Countess Amber told the maid to tell them that she would be late for the tea party, and then dragged me into a quiet room. 


“My husband is weird these days.”


As soon as they were alone, she brought it up. 


“He keeps going out and he doesn’t even come home often.
Sometimes he smells like women’s perfume!”




It is a typical form of affairs. 


“The smell of the affairs is strong.”




Countess Amber said, dangling with tears which didn’t suit her cold face at all.


“My husband and I were famous for being golden love—how did this happen!” 




She sobbed, covering her face with a handkerchief.


I don’t know how to comfort her. 


First of all, since the affair was not confirmed, I thought that all I could do was determine whether it was true or not. 


“First of all, I don’t think there’s anything I can do with my black magic.”




“I’m talking about now.
For now.”


I said calming the enraged Countess Amber.


“I’ll go back home, find out more, and contact you.” 


I had a rough idea. 


The necromancer that I saw in the black magic book that I looked at the first time.


I’m thinking of using it.


But I closed my mouth because I thought it would be better not to say it now.


“Is it possible?”


“I’m going to make it possible.”


I roughly answered and put my hands together.
Then, I glanced at Countess Amber.


“Okay, then.”


“Yes, please say it.”


“What can you give me?”


Countess Amber’s lips went up in a line.


Maybe there’s something prepared.


She changed her posture a little and put her chin on her hand.


“I’m from the Duchy.”




“If Madam has nowhere to go after the divorce, I can give you a nice house in the Duchy.”


My eyes shook without realizing it.


First, I was surprised that Countess Amber knew about my divorce plan.


Second, because Countess Amber was likely to have a significant impact on my plans after my divorce.


Similar to her, I twisted my lips.


“How did you know I was going to get divorced?”


“I have ears, too.
And I have a pretty good hearing.”


Countess Amber said, bringing her ears to the palm of her hand. 


Rumors seem to be circulating in society.


Then there’s no way the rumored Countess Amber wouldn’t know. 


I nodded. 


Then I’ll try to search with that.”




I reached out to Countess Amber to shake hands.


She grabbed my hand.


I grabbed her hand hard and said.


“You’ll have to give me a house that I’m satisfied with.”


Countess Amber also grabbed my hand hard.


“Madam will have to give me a satisfactory answer.”


Look at this. 


I laughed in vain.


“You’re so arrogant.”


Countess Amber burst into laughter.


No, I mean. 


I just said it because I was really annoyed. 


I got embarrassed and scratched my cheek.




On my way back home.
I leaned against the window and fell into thought for a moment.


Countess Amber seemed to be very sad.


It has to be. 


Because she started to suspect that her husband, who have such a good relationship with, was going out and having an affair—.


Suddenly, Sylvester came to mind.


What if Sylvester cheated on me?




I hate just thinking about it.


Isn’t that crazy? 




With that in mind, I pulled the face I had been leaning on. 


I don’t even want to imagine Sylvester having an affair. 


It was ridiculous that he would have another woman! I had to be next to him.


Of course, I can’t help it after we get divorced—.


‘No, I hope you can continue to live alone even if you get divorced.’


It would be impossible in reality, but I really hope so.


Sylvester would ask what nonsense it is if he knew.




‘I hate when Sylvester is with a woman other than me.’


That doesn’t mean that I really like him.


I just don’t like it.
If someone ask why I don’t like it, then—.


‘Ah, I don’t know.’


I messed up my hair and buried my face in my hands.


‘No, I’m like this, but Sylvester is just fine?’


I am openly seducing Callian.


According to Sylvester’s orders.


But Sylvester is fine.
Like me, it doesn’t seem like he doesn’t like it just by imagining it. 




‘Is Sylvester really not interested in me?’


I was a little disappointed with this.


Still, I thought we had our own partnership.
And we slept together yesterday, too!



‘No, if you don’t have any feeling, why do you want to sleep together?’


And even combined the rooms.


‘He’s so mean.’


I pouted my lips and raised my head. 


‘If Madam has nowhere to go after the divorce, I can give you a nice house in the Duchy.’




I’m going to get a divorce.


I will live a peaceful and happy life after divorce.


So I can’t give Sylvester more feeling. 


I spent the rest of my time making up my mind and promise to myself.


In fact, the promise was not made well.




When I arrived at the mansion, it was already time for the evening moon to rise.


It takes this long if I cross the boundary.


As soon as the carriage stopped, I got up.


I heard Neil rushing in.
Soon after, the carriage door opened.


“Welcome back, Madam.”


I stared down at Neil’s hand.
And glanced at him.


“Don’t you have something to say to me?”




Neil opened his eyes wide as if surprised. 


I frowned at him like that.


“It means you don’t have anything to say to me.”


“Ah, that’s—”


Neil was flustered and didn’t know what to do.


Of course. 


Because it’s the same as said, ‘If you have something to say, tell me.’


If he answer incorrectly, he might think that she will smash it. 


So Neil remained silent.


I stared at Neil.


“I mean, shouldn’t you apologize for posting an article without my permission and without my husband’s permission?”




As if Neil knew what was wrong with ‘Ah!’ He raised his head while shouting.


“I’m sorry.
I made a big mistake.”


“I’m glad you knew it now.”


After that, I blew wind from my mouth and brushed the flowing bangs back, and I opened my eyes. 


“I’m not going to let it slide.”


“Pardon? Then—”


Neil asked with a blank face.


I laughed at him to the fullest.


“Later, when you’re having the most trouble, I’ll put more weight on you.”


Neil sighed and bit his lip.


He looked at me as if he was a little resentful.


“Madam, do you know that you said something really mean?”




“You’re so mean—”


He dropped his head hard.


So mean? 


I laughed in vain because I was speechless.


“You’re too much.
How can you write an article that harms my reputation like that?”


“That’s—! It was for His Excellency.”




I crossed my arms and looked up at him obliquely.


“You know that His Excellency doesn’t like this too, right?”




Neil couldn’t answer more.


Maybe Sylvester scolded him a lot.


Hmm, I’m satisfied for it. 


I tapped Neil on the shoulder and said.


“Act in moderation, moderation.
Don’t get fired for doing useless things.”


Neil opened his mouth, then shut it tight.
Perhaps he thinks that he will never get fired. 


Is this what Neil thought?


He was no longer talking.


Instead, he just guides me.


I followed him into the mansion slowly.
But the inside of the mansion was a little strange.
It was not a quiet and calm atmosphere as usual.


It was a chaotic and noisy atmosphere.


I tilted my head. 


“It’s a bit chaotic inside?”


“There’s a guest here.”




Neil opened his mouth. 


It was that time.




A creepy familiar voice came out.


I slowly turned my head toward that side.


The one slowly coming down from the stairs.

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