What happened? 


What kind of article is this? 


Ophelia couldn’t hide how confused she was.
She hurriedly looked at the contents of the newspaper. 


[The Crown Prince is touching the married woman again, is this okay?] 


That’s a really provocative headline. 


[The Crown Prince who is rumored to have an affair with the Countess Fleur. 


In addition to this, he was also involved with the Duchess Ophelia] 


What does that mean? 


Ophelia was to the point of being stunned. 


[The Duchess Ophelia’s visits to the Crown Prince’s Palace have become more frequent, and there have been reports of strange airflow between them.] 


Oh, my. 


It seems that the problem was that she often went to the Imperial Palace. 


Ophelia frowned. 


[At this point, it is necessary to learn deeply about the Crown Prince’s women’s affiliation, and to condemn the Crown Prince who engages in such immoral acts.] 


Up to a condemnation. 


The thought that Callian is really hated by everyone— Ophelia felt a little strange. 


The next content included words such as how often Ophelia visited the Crown Prince, how close they became, and how the Crown Prince looked at Ophelia changed. 




Ophelia sighed. 


She had a headache. 


She has  tried everything to raise her reputation, but she can’t believe such an article is out. 


Now, those who have read the article will be suspicious of the affair between Ophelia and Callian. 


Then her reputation will fall to the bottom again. 


Ugh, my head. 


Ophelia shook her head, pointing at her forehead. 


“Who the hell published this article!” 


At Ophelia’s scream, Sylvester bit his lips slightly. 


Then he looked into Ophelia’s eyes. 


Ophelia seemed to be really angry. 


Damn it. 


Sylvester sighed low enough not to be caught, recalling what Neil had said a few days ago. 


‘If we publish an article with title , I think it’s going to reduce the Crown Prince’s reputation.’ 


‘The worse Madam’s reputation gets, the better it is for Your Excellency, isn’t it?’ 


Sylvester agreed to some extent for what he said. 


But he didn’t tell him to publish the article. 


He clearly told him not to publish articles. 


Ophelia is struggling and raising her reputation, and it was clear that she would be greatly hurt if he published an article against her. 


He was like that—. 


[The Crown Prince is touching the married woman again, is this okay?] 



‘I’m going crazy.’ 


Sylvester sighed and bit the flesh inside his mouth. 


When he gets back to the mansion, he’ll have to knock some sense into Neil. 


Sylvester thought so and looked at Ophelia. 


Because he thought she must be very angry. 


“It’s you, right?” 


As expected, Ophelia was doubting him. 


“You published this article, didn’t you?” 


“Why do you think it’s me?” 


“There would be no reporter who would dare to publish an article like this unless it was your order.” 




Indeed, what she said is true. 


So Sylvester thought it was natural for him to be misunderstood. 


And because of this misunderstanding, he was also thought that he had nothing to say even if Ophelia hated him. 


But he didn’t want to be misunderstood by that. 


Sylvester said like an excuse. 


“I told Neil not to do it.” 




Neil must have requested the article arbitrarily.” 


Sylvester said this and thought Ophelia wouldn’t believe him.
Because that’s what he’s been doing up until now. 




“I didn’t see Neil like that, but he was such a bad guy!” 


Ophelia immediately believed his words. 




Sylvester opened his eyes wide. 


“Do you trust me?” 




Ophelia tilted her head as if she didn’t understand his words. 


“Then should I not trust you? Are you lying?” 


It’s not like that.” 


Sylvester said while rubbing the back of his neck. 


“I thought you’d be at least a little suspicious.” 


“Why do I need to doubt you? You say no.” 


Ophelia replied with a smile. 


Sylvester’s eyes got bigger. 


He didn’t know Ophelia would say this. 


As he said, this is because there is something he has done so far. 


Therefore, of course, Ophelia decided that she would not believe him. 


However, Ophelia—. 


She seemed to believe in him. 


Sylvester put his hand on his chest without realizing it. 


“Then do you— trust me?” 


Ophelia tilted her head. 


Does she believe in Sylvester? 


‘No way.’ 


Ophelia had no ‘belief’ for Sylvester in the first place.
So there was nothing to trust or do. 


But speaking with such a moved face, she felt like he had to say yes. 


Ophelia shook her head. 


“Well, in some ways, I do believe you.” 


Sylvester’s eyes were seen shaking finely. 


Ophelia was overjoyed at the thought that she had made Sylvester feel touched. 


She rolled up her lips in a circle. 


“And I wouldn’t have been very angry if you had published this article.
Well, I knew you were trying to take advantage of me.
To that extent.” 


Ophelia continued to speak. 


“Besides, you helped me today too, so it’s same same.” (T/n : she talks with slang 쌤쌤.) 


“Sam— What?” 


“There’s something like that.” 


While Sylvester was putting it in, Ophelia crossed her arms and said. 


“Anyway, I’ll have to knock Neil when we get back.
You’re not going to stop this, are you?” 




Sylvester nodded and looked at Ophelia. 


Ophelia, who was looking out the window, didn’t seem very offended. 


As if when did she got angry earlier, it means that she’s fine now. 


So Sylvester was relieved, and on the other hand, he was moved by Ophelia’s trust in him. 


He thought the more he knew, the more he couldn’t help but like her. 


It’s dangerous. 




Arriving at the mansion, I hurried to find Neil. 


As I said earlier, I was full of thoughts of pressuring Neil! 


“Where is Neil?” 


Rivert replied. 


“He’ll be in the office.


Thank you.” 


At Rivert’s words, I turned my foot toward the office. 


“Ah, but Madam.” 


But Rivert caught me. 


“You can’t go to the office right now.” 


Rivert said, pulling my waist. 


Why can’t I go? 


I tilted my head. 




“There is a person in the drawing room.” 




“I don’t know.” 


“Did he bring someone he doesn’t know?” 


“The aide brought it in.
So, go ahead and go.” 


You want me to go? 


I don’t even know who the guest is, but why do I need to  look at them? 


Neil seemed to be doing wrong with Rivert’s education. 


First of all, Rivert’s priority is to learn manners first. 


I thought so and headed to the drawing room. 


I met Irene on my way. 


“Ah, Madam! You’re back!” 


But who’s coming?” 


“That’s right.
But I don’t know who it is either.
This person is wearing a hoodie down.” 


“Is that so?” 


Listening to Irene, I can see why Rivert said, ‘I don’t know.’ 


I felt sorry for thinking that I was going to bully Rivert. 


I’m going to be nicer to him later. 


“What about Sylvester? Did he go to the drawing room?” 


Because we parted in front of the mansion door, I didn’t know where Sylvester had gone. 


That’s why I asked. 


“I don’t know either.
I only know he went to the office earlier.” 


Irene replies that she doesn’t know either. 




What should I do? 


Should I find Sylvester and go to the drawing room together? 


But I’m so curious who it is. 


Out of curiosity, I decided to go by myself. 


“If you find Sylvester, tell him to come to the drawing room.” 


“I understand!” 


Leaving behind Irene’s loud answer, I walked to the drawing room. 


Knock, knock. 


I knocked on the door. 


I could feel the presence inside. 


There was no voice to come in, but I didn’t have to get permission because I was the owner of the house. 


“I’m going in.” 


So I opened the door after speaking briefly. 


What I saw as soon as I did that was—.

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