“Your Highness?”


It was Callian. 


Callian threw off his old robe and sat crookedly with his legs. 


I didn’t think that Callian would come to see me, so I looked at him blankly with my eyes wide open.


“Your Highness, what brings you here?”


“What brings me here?”


Callian responded somewhat sharply.


“I want to ask you that.
Where is your husband?” 


He shouted, throwing a newspaper on the opposite sofa.


“Your husband must have worked hard to get this article out!”




Look at his temper.


Who sees him as a male lead?


I see it as a personality wrecker trash. 


I clicked my tongue out, put away the newspaper he had thrown away, and sat down on the sofa.


“Even so, I talked to my husband about this.
But he said no.”


“What no?”


“My husband didn’t publish an article.” 


Let’s pretend that I don’t know because it’s going to cause more trouble if it’s revealed that Neil, an assistant, puts out an article here. 


I don’t know who published the article.
I never know. 


Ha! Callian, who doesn’t know my thoughts at all let out a laugh and looked at me.


“Do you believe that?”


“Of course I have to trust my husband.
What to do if I don’t?”


“This is crazy.”


Callian swept his hair roughly and glared.


“I have a headache.
My head hurts.”


“Really? Do you want me to bring you medicine?”


At my words, Callian frowned and shouted loudly, seemingly more angry.


“You’re the problem! You! You’re the one who is giving me a headache!”


“No, that’s the same for me.” 


“That mouth.”


“I’ll close it.”




I kept my mouth shut.


Callian laughed again and looked at me. 


He seemed to be thinking, ‘What the hell is she?’


I don’t know.
I don’t know what the hell I am either. 


I wanted to say this, but I thought Callian would get angry again.
So I didn’t say anything. 


“Tell him to publish a correction article right away.
Did you get it?”



Callian explained the purpose of coming to me.
I shrugged my shoulders.


“No I mean, my husband didn’t publish this article in the first place.” 


I said it again.


“If you want to publish a correction article, you can go to the reporter and argue.
Why do you do this to us?”


“Ophelia Ryzen!”


“I’m not deaf.
Stop screaming.”


As if shocked by my words, Callian leaned back with a shocked expression on his face. 


No, why are there so many things to be shocked about? 


I nodded my head.


“I’m telling you, it’s not our responsibility.
If it were an article we published, my name would have been omitted.
Don’t you think so?” 




Callian seemed to think that what I said had some truth.
Seeing him close his mouth. 


He clenched his fist and opened it repeatedly and closed his eyes tightly.


“Damn it.
No one is on my side wherever I go.”


Callian spat out a mumble.
I didn’t miss the word.


“You have me.”


I said, leaning forward as if to push.


“I’ll be on Your Highness’ side.”


I smiled. 


“Of course, I’m still on Your Highness’ side, though.”




Callian looked at me sullenly.


I am in his eyes.
I say that I will stand by his side. 




Callian frowned and said. 


“Until when will you like me?”


“I don’t know.”


But I don’t like you, though. 


I can’t say that, so I just turn the words around.


“Do you want to guess?”


At my words, Callian laughed at that moment.
It was a joke, but thinking about how angry he was up until a while ago, I made a good move now.


“I can’t even get angry.”




Don’t you say it like this?


“That’s right.
I was telling you not to be angry.”


I smiled softly and pulled my hair back behind my ears.


“I’ll take care of the article.
Don’t worry too much.”


Callian looked at me again.


What is he thinking?


By the time the question deepened, Callian’s lips opened. 




He replied with a nod. 


“I only trust you.”




Somehow, a good atmosphere was created.


I was wondering if I could use this as an excuse to ask for money from Sylvester.




The door opened.


And it was Sylvester who came in.


“I was wondering who’s here, so it’s Your Highness.”


Sylvester spoke in a sharp voice.


“Why did you bring up the issue of my wife’s affair?”


Somehow he looked angry.








Upon returning to the mansion, Sylvester headed straight to the office as soon as he parted with Ophelia.


It was to find Neil.


“Oh, my.
I was wondering who was calling me like this, and it was Your Excellency.
What’s wrong with you?”


Neil greeted Sylvester with a big fuss.
He didn’t seem to know the seriousness of the situation. 


Sylvester frowned.


“Did you publish an article on your own?”




Neil was startled.


“Ah, that’s— Your Excellency.”


He seemed to prepare an excuse.


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed. 


“Don’t make excuses.
Because I know you did it.”


Neil rolled his eyes with his mouth closed.


“It was for Your Excellency.”


Ha! Sylvester laughed in vain. 


“I definitely told you not to do it, but you did it for me after doing it on your own? Are you kidding me?”


“But thanks to it, His Highness Crown Prince has lost his reputation!”


“At the same time, my wife’s reputation was falling.
How are you going to take responsibility?” 


Neil opened his mouth and closed it slowly.
He raised his voice a little bit.


“I didn’t know Your Excellency really cared for Madam.”


Sylvester flinched. I, to who? He shook his head in a hurry.


“It’s not because I care.”


“Then, is there any other reason?”


Neil asked.


“For example— Your Excellency plan has been disrupted.” 






It wasn’t at all, but Sylvester thought this was an excuse for the reason for his behavior. 


“That’s it.
My plan went wrong because of the newspaper article.
So try to send out a correction article.
Right now.”  


“What plan?”




Sylvester looked at Neil with a cold gaze in an instant. 


“What did I just say?”


“You told me to release a correction article.”


“Then what should you do?” 


“I’ll move right now.
I apologize.”


Neil bowed his head and ran quickly to his desk.


“Ah, and.”


Then, as if something came to mind, he clapped his hand and said.


“I believe His Highness the Crown Prince is in the drawing room.
I think you’d better go for now.”




Sylvester was surprised and asked back.


“Why are you saying that now?” 


“Because you got mad at me as soon as you came.”


Oh my. 


Sylvester gritted his teeth and stared at Neil.


“You’re a really disobedient assistant.” 


Neil shrugged, and Sylvester hurriedly left the office after hitting Neil.




When he goes to the drawing room. 


A voice leaked out through the slightly open door.


“Damn it.
No one is on my side wherever I go.”


It was Callian’s voice. 




Let’s listen to it a bit more.


Sylvester leaned against the wall with his arms folded.


As he said, Callian doesn’t have anyone on his side in the Imperial Family. 


There was absolutely no way the stones that were suddenly rolled in would like the stones embedded in them.


Maybe that’s why Callian was anxious at every moment. 


He blamed his weak position and worked hard to expand his power.




‘You don’t have to do that.’


The people value the blood line. 


In that regard, Callian was a suitable Crown Prince, and if there was no major change, his power would become stronger with the support of the people. 


However, Callian didn’t seem to be able to stand it.


‘It’s good.’


Right now, he’s supporting Largo.


But at this time,


“You have me.”


A familiar voice was heard.


It was Ophelia. 


“I’ll be on Your Highness’ side.”


Sylvester unknowingly removed his body from the wall.


What did she just say, right now? 


“Of course, even now I’m still on Your Highness’ side.”


Sylvester’s eyes shook.


He knows. 


He knows Ophelia likes Callian.


However, it felt different to hear it in person from what he knew in his head. 


And what now? 


It’s really—.


‘It sucks.’


Sylvester bit his lower lip tightly. 


“I’ll take care of the article.
Don’t worry too much.” 


“Yeah, I trust you.”


What do you mean trust? 


Don’t trust her! 


Sylvester could not stop the burning emotions.


So he ran into the room at once.


“I was wondering who’s here, so it’s Your Highness.”


He said with his eyes wide open.


“Why did you bring up the issue of my wife’s affair?”


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