Callian asked, bewildered.


I was also surprised. 


What do you mean by an affair?


No matter how hard it is, isn’t that not something you should say right now! 


However, seeing our bewildered expressions, Sylvester didn’t seem to mind.


And the fact that Sylvester’s fine face seems to have offended Callian.


Callian looked at Sylvester again with an angry face.


“What the hell do you mean? No, are you crazy?”


“That’s what I want to say.”


But Sylvester doesn’t lose either.


He said with a slight frown.


“What would you think I would think if you came here without contact like this and found you and my wife alone?” 


I answered.


“Because we’ve gotten closer?”


“Ophelia, be quiet.”




However, Sylvester’s firm words kept my mouth shut.


He’s so firm. 


“Ah, yeah.”


Callian looked through Sylvester from head to toe.


“So you don’t like me being with Ophelia.”


Callian twisted the corners of his mouth.


“It’s not that, it’s against the etiquette to come here without any contact.” 


“Since when did I get your permission?”


In fact, Sylvester’s words are not wrong.


But the opponent was Callian.


Callian was the Crown Prince, and only the Emperor could refuse the visit of the Crown Prince Callian.


“And didn’t you say it? About hate being alone with your wife.”


“I never said I didn’t like it.”


“Isn’t it obvious that we’re not alone together?”


 (I’m sorry I got confused with this dialogue;;) 


Callian really, surprisingly, scratched Sylvester’s feelings gently. 


“But what should I do?”


Callian deliberately shrugged his shoulders and twisted his lips even more.


“Your wife likes me more.”


It wasn’t true, but I had to keep my mouth shut because I couldn’t argue in front of Callian.
Sylvester’s eyes narrowed. 




Sylvester sighed and pointed to his forehead.


“Even so, visiting my wife when there are articles like it is now doesn’t help my wife’s reputation.”


“Isn’t that why I hid my identity?” 


Sylvester seemed to have nothing to say.


He glared at Callian with all his might.


“Anyway, I don’t want you to find my wife anymore as long as she’s branded as an affair.
It’s a matter of my wife’s reputation.”


Well, that’s true, but—.


Sylvester, who told me to seduce Callian, didn’t seem to have anything to say.


So I wanted to intervene, but Callian stopped me from saying this.


“Is it okay as long as it’s not an affair?”


“What does that mean?”




Callian tilted his head to one side. 


“If Ophelia divorces you and remarries with me, then it won’t be an affair.”


“What did you say?”


“It’s exactly what you heard.”


Callian stared at the flushed Sylvester.


His face is full of victory.


As he said, he seemed to be doing this because he was confident that I liked him.


“I think it’s an issue that needs to be considered at least once because you’re coming out like this.”


So why say something like this?


I became restless and anxious.


I think we should stop talking at this point—.


Looking at the opportunity to intervene, I rolled my eyes.


It was then. 




Callian turned his head toward me.


“Y, yes?”


I answered with a trembling voice in bewilderment.
Callian burst out laughing.


“I’ll send you a letter later, so come and see me then.”




I looked into Sylvester’s eyes.


Can I say ‘Okay’ here? 


But Sylvester told me to seduce Callian first!


It’ll be okay, right?


I nodded my head.




Callian smiled as if satisfied, and left the drawing room with the robe he had been wearing. 


Immediately, Sylvester clenched his fists and spit out swear words.


“Damn it!”


His face was red. 


He seemed to be doing this because of the thought of losing to Callian. 


What should I say—?


I looked into Sylvester’s eyes.






Sylvester replied coldly.


I opened my mouth carefully.


“How much should I get when you hear this much from the Crown Prince?”


I’ve never seen Sylvester look so shocked.


No, but I still need to get what I need.






Callian got into the carriage and took off his robe and tilted his head back.



As soon as he saw the newspaper article, he secretly escaped from the Crown Prince’s Palace, so the carriage was very modest. 


It was difficult to get around, but there was nothing he could do about it.


As long as such an article is published, it can’t be found out again that he came to see Ophelia. 


He thought a lot about whether to meet Ophelia or not today.


But when they actually met, he thought it was good to meet her.


‘You have me.’


‘I’ll be on Your Highness’ side.’


Saying that, Ophelia looked like a pure saint for a moment.


So Calian could feel his heart melting without realizing it.


Damn it. 


To have this feeling for Ophelia.


He didn’t really understand himself, but Callian had to admit.


The fact that he sees Ophelia better than before.


“It’s so much fun.”


He murmured.


Not too long ago, he thought about killing or saving her, but now that they’re getting along like this—. 


He felt like he couldn’t really understand how it works to humans. 


‘This is all because Ophelia has changed.’


He was wondering why she changed.


Why did she change? 


Is it really true that she has changed after being struck by lightning like a rumor circulating—? Callian wondered.


It was then. 


He felt the carriage stop slowly.


Callian crossed his legs and folded his arms.


He knew who would come into the carriage.


“Whoo, I almost missed it.”


The person who entered the carriage was Callian’s aide, Rian.


“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”


“Yes, it’s been a long time no see.
I’m so busy doing what someone orders me to do.”


“That shameless habit of speaking is still there.
How long are you going to use such a tone?”


“Until Your Highness cuts my throat?” 


“I’m going to quit soon.” 


Rian burst into laughter, and Callian laughed similarly.


Then laughter subsided, and Rian made a rather serious face and handed out the documents to Callian.


“As you said, I searched for the information behind Count William.” 


Count William. 


He is Fleur’s husband on paper.


Callian had ordered Rian to follow Count William in order to make them divorce.


“It was pretty dirty.
embezzlement, tax evasion—.
It’s amazing that he didn’t get caught until now.” 


“Is that so?”


Callian rummaged through the documents. 


As he said, Count William has habitually embezzled and evaded taxes.


At this level, it seemed that he could be stripped of his title.


“It seems to be okay to claim the annulment of the marriage, as well as deprivation of the title, by arguing with this as a fraudulent marriage.”


“I see.”


“Then should we proceed like this?”


Callian was silent for a moment, then raised his head back and responded.


Do it like that.”


Rian’s eyes narrowed. 


“You don’t look happy for some reason?” 


He was quick to notice the changes in Callian. 


“Originally, you would have jumped because you really like it.”


“—Is that so?”


Callian took a deep breath.


And he tilts his head back again.
He let out a long sigh as he looked up at the carriage’s ceiling. 


“Huh, did you change your mind?”


At Rian’s words, Callian’s breath trembled for a moment.


He bit his lips and closed his eyes.




Callian said it as if he had vowed to himself.


“I can’t do that.”




He had to go with Fleur.


‘You have me.’


‘I’ll be on Your Highness’ side.’


He had to ignore the words that came to his mind.

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