It seemed that she had come to meet me with a very strong determination. 


I knew she hated me a lot, but seeing this raw disgust for me didn’t feel good at all. 


I groaned a little and dropped my shoulders. 


It was Sylvester who put his hand on my back. 


“Even so, my wife prepared a gift for the Grand Duchess.” 


“A gift?” 


I also thought the same as the Grand Duchess. 


Why do you mean gift? Why didn’t you tell me? 


The Grand Duchess secretly glanced at Sylvester, but he didn’t seem to mind. 


He ordered a person to bring in a gift box. 


“It’s nothing much when I look at it.
But it contains my wife’s heart, so please accept it.” 


Sylvester said so and poked me in the side. 


Ah, I lowered my head. 


“Yes, Grand Duchess.
Please accept it.” 


The Grand Duchess had a disliked face, but it seemed that she could no longer refuse to say this. 


So I beckoned the person holding the box. 


“Bring it.” 


The box was placed in front of the Grand Duchess. 


The Grand Duchess glanced at me, then slowly reached out and opened the box. 


I didn’t know what was inside the box, so I looked inside the box with my neck straight. 


Inside the box—. 




It was a mirror decorated with colorful jewels. 


What is it? 


It’s been a while since I insulted her because she looked like a grain of rice, but he gave her a mirror. 


Isn’t this kind of insult? —While I was thinking. 


“In fact, my wife was really envious of the Grand Duke.” 


What kind of nonsense is this? 


I looked at Sylvester in a dumbfounded look. 


But Sylvester spoke without turning his head toward me. 


“That skin is as fine as rice.” 




The Grand Duchess looked at me with a puzzled expression. 


What should I say? I rolled my brain quickly. 


“I’m embarrassed, but that’s right.
I said something bad because I was jealous of your beautiful skin.” 


“Do you want me to believe that?” 


If you don’t want to believe it, don’t believe it.
Because I can’t believe it either. 


If I said so, there would be a fight, so I had no choice but to shut up calmly. 



On the day she met the Grand Duchess, my wife always stayed in front of the mirror.” 




“I think her feeling of looking in the mirror every day because she wanted to resemble your skin was expressed badly.
This is a gift to express my apologetics, so I hope you will accept it.
It was also designed by my wife herself.” 




What a fluent speech. 


I stared blankly at Sylvester, and soon nodded in a hurry. 


“Yes, that’s right.
It’s a mirror that I designed myself.
I hope the Grand Duchess likes it.” 




The Grand Duchess didn’t say anything more.
Instead, she just looks in the mirror. 


At first glance, the mirror looked very expensive. 


Because the embedded jewels were diamonds! 


If you sell that, you will get a decent price for a house. 


Sylvester seemed to have spent some money on it. 


As expected from my husband.
He’s amazing. 




Sylvester sat down on the chair the servant had guided.
I also sat next to him.
Then Sylvester said. 


“Did you hear what happened at the hunting party not long ago?” 


The Grand Duke narrowed his eyes. 


“What are you talking about?” 


“I thought it was nothing, but it wasn’t unusual.
I’m watching because it’s going to be a pretty big deal.” 


Sylvester continued to speak. 


“The Countess Fleur came with a perfume made from Kerban flowers.
Of course, I don’t think the Grand Duchess knew it.
The scent of Kerban flowers is known only to those who know.” 


But why is that?” 


The Grand Duchess answered.
Sylvester smiled. 


“I know the perfume was broken near my wife.” 


“That’s right.
It was a mistake.” 




Sylvester made a serious face on purpose. 


“If it causes harm to another Young Lady who was next to her there, it’s a problem.” 


“Causes harm?” 


The Grand Duchess asked in surprise.
Sylvester nodded his head. 


“Do you know Young Lady Jasmine?’ 


Why does Jasmine’s name come out here? 


I was surprised and looked at Sylvester. 


However, Sylvester said casually. 


“The Young Lady got lost and went into the forest, but the monsters who were drawn to it by the scent of the flowers ran into her and almost caused a lot of trouble.” 


“Oh, my!” 


The Grand Duke shouted. 


“Such a dangerous thing!” 


“That’s right.
It’s really dangerous.” 


Sylvester held my hand under the table. 


The meaning of this gesture is, perhaps, that he’s already talked with Jasmine, so I don’t need to worry? 


When did he start talking to Jasmine without me realizing it? 


I looked at Sylvester with a little surprise. 


“That’s why I think I’m going to sue the Countess Fleur—” 


Sylvester looked at the Grand Duchess and spoke slowly. 


“I’ll take good care of it so that there’s no reason for the Grand Duke to get involved.” 


The shoulders of the Grand Duke were dried up.
She tried to avoid Sylvester’s gaze by coughing. 


“That’s right.
I was just with Fleur at the time.
It doesn’t matter if it’s her perfume or not.” 


“I know.” 


Sylvester rolled up his lips. 


“The only thing I’ve heard is that the Grand Duchess who buy the perfume—” 




The Grand Duke’s eyes got bigger. 


“Is it true, Grand Duchess?” 


He looked back and asked the Grand Duchess.
The Grand Duchess’s face turned white. 


“T, there’s no way.
I, it’s not true.” 


What do you mean no? 


It’s true. 


The Grand Duchess came directly to get perfume to screw me up. 


Because she once said that she would definitely give back what she suffered from the mouth of the Grand Duchess. 


Besides, Fleur wasn’t someone who could stand up and do things on her own. 


She has always lived with the help of others. 


It was the same content that appeared several times in the original, and it is still the case even now. 


Fleur used to borrow the power of people around her even when she was in trouble. 


So I could be sure that the Grand Duchess was an accomplice. 


But I thought I should take the side of the Grand Duchess here. 


It’s not true.” 


So I smiled softly and said to the Grand Duchess. 


“The Countess Fleur said it was she who bought it herself.” 


Of course, she has never said this. 


However, I said this because I have to do this to side with the Grand Duchess. 


The Grand Duchess looked at me with wide-eyed eyes as if surprised by my words. 


I smiled casually. 


“The Grand Duchess has nothing to do with it at all.
So, honey, I hope you take good care of it so that they don’t drag the Grand Duke family.” 


“Is that so?” 


Sylvester continued with a noticeably exasperated attitude. 


“Then we must catch the person who made those rumors.
It’s probably from the Countess Fleur, but we must find out.” 


At his words, the Grand Duchess’s eyes trembled slightly. 


She seemed to be worried that she would be harmed. 


I thought I should reassure her. 


“That’s right.
But please leave out the Grand Duchess.
Because the Grand Duchess is really innocent here.
Right, Grand Duchess?” 


The Grand Duchess looked at me with a face as if she had met her savior. 


“That’s right! I have nothing to do with it!” 


She grabbed my hand. 


“I’m glad you knew that.
Thank you.” 


She sighed and said.
I smiled and held her hand. 


“Of course, I have to recognize the Grand Duchess.
Is there anyone else who can do this besides me?” 


I blinked my eyes. 


“Perhaps there will be many stories about the Countess Fleur in the future.


The Grand Duchess slightly bit her lower lip. 


“I understand what you’re trying to say.” 


I was going to say that if she continues to stay with Fleur, she can get seriously hurt, but it seems that she understood. 


I smiled and, on the contrary, the face of the Grand Duchess darkened. 


However, she was a person who had to stick to her political position thoroughly.


“I will often come to see you.” 


She would say something like this. 


I smiled again and held the Grand Duchess’s hand tightly. 


“It’s an honor, Grand Duchess.” 


Among us, the servants began to carry food one by one. 


“Come on, here’s the food! Take it all!” 


The Grand Duke smiled widely and lifted the glass of champagne. 


“Let’s have a toast! It’s the day my wife and your wife made up dramatically!” 


Everyone burst into laughter at the words of the Grand Duke, and after that, the atmosphere at the meal was good enough to say that it was very satisfactory. 


It was only natural that the Grand Duchess cared more about me. 




“Thank you.” 


In the carriage on the way back home, I said to Sylvester. 


“Thanks to you, I was able to make up with the Grand Duchess.
I really didn’t know this would happen.” 


“What did I say?” 


Sylvester said with a triumphant expression on his face. 


“Didn’t I tell you to trust me?” 


His mischievous face burst into laughter. 


“That’s right.
I’ll trust you from now on.” 


Sylvester seems to like what I’m saying.
He nodded with a sincere smile. 


There was such a slightly awkward silence. 


What else should I say? 


While rolling my eyes, I saw a newspaper next to me. 


“Is it a newspaper?” 


“Ah, that’s.” 


Sylvester answered casually. 


“The coachman must have brought it.
I haven’t looked into it yet.” 


“I’ll read it first.” 


I lifted the newspaper. 


“So, the headline is—” 


I narrowed my eyes. 


“It’s .
No, wait.


What does this mean? 


I read the article in a hurry. 


In the contents of the article—. 


“My name is written on it?” 




These four letters were clearly engraved.
(t/n : Four letters in korean, 오 페 리 아.)

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