn’t even see his nose out.




I had no choice but to bend my knees to greet Largo.


“Greeting, Your Highness.
It’s nice to meet you again.”


“Raise your head,” said Largo.
I looked up straight, and before I knew it, I could face Largo who came to me.


Oh, what is this? Do you use magic to shorten the distance? 


I’m so surprised.
I looked at Largo, sweeping down my surprised heart.


“Where have you been?” He looked closely at my expression and said, “Did you meet my brother?”


“I’m not.”


I answered right away to prevent Largo from misunderstanding.


“I’ve been doing my own social activities.
Oh, do I have to tell you in detail?”


Largo’s eyebrows wriggled.


“You’re not being sarcastic, are you? How dare you in front of me.”


“No way.
I’m very afraid of Your Highness.”


“That’s funny.”


Largo smiled and looked down at me.
That gaze was so creepy that I was scared again.
However, I didn’t want to show that I was scared, so I forced myself to open my shoulders wide.




I slowly opened my mouth.


“Do you have anything to do with me, Your Highness?”


In my words, Largo twisted his lips even more.
He shook his head slowly.


I don’t.”


Then he walked past me.


Whoo, this is how the conversation ends.


I thought it was a relief, so I sighed.


It was then. 


“You’ve changed a lot.”


I looked back in a hurry.
Then I saw Largo, who turned his head and was looking at me.


“You must have used what I gave you well.”




I tilted my head because I didn’t know what this meant.


“What does that mean—”


“Why are you pretending you don’t know?”


But Largo felt like my words were lies. 


He frowned for a moment, then pulled his chin with a knowing face.


“Well, it’s our secret, so we have no choice but to pretend we don’t know.” 


He came close to me again.


“However, Ophelia.
You have to keep that in mind.”


He tapped my forehead with his finger and said.


“That I don’t do favors without you paying back.” 




What is he saying? 


I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.




After Largo left.


I was lost in thought sitting on the sofa in the hall.


‘It’s our secret, so we have no choice but to pretend we don’t know’


‘However, Ophelia.
You have to keep that in mind’


‘That I don’t do favors without you paying back’


Largo seemed to be doing something to Ophelia in the past. 


But what’s that?


What the hell did Largo do to say that?




No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a proper answer.


What about this time?




I’m looking for Sylvester. 


I ran up to the second floor where the office was located and found Sylvester.


The office door is wide open.


Sylvester was still sitting at the desk.
I looked at him. 


“You were here!”




Sylvester stared at me.
And slowly opened his mouth.


“If you’re here to talk about useless things—”


Sylvester hesitated slightly, and said with a cold look as he was.


“Get out.
I’m busy.”


Oh, such a jerk.


As the days go by, he’s getting more and more rude.


I looked at him and pouted. 


“It’s not a useless story, I’m here to ask you something about the 2nd Prince.”




Only then did Sylvester raise his eyes from the papers.


“Did you meet the 2nd Prince?”




“You must have run to him.”


I nodded my head.


“It’s nothing else.”


I got closer to Sylvester.


“Have I been close with the 2nd Prince before?”


I hurriedly added the words before Sylvester said anything.


“No, I don’t remember very well.
Were you close or not? I’ve been forgetting lately.”


Sylvester made a mysterious expression.


It has to be. 


What I meant was that it was ridiculous even to me.


Sylvester, who was staring at me, soon replied with a sigh.


“The two of you rarely talked.”


“Is that so?”


“But I don’t know.
What kind of conversation you would have had behind the scenes.”



“…It’s like you’re suspicious of me.”


“No way.”


Even after he answered this, Sylvester did not take his gaze away from me. 


He seemed to think I was hiding something.


“What did you talk about with the 2nd Prince today?”


Look at this.


Is he interrogating me?


I also replied with a sulky face because I felt a little unfair that I was misunderstood.


“We didn’t talk much.”


Sylvester had an unbelievable face.
I added a word.


Just saying hello and it’s over.
Bye bye.”




“Hello, I said hello.”


“I see.”


He pulled his chin with an expression of disapproval but couldn’t help it.


Now get out of here.”


Ugh, such a jerk. 


I turned to leave the office according to what he said.


Then suddenly, I remembered the thought I had earlier.


‘I hated just imagining Sylvester cheating on me.’


Then what about Sylvester?


It’s like when having an affair, but what about Sylvester?


I’m curious.


“Ah, honey.”


I asked Sylvester.


“Do you hate it when I’m with His Highness Crown Prince?”




Sylvester jumped up and shouted.


“W, who said that? What kind of person would say that?”


His face was red like he had a fever.
He looked angry.


No I mean, what did I do?


I was a little flustered, so I stepped back.


I just suddenly thought of it.
Or is it not? Why are you so scared?”




Sylvester didn’t answer.
Instead, he just stares at me with a stern look.


Oh, I’m scared.
I thought I should get out of this room quickly.


Anyway, I’ll go out.”


Sylvester didn’t answer until the end, and I had no choice but to come outside, only to see his swollen face.


And I thought.


‘No way—’


Sylvester to me—.


‘It’s probably not, right?’


It must not be.


I looked around the tightly closed office door and muttered.




On the way to the study.


I fell into thought again.


I had to think about Sylvester’s strange attitude, but I’ll think about it later.


I think about Largo. 


First of all, the original Ophelia was not externally close to Largo. 


But I might have secretly grabbed his hand from behind.


Maybe the same words as before came out of Largo’s mouth because he did something? 


I was so curious about what kind of deal I had with Largo.


What the hell did I get from Largo—.


‘Ah, I don’t know.’


It’s impossible to know if I considered it, but let’s hold on to it and keep my mind.


Someday, I’ll find out somehow.
I thought so and tried to erase my thoughts.
And I went into the library.




As soon as the librarian saw me, he ran to me.


“W, what are you doing here, Madam?”


He asked me without hiding his embarrassment.


No I mean, what do you think I’m going to the library? 


Of course, I came to read books—.


I touched my forehead.


“I’m looking for a book.”


“Ah, yes.”


The librarian nodded.


“Should I give you a thick book like the first time?”




“No, I remember that you asked for a good book to hit a person first—”




I can’t believe you hit people with books.


How amazing. 


I shook my head in admiration.


“It’s not that, but I really came because I had a book to find.”


The librarian looked at me with an expression of distrust.


I sighed while touching my forehead.


“I want to find a book about necromancy.”




The librarian’s eyes shook.


“That, the Master told me not to hand out books related to that to Madam.”


Perhaps it is because Ophelia once brought the soul of her dead father.


As I guessed, I looked at the librarian with a slightly confident face.


“So you just have to give it to me secretly.”




“I’ll just look here for a second and put it in right away.
Can’t you do that?”


“B, but!”


The bewildered librarian shook his body.


He didn’t know he would be told to disobey his master’s orders.


I smiled.


“Okay, choose.”


I pressed the librarian’s shoulder hard.


“Are you afraid that Sylvester will scold you later,”


And I focused my power on my fingertips to make black magic flow out.


The black energy slowly rose and covered the librarian’s face.


“Or are you afraid of being beaten up by me?”




The librarian boiled his knees and sat down.


“What will you choose?”


The librarian pointed to a bookshelf with trembling hands.


I smiled and tapped the librarian on the back.


“As expected, you look like a member of the Duke of Ryzen.
Your mind turns quickly.”


Then I approached the bookshelf he pointed to.

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