“You’re really—!”


Sylvester said that and stared at me.


Then he left the room right away.


What’s wrong with him?


‘Does he refuse to give me any money?’


I think that’s the reason.


No, if you don’t want to give it to me, why are you so angry?


I stared at where Sylvester left and pouted my lips. 


And I sat down on the sofa again.
Because I needed time to think, too. 


Somehow, I got along really well with Callian.


‘If Ophelia divorces you and marries me again, then it won’t be an affair.’


He even says things like this. 


Of course, Callian would not have said that sincerely.


However, considering the past, it was truly a great development.


‘As expected, my charm is endless.’




I patted my arm in self-praise.


Anyway, since the relationship with Callian had developed this far, I thought Sylvester would like it.


But Sylvester wasn’t like that. 


He looked, somehow, in a bad mood.


‘What’s wrong with him?’


I didn’t understand well.


Sometimes, he told me to seduce Callian with all my might.


I can’t believe he’s angry because I seduce him. 


He’s an unpredictable person.


‘Whatever it is, I’ll get paid.’


Wouldn’t this be enough to receive about 100 gold coins?


Badump, badump. 


Capitalism’s heart beating rapidly.


I raised myself again, vowing to get 100 gold coins from Sylvester.


Because I had something to do today.


‘Julia Amber.’


I had to find the letter she sent me.




Julia Amber. 


The first person to recognize the identity of the perfume that Fleur was proud of.


And someone who doesn’t like Fleur.

TAnd the person who asked me for help.


In addition, Julia Amber was a Countess.
(I’m pretty confused here since in chapter 70 they said Julia Amber is Marchioness but in here Countess, but I will just put it like the original.) 


It is also the Madam of the Amber family, who is the founder of the country who is trusted by the Emperor. 


Who is more perfect than this to build friendships and increase my reputation?


I don’t think there is.


And Julia Amber was also a character in the original story.


Cheers to her who chose me instead of facing a terrible future.


Because I can save Julia Amber.


So I hurried back to my room and search the letter.


“Julia Amber.


Here it is. 


I pulled out a pink envelope of countless letters piled up on the desk.


As soon as I take the letter, I could smell a fragrant smell.
It’s a scent that will make you feel better.


I quickly tore the envelope and took out the contents.


[Dear Duchess]




We’ve never said hello before.


First of all, I read the following content. 


[I felt uncomfortable because I didn’t seem to have properly greeted the Duchess


Or, if you don’t mind, can you visit my small tea party?


Many people will be happy if the Duchess is with us.
Of course, me too]


As expected, I thought that she wouldn’t reveal her true feelings from the beginning.


So, I guess she’ll make an invitation like this first.


After getting a little closer to me, she’s going to make a request. 


I thought it was better to accept this request.


It is clear that it will be beneficial to me if I accept a request like this and become closer.


‘Let’s do it.’


I hurriedly read the end of the letter.


‘The date is—’




If it’s tomorrow, I have enough time to prepare.


I smiled and grabbed the letter.




Sylvester was feeling deep anger.


The damn Prince! 


This b*stard! 


He took a deep breath and rubbed his forehead.
He felt like he had a fever.
He was so angry!


‘If Ophelia divorces you and marries me again, then it won’t be an affair.’


Ophelia didn’t seem to take this word seriously.


But it wasn’t like that to Sylvester. 


Sylvester knew well that Callian was a person who rarely said empty words, and that’s why he imagined a terrible future that Callian could really form with Ophelia.


Damn it! 


Sylvester sat on the sofa and buried his face in his hands. 


Hoo, he tried hard to breathe out evenly and organize his thoughts. 


First, Callian likes Ophelia.
much more than expected.


Second, it is beneficial for Sylvester to put Ophelia and Callian together for the future.


But third, Sylvester doesn’t want it.


To be exact, Sylvester doesn’t want Ophelia and Callian to have any conversations in the future.


But he can’t say this. 


Sylvester has already told Ophelia to seduce Callian, and Ophelia is following his instructions thoroughly to seduce Callian.


And, as mentioned, the closer Callian and Ophelia got, the more it was beneficial to Sylvester.




To make the two of them close, and to divorce Ophelia, that’s it—.


“I’m annoyed.”


Sylvester thought he should drink after a long time.



Because he couldn’t stand his emotions that much. 


He went to the cupboard, opened a bottle of wine, and drank wine without pouring it into the glass.


Red liquid dripped down on his lips.


Sylvester slowly closed his eyes.


And he thinks of it. 


‘How much should I get when you hear this from the Crown Prince?’


Ophelia’s bright voice.


She really didn’t know anything about his feelings.


So it was disappointing.


Even though it’s not her fault.




After washing thoroughly, I was greeted by Irene in a tired state.


Irene was brushing my hair, but my eyes kept closing.


I must have been really tired today.


Well, it can’t be helped. 


I met the Grand Duchess and saw the newspaper article and even met Callian!


It was weirder if I wasn’t tired.


But at the same time, I was a little happy.


I’m talking about my great stamina. 


If it were in the past, I would have been exhausted just by going out of the hospital and then fainted.


But not now.


Now, no matter how many schedules I had, I was just tired and not sick.


This fact made me so happy.


So I hummed without realizing it.


“Oh my, Madam.
You must be in a good mood.”


Irene said.


I answered, looking at Irene through the mirror.


I like being healthy.”


Irene opened her eyes wide, and soon replied with a smile.


“That’s right.
Our Madam is especially healthy.”


“Am I especially healthy?”


I didn’t quite understand, so I asked.
Irene answered.


“If you look at other noble ladies, they are very weak.
Compared to that, Madam’s appearance is good.” 


“—I think you’re criticizing me for being tall now.”


“No! There’s no way! I’m always jealous of Madam’s tall height.”




I turned my head.
Irene burst into laughter and gave my hair a nice touch.


“I hope we can stay healthy and together for a long time, Madam.”


With those words, I took a deep breath without realizing it.


Together for a long time?


I don’t know. 


Will that be possible?


I’m going to divorce Sylvester and run away before this year is over.


In that case, Irene—.


‘I don’t think she’ll follow me.’


I swallowed my dry saliva.


At this point, I thought it would be good to talk to Irene.




“Yes, Madam?”


Irene peeked out and pushed her cute face.
I looked into her eyes and opened my mouth carefully.




While trying to talk, the door suddenly opened.




It was Sylvester. 


“Please give me a moment.”


He said as he walked. 


Why is he walking like that?


In the middle of strange feelings, I frowned at the smell.


It smelled like alcohol.


It had a terrible smell, too. 


No I mean, do you drink alcohol now?


I looked at Sylvester with a dumbfounded look.


“What’s wrong with you?”


That’s what I’m saying. 


I was dumbfounded and opened my mouth wide. 

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