Leaving behind the strange disappointment, I left my body to Irene.


Because I had to prepare.


‘Julia Amber’s Tea Party.’


It is a breakfast meeting and tea party. 


I think there will be many noblewomen. 


So I decided that I should prepare more fully.


“What should I wear today?”


I tilted my head back and asked Irene.


Irene, who was wiping my face thoroughly, replied.


“Where are you going today?”


“I’m going to Countess Amber’s tea party.”


“Oh, oh my.”


Irene raised her hand.


“I have something in mind in case this happens.”


She wiped her hands on her apron and hurriedly ran into the dressing room to get a dress. 


What do you mean just in case?


Something was strange. 


“What about this?”


The purple dress she brought was in a form that was tight to the halter neck style.


Huh, uhm—.


It’s pretty, but—.


‘It’s too vulgar.’


I, umm, looked up and laughed.


“Isn’t that too much?”




Irene opened her eyes wide.


“You’re not going to wear that neat dress that you usually wear, are you? No way! Really, no way!”


Irene shook her head in panic.


“Julia Amber is a very energetic woman! Of course, she can’t compare to Madam, but you have to put a lot of pressure on it in the beginning!”


“R, really?”


“Yes, so I strongly recommend this dress.”


I think she’ll shout, “Five stars!”


I was nervous, but Irene knew this world better than I did, so I thought it would be better to follow her.


So I had no choice but to nod.


Put it on me.”


“Hehe, yes!”


Irene pulled the rope several times.
Soon after, the maids came into the room like water.


“Okay, then.”


Irene clapped her hands and smiled brilliantly.


“Let’s decorate the Madam.”


Oh, uhm. 


It’s kind of scary. 


I was a little scared and calmly entrusted myself to them.




The carriage shook. 


She has already arrived at Countess Amber.


Again the carriage shook and stopped.
The coachman calms his horse and the sound of walking is heard.


Ophelia slowly got up after organizing her dress.
Step over the door opened by the coachman.


“Oh my, Duchess!”


Countess Amber, who came to meet her in advance after discovering the carriage, shouted and ran to Ophelia. 


Countess Amber is a great beauty with light brown hair. 


However, it was no match for Ophelia.


Today’s Ophelia was wearing a silver embroidered dress made of purple silk fabric, and her neckline and shoulders were exposed white because it was a Halter Neck-style dress.


Moreover, the dress that was tight to the pelvis revealed Ophelia’s body without filtering.


On top of that, the brooch stuck in the middle of the chest is a green diamond!


Diamonds that are so expensive that they can’t buy even if they sell a mansion!


And the earrings, bracelets, rings, and all of them were handmade made of high-quality jewelry.


In this way, dresses and jewels were showing off their beauty, but in reality, they were buried in Ophelia’s beauty.


Today’s Ophelia had long silver hair that shined like an opal.


Silver hair, whose color changes subtly with sunlight, made her white skin stand out more.


In addition, what about the bright green eyes as if embracing this huge earth! 


It was so attractive as if they were enchanted just by looking into her eyes.


Ophelia Ryzen deserves to be called the fairy of snow.


Countess Amber stared blankly at Ophelia.


“What’s wrong?”


Ophelia looked at Countess Amber and said.


“Didn’t you come out to guide me?”


“Oh, yes.
That’s right.
Nice to meet you, Duchess.”


Countess Amber bowed her knees slightly and greeted her.


Ophelia eagerly received the greeting and approached her side.


“I received your letter well.”


Ophelia’s voice was extremely fascinating.


It’s enough to be mesmerized when she listens to it.


Countess Amber looked blankly at Ophelia again, and soon shook her head and came to her senses.


“I contacted you after a lot of consideration, and thank you so much for coming.”


It’s worth thinking about.”


Ophelia smiled.


How wicked the smile looked, and she, who had been like a fairy of snow until just now, was about to look like a witch of snow mountain! 


Countess Amber shrugged her shoulders.


“Who’s here?”


“There are Countess Lisa, Marchioness Heather, and Marchioness Ruby.
Since it’s an early tea party, I didn’t invite a lot of people.”


All names are new to her. 


They’re the people who are not very famous in the political world.


Ophelia thought it was clear that Countess Amber invited such people on purpose.


She invited people who couldn’t go behind and talk even if there was a problem here.


She was a cunning woman. 


Ophelia began to like Countess Amber.


“I really wanted to see the Duchess.”


Countess Amber said with her arms crossed.


Oh, sudden touch. 


Ophelia was a little wary, but she had no choice but to endure it because she knew it would be rude to pull her arm from here.


That’s why.”



Ophelia looked at Countess Amber and said.


“Let’s just be honest.”




The Countess looked up at Ophelia with a blank expression on her face.


Ophelia laughed.


“What do you want to ask me to do?”




Countess Amber closed her mouth.


She could see her eyes rolling around.


Ophelia waited calmly for her silence.


After some silence, Countess Amber’s mouth slowly opened.


“What can you do for me?”




“Tell me exactly.”


Countess Amber took out her arm from Ophelia.
And stood face to face with Ophelia.


“I can do everything for you, Duchess.
I can make and dedicate what Madam wants.
That’s what I’m saying.”


She looked at Ophelia with her chin up.


“So what can Madam do for me?”


Ophelia nodded her head.


“You’re so arrogant.”


In cold words, the Countess unknowingly breathed in.
But she didn’t back down.


Ophelia’s lips were raised even more.


Ophelia thought that Julia in front of her was very arrogant. 


And she also judged that she was strong enough not to be suppressed by her complaint. 


Irene was right.


Countess Amber was a woman who was so confident that she liked her.


“But I like it.”


At Ophelia’s words, Countess Amber let out a sigh, dropping her shoulders as if relieved a little.


Ophelia took a step closer to Countess Amber.


“I can do everything you want too.”


And she reached out to her.


“So, tell me.”


The cold fingertips touch Countess Amber’s cheek.


“What do you want?”


Countess Amber thought that this voice was like a whisper of a devil that dropped her into the abyss.


But she couldn’t reject her just because she was afraid.


Because she first reached out to the Duchess of Ophelia.




Countess Amber, who swallowed dry saliva, slowly opened her lips.


“My husband.”


She took a big breath.


“I want to find out if my husband is cheating on me.”


Ophelia frowned. 


Well, she was guessing that the request would be this kind of content.


But it’s the affair from the first round. 


She didn’t like it very much.


“There’s no need to do that through me, right? You could leave it to the Information Guild.”


That’s right. 


It is an issue that can be fully identified even if it is left to the information guild.


But why do you leave it to me? 


“My husband and the Duke of Ryzen don’t have a good relationship.”


Why does Sylvester’s name come out?


I was puzzled and tilted my head.


“But if I tell the information guild about my husband’s ugly side, it’s like he’s caught in weakness by the Duke.
The information guild is held tight by His Excellency.”


This makes sense, too.


But she’s Ophelia Ryzen.
And Countess Amber talks to the Duke’s wife. 


She narrowed her forehead a little.


“Then what about me? Don’t you think it’s more dangerous to talk to me?”


“I believe Madam won’t tell the Duke.”


“Why do you think so?”


To her question, Countess Amber replied with a smile.


“Because I have something for Madam.”


Look at this? 


She smiled and crossed her arms.




She said with a decision to accept the request.


“Isn’t that the one who was named as a suspect in the affair that was going to kill the guy?” (T/n : I’m not really sure about this;;) 


It is wrong to have neglected his wife enough to raise such suspicions. 


“Can’t we just hit him?”


So Ophelia spoke with all her heart.


Countess Amber shook her head in a hurry.


“You can’t do that! Never!”


She knew how spicy and strong Ophelia’s hands were.


If a fragile husband is beaten and collapsed, then—!


No! Never! 


“In the direction of not hitting, not bothering, and going as peacefully as possible.”


“What if he cheated on you?”




Countess Amber bit her lower lip hard.


Then she raised her head as if she had made up her mind.


“Please hit him then.”


Ophelia burst into laughter.




She said, holding Countess Amber’s hand.


“Let’s hear more stories.”


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