I understand what Sylvester is saying. 


He thought I ruined Fleur’s plan on purpose.


I felt unfair again. 


It’s really not like that! 


“It’s a coincidence, a coincidence.
It’s not like that on purpose.”




Sylvester, umm, then frowned one eye.


“Then I’m disappointed.
I thought you were only trying to screw Countess Fleur.”


“So what if I did?”


“I was going to compliment you.
Of course.”


I let out an exhausted sigh.


Sylvester was always like this.
He tried to praise me in this strange way. 


“You know you’re really weird, right?” 


“That’s unexpected.”


Sylvester shrugged his shoulders. 


Seeing Sylvester like that, I pouted my lips. 


“I’m a little upset.”


“About what?”


“Because how misunderstandings keep happening.” I said it with all my heart.
“I really want to raise my reputation.” 


Sylvester’s expression changed strangely.


He looked at me and looked a little dissatisfied. 


“Do you have to do it like that?”


I have to do that.”


I answered back firmly.


“That way, after the divorce, I can make a living wherever I go.”




Sylvester snorted.


“That damn divorce.
Aren’t you tired of it?”


Why is he suddenly saying this?


I was surprised and asked back. 


“You’re not thinking about not getting divorced, are you?” 


Sylvester didn’t answer.


This silence felt strange to me.


It’s like a strange feeling of anxiety that Sylvester really won’t get divorce—. 


“Really, don’t do this.”


I grabbed his arm and said. 


“Remember the promise we made in the beginning.
You said you would divorce me.
On the condition that I seduce the Crown Prince.” 




Sylvester stared down at me.



What is he thinking? 


The intention is hidden in the blue eyes.
And I wasn’t good enough to read his mind.


How long did the silence last?


By the time I began to get a little nervous, Sylvester opened his mouth.


I got it.”


In response, he grabbed the arm I was holding and pulled it out.


“So, get away from me.”


“No I mean, you don’t even like being touched by my hand?”


Shaking off abruptly, I narrowed my forehead and said.


“You’re so mean.”


Sylvester looked down at me and smiled.
Then he spoke in a soothing tone to me.






“We’re going to the Grand Duke tomorrow.”


I can’t believe it’s already tomorrow.


I nodded and waited for Sylvester’s next words.
He said.


“Then it’ll make headlines in the newspaper.
The reconciliation between you and the Grand Duchess.”


Sylvester twisted his lips. 


Then he said something I wanted to hear the most.


“Then your reputation will go up.”


He stroked my hair like a mess.


“You can look forward to it.”


I was really looking forward to it, and the next day what I expected happened.




On the way to the Grand Duke. 


Sylvester didn’t talk much in the carriage.


I didn’t have anything to say, so I didn’t bother to talk to him.
Instead of talking, I fell into thought.


Yesterday, I recalled my conversation with Sylvester.


‘That damn divorce.
Aren’t you tired of it?’


Sylvester, who says so, is really strange. 


That ominous feeling that he really won’t divorce me—.


‘Then what should I really do?’


Suddenly, my eyes became dark.
Because I was planning to live a peaceful and comfortable life after my divorce! And a lot of things will happen in the future, and I didn’t want to join it. 


That’s why I tried to leave quickly!


‘You can’t do this.’


I thought I should get a definite answer. 


So I turned my head toward Sylvester. 




“You can’t.”


“Ah, really!”


I rebelled.


“Don’t you have to listen to me first and then say that I can or can’t?”


“Because the only time you talk like that is when you say useless things.
So no.




I swept my hair back.
How can a person be so rude? 


I exhaled through my nose and wiped my eyes.


“This is really important.
So listen to it.”


“But I don’t want to.”


“Are you going to keep doing this?” 


Sylvester laughed and nodded his head.
I thought I really needed to tell him. 


“Divorce, will you do it?”


“I was wondering what you were going to say, but you’re saying such useless things again.”


“What do you mean useless things!”


I was very angry.


As I took a deep breath, Sylvester looked at me with a serious face.
For some time, he didn’t say anything.
He just stared at me. 


What is he trying to say? 


I swallowed my dry saliva because I was nervous for no reason.


Then Sylvester slowly opened his mouth.


“I think I said it yesterday, too.
I got it.”


“—About what?”


“About divorce.”






After receiving such a definite answer, I felt at ease. 


Well, Sylvester probably has no reason to continue his marriage with me. 


I smiled satisfactorily and nodded. 




At that moment, Sylvester spoke to me.


“Why do you want to get a divorce so badly?” 


He continued even before I could answer.


“Are you trying to chase the Crown Prince?” 


“It’s definitely not like that.”


I answered back firmly.
I keep getting this misunderstanding, but this time I really wanted to correct the misunderstanding. 


So I said what I had in mind the whole time. 


“It’s just that I want to live alone in peace.
Quiet and peaceful.”


It’s my dream. 


Living a peaceful and healthy life alone without any involvement in the original work.


Oh, I’m happy just thinking about it. 


I smiled. 


Sylvester looked at me indifferently.


“So you’re going to live in peace and chase the Crown Prince around.”


“It’s definitely not like that!”


I shouted.


“I’m now close to His Highness because of my promise with you.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met His Highness.


I said it with anger.
I thought Sylvester would have understood if I said this much. 


“I don’t believe you.”


Oh my. 


I can’t believe Sylvester’s misunderstanding is so deep. 


What should I do?


It was really dark in front of my eyes.


“Think of what you’ve done while chasing the Crown Prince.
Do you think I would think that you don’t have any feelings for him with just a few words?”


“No, that’s true.”


I touched my forehead.
I had a headache, so I didn’t want to talk anymore.


“Ha, I don’t know.
I don’t know.
Anyway, I said my position.
I want to get a divorce and live a peaceful and happy life!”


Sylvester’s expression changed strangely.


“Aren’t you having a peaceful life now?”


“Not really.
Because there are many things that have happened.”


“What happened?”


He said as if he really didn’t know anything.
I was speechless and spoke in a little irritated tone.


“I’m already stuck in the political arena.
I hate things like that.
I just want to live without knowing anything.”


“You were good at politics considering that.”


“I do it by squeezing out my strength.
It’s hard.” 


In my words, Sylvester stared at me.




He continued to speak slowly.


“You mean you can give up your thoughts on divorce when you’re at peace.”


“—Is this how you think?”


That’s what I think.”


I don’t think so.


I wanted to say that, but Sylvester’s expression was so scary that I couldn’t say it.


“First, I got it.”


I slowly looked into his eyes.


“Will you divorce me?”


“How many times should I say I got it?”


“Why are you angry? I just need to know.”




I snorted and turned my head around.
Then, Sylvester burst into laughter.


“You’re such a strange person.”


Why do you say what I want to say?


I was speechless and opened my mouth wide.




When the carriage stopped, Sylvester got off the carriage first. 


And he reaches out to Ophelia.
Naturally, she took his hand.


Sylvester thought Ophelia’s hands were so soft.
And it’s very pretty.


‘Damn it.’


This is all he thinks about all the time. 


Sylvester turned his head, clicked his tongue. 


‘Divorce, will you do it?’


‘You will divorce me, right?’


How many times does he have to answer before she believes what he says?


Sylvester bit his lips hard.


He was thinking of divorcing Ophelia. 


No, they had to get a divorce.

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