If he continued to stay with Ophelia, his feelings for her would be really deep. 


If it gets deeper here, it’s over.
It’s really over. 


Therefore, Sylvester had to divorce Ophelia—. 


‘Damn it.’ 


If he thought so, he could just say yes to Ophelia’s words, but he didn’t. 


‘You mean you can give up your thoughts on divorce when you have a peaceful life.’ 


He said something useless like this again. 


These words came out of the hope that if he put Ophelia in a peaceful life, they wouldn’t have to get a divorce. 


These words were said to give him even a slight hope that he wouldn’t have to part ways with Ophelia.


Sylvester has yet to reach the fact that he has to part ways with Ophelia. 


So, in his head, he thought that they should get divorced, and in his heart, he went back and forth saying that he shouldn’t. 


Sylvester really didn’t understand himself. 




At Ophelia’s voice, Sylvester finally came to his senses and scattered his thoughts. 


“Why are you calling me?” 


“You’ve been standing in a daze the whole time.
I was wondering what was going on.
Are you okay?” 


As Ophelia said that, there was a really visibly worried look on her face. 


Sylvester was unfamiliar with someone worrying about him. 


So, some odd words came out there. 


“It’s none of your business.” 


After talking, he realized he made a mistake. 


He didn’t mean to hurt Ophelia—. 


He looked into Ophelia’s eyes.


How rude.” 


Ophelia answered with a really casual face. 


“I can’t do this.
In the future, I’ll have to record every time you answer rudely.
That way, you will know how rude you are.” 


Sylvester laughed in vain. 


That’s right. 


Ophelia originally was this kind of woman. 


A woman who responds back without being hurt no matter what he says.
A woman who is not fragile and strong. 


That’s why Sylvester fell in love with Ophelia. 


Because of this. 


‘I need to be careful.’ 


Sylvester coughed once again, really once again, pulling himself together. 


I’ll try to restrain myself from now on.” 


“Keep in control.
All right? Who knows who’s going to believe it.” 


Ophelia, mimicking Sylvester, pouted his mouth. 


“Because I really don’t care.” 


Sylvester laughed. 



And he grabbed Ophelia’s hand a little tighter. 


“Let’s go in now.” 


He led Ophelia. 


“When we go in, what I’m saying is absolutely right.


“What are you going to say?” 


“No questions allowed.” 


“Oh, it’s dictatorial.” 


Ophelia clicked her tongue. 


I came here without knowing anything, so I’ll do what you tell me to do.” 




“But you can’t ask me to do something weird.” 


“Something weird?” 


“Like an apology or something like that. 


Sylvester narrowed his eyes. 


“You should apologize for saying that she looks like a grain of rice.” 




That’s acceptable. 


Ophelia nodded as if she was convinced. 


“But I don’t like the rest.
Like what the Grand Duchess did to me!” 


Ophelia raised her voice somewhat.
Sylvester shook his head. 


“I know how you feel, so calm down.
This is the Grand Duke’s place.” 


“Ah, right.” 


Ophelia finally looked around. 


This is cute and ridiculous at the same time. 


Sylvester let out a low laugh. 


“Anyway, do what I tell you to do.
Did you get it?” 




Ophelia answered smoothly, and Sylvester smiled satisfactorily and led her. 




“Oh, welcome!” 


The Grand Duke welcomed Sylvester and me greatly. 


From what I heard on the way, Sylvester refused the invitation several times, but this time he asked him to visit in person. 


So the Grand Duke likes it this much. 


I bowed my knees to the Grand Duke lightly. 


“It’s nice to see you again like this, Your Highness.
It was a pity that the first time we left without even being able to say goodbye properly.” 


The last time I saw him was at the Grand Duke’s banquet. 


At that time, as soon as I told the Grand Duchess ‘you look like a grain of rice’, I was kicked out and there was no time to say goodbye. 


So I added the story of that time on purpose. 


“Oh, Grand Duchess!” 


The Grand Duke smiled brightly at me. 


“I see that you have grown a lot more mature than I’ve ever seen.” 


He seems to like what I’m saying. 


“I’m happy to see you growing day by day.” 


“Thank you for your kind words.” 


I smiled brightly and greeted the Grand Duke. 


The Great Duke guided us with a big smile as if he was satisfied with my smile. 


“Another person will come down soon.
It seems that preparations are delayed because she’s not feeling well.” 


There’s no way. 


It’s a lie. 


Obviously he didn’t come down because he didn’t want to see me. 


How can he lie without blinking an eye? 


As expected, I thought that the Grand Duke was the Grand Duke. 


Although it is said that he is living away from health concerns now, the glory of the past lives on. 


Being close to Grand Duke like this would certainly be of great benefit to me. 


Even now, even after divorce. 


So I decided to give a little more to the Grand Duke. 


“Your Highness seems to be getting healthier and healthier.
You look so much better now.” 


“Oh, really?” 


The Grand Duke looked at me with a noticeable expression. 


“I haven’t slept all these days, so I thought my complexion was bad, but I’m glad you said that!” 


“Really? I didn’t notice anything! I guess it’s because you take good care of your health.” 


The Grand Duke shuddered as if he was pleased with my words.
I added a word like a shot. 


“I’m worried that you can’t sleep.
I’ll have someone send you some tea that’s good for a good night’s sleep.
I’m also drinking it these days, and it’s very good.” 




The Grand Duke’s eyebrows twitched. 


“If you send something strange like the last time—” 


“I’m different from the past!” 


I shouted in a hurry. 


“Don’t you think so?” 


Then I shrugged my shoulders and said, as if seeking the Grand Duke’s consent.
The Grand Duke then wiped his chest with a relieved expression on his face. 


I admit it.
You’ve changed.” 


He nodded and looked at me. 


“Why did you change?” 


I knew this question would come out.
So I answered casually. 


“You’re asking a similar question to my husband.” 


I smiled and continued to talk. 


“But I was always like this.
I think everyone had a lot of misunderstandings before.” 




The Grand Duke made a shaky expression on his face. 


It could have been a misunderstanding to hit others and make them cry.” 


“Of course!” 


I smiled casually and said. 


“I’m not like that anymore.
It really was a misunderstanding.
I was very upset.” 




The Grand Duke seems to have nothing to say to me. 


That doesn’t mean he can withdraw my words that I have changed, so he turned to Sylvester. 


“I like the Duke.
To have such a pretty and kind wife by my side.” 




Sylvester asked back blankly, and then nodded his head. 


“Ah, yes.
She’s kind.
It’s really nice.” 


It’s really like reading a Korean book. 


Sometimes he said to me to play while responding, but he couldn’t do it anymore and sat down. 




I ignored Sylvester and walked alongside the Grand Duke. 


And shortly after, it was guided to the dining room. 


“Oh! You’re here!” 


There was the Grand Duchess in the dining room. 


And so the Grand Duchess really stared at me as if I was going to die. 


Ah, she’s going to kill me with her eyes. 


I tried to avoid her gaze and slowly lowered my head. 


“Even so, I wanted to send someone to see when you would come.
Madam, thank you for coming down like this.” 


“—You’re welcome.” 


The Grand Duchess looked at me with a face that said she would not fall for it. 


“I just came down out of curiosity about what the Duchess was trying to say to me.”

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