What nonsense is this? Ophelia frowned and looked up at them. 




The ladies were scared and stepped back.
Ophelia’s expression was too harsh! Shouldn’t they be slapped on the cheek?


They closed their eyes, but fortunately, there were no palms flying in.
Perhaps that’s why they had a little courage. 


“I’ll tell Countess Fleur everything.
The Duchess stole all of them on purpose!”


“That’s right.
This really shouldn’t happen!” 


Ophelia had a hard time understanding what the hell they were saying. 


So Fleur wanted to buy furniture from the furniture store here, right? 


But did she end up stealing it from her?




Ophelia tilted her head. 


Fleur is a woman who pursues a frugal life.
But she bought furniture at such an expensive store? What kind of change was there?


‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’


It didn’t matter.


What she has to care about are the ladies who are burning up right now, even though it’s not her business. 


Ophelia slowly lifted herself up.




She turned her head to the boss, who was still stiff and bewildered with the ledger.


“Did the Countess Fleur make a deposit?” 




The boss rummaged through the books and shook his head. 


“No, she didn’t.”


“I see.”


Ophelia lifted her chin towards the ladies. 


“How do we know the Countess will buy it, if she hasn’t paid for it?” 


“B, but!”


The ladies shouted.


“The Countess said this!”


“That’s right.
You remember, right? The Countess said she would buy all the furniture here!” 


At the Lady’s words, the boss put on a complicated expression. 


“I remember that, but I thought she changed her mind because she had nothing to say since then.
As the Duchess said, she didn’t pay at all.” 


At the boss’s words, the ladies looked at each other alternately with faces that seemed to be embarrassed.


Ophelia crossed her arms and looked down at the ladies.


“She doesn’t have the ability to pay in the first place, so I think she may have been bluffing.”


“Oh my, Duchess!”


“Don’t insult the Countess!” 




Ophelia twisted her lips. 


“The really insulting case is like this one when someone is yelling at me in the face.”



As Ophelia said so, she put her weight on one leg.
But then, slightly, the heel was twisted and the body leaned forward.


‘Damn it.’


She won’t even live. 


Ophelia reached out to balance as much as possible. So she pointed to the table right behind the lady.


Suddenly, she locked the lady inside her arms.


Ophelia was embarrassed, but if she showed her embarrassment here, it would be like she was caught making a mistake, so she pretended to be calm. 


So she did what she was going to do next. 


“Don’t you think so?”




The Lady who was trapped in Ophelia’s arms was terrified. 


Ophelia is one span taller than herself.


She even wore shoes, so she is one head taller.


In addition, Ophelia was a woman famous for swinging her hands recklessly.


But Ophelia is keeping her in her arms like this! 


Is there a scarier situation than this?




The Lady hiccuped again and crouched down.


“A, are you threatening me?”


The other Lady standing next to her said.


“But we do not give in to threats! Even if you beat us, we will never give up!”


What nonsense is this? 


Ophelia looked back at the Lady with a ridiculous look.


Then again, her heels staggered and her body shook slightly.


‘Ah, really.’


Ophelia grabbed something on the table to balance again. 


It was the vase.


But she can’t support her body with a vase.




Eventually, the vase fell and broke.




Everyone became quiet in an instant.


Ugh, uhm—.


Ophelia, who broke the vase, also shut her mouth. 


She thought, this is really making her like threatening her—.


“E, even property damage!”


The ladies shouted.


Ophelia wanted to say it wasn’t.
She didn’t mean to.


“I’m going to tell His Highness Crown Prince!”


The ladies were already convinced that Ophelia was threatening them, so they walked backwards and shouted, running away.


“For sure!”


“That’s right! For sure!”


It’s like the line the villain says when they leaves, guys.


Ophelia wanted to tell them that it was really a misunderstanding, but they had already left and became unable to speak.


“Ha, haha—”


There was only awkward silence in the store.


“It’s a misunderstanding”.


She barely spoke, but no one believed what Ophelia had said.




On my way back home.


I didn’t feel a little good.


I’m sure I didn’t get misunderstood again today. 


I really didn’t mean it, but that’s how things are made.
It’s unfair.


Everything was done by Ophelia, so I can’t do anything about it—. 


I thought I would raise my reputation, but if I go like this, I will hit the bottom more, let alone improve my reputation.


What should I do?


‘I wish there was another person other than Countess Cardel.’ 


Someone popped into my mind.


‘Julia Amber.’


The woman who got angry when she noticed that Fleur’s perfume was made of Kerban flowers.


In addition, it is a character that appears in the original. 


While holding Fleur in check, she was completely eliminated by Callian—.


‘I’ll have to stop it before it happens.’


I thought I could help her. 


I got off the carriage slowly, planning to go back home and look at the letters she had sent me. 


There was another blizzard in the north.


The cold wind brushed my cheek.


Even though I was wearing a thick shawl, the coldness came all the way to the bone. 


So I took a quick step toward the mansion.


“You’re back, Madam.”


“You’re back, Madam.”


The gatekeepers welcomed me.
They saw my blue face and hurried to open the door.




When I entered the mansion, it was now warm and I was able to breathe.


I took off the shawl and handed it to Irene, breathing heavily.


“I need to wash up because it’s cold.”


I’ll prepare water.”


“Hmm, thank you.”




Irene opened her eyes wide.


“Oh, uhm—”


Then, she blurred the end of the sentence.


What’s wrong? 


I tilted my head. 


“Is there a problem?”


“No, it’s not like that—”


Irene bowed her head with red cheeks.


“It’s my first time hearing thank you from Madam.”


She said, twisting her body as if she was really shy.


“I’m happy.”


I thought as I looked at Irene who said that and quickly disappeared. 


First, let’s be nice. 


Now, I can’t stand my temper and talk a lot. 


If I say it as nice as possible, won’t there be someone who recognizes my efforts someday? 


Like Irene right now.


That’s what I thought and turned my foot.


It was then. 


“Applause to Ophelia, who spent a month’s worth of living expenses!” 


Sylvester’s voice was heard.


Damn it. 


I looked back at him with my eyes open.


“Are you trying to nitpick?”


“What do you mean nitpicking? I’m telling you the exact truth.”


Sylvester continued to speak.


“Furniture shop? Why did you go there?”


He said with a dumbfounded expression.
I shrugged my shoulders. 


“In order to gain the trust of Countess Cardel.
I came with a reasonable amount of money, well.” 


“Count Cardel follows me.
He wouldn’t have had to do that.” 


“You’re talking about something you don’t know.”


Later, Count Cardel will betray Sylvester.


That’s why I’m trying to hold Countess Cardel more. 


But I can’t say it like this, so I have no choice but to say it indirectly. 


“The relationship between Count Cardel and the Countess is very good.
In the midst of this, shouldn’t the Countess and I continue to be in the same boat? That’s why I’m a little overworked today.” 


I said in a tone of consideration for Sylvester as much as possible.


“I didn’t know you would say this with this amount of money.”


“I didn’t say anything.”


Sylvester answered straight away.


“It’s like, why did you spend money on a useless place and come back? But if that’s the reason, it’s fine.
Good job.” 


He smiled and stroked my hair like a mess.


“By the way.”


Sylvester said.


“I heard you screwed the Countess?”

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