What am I saying? 


I was more dumbfounded. 


“Dinner at a Grand Duke.
You didn’t tell me.
What’s the reason?”


“Ah, about that.”


Sylvester answered, he still wasn’t looking at me.


“I forgot.”




What nonsense are you talking about? 


Sylvester couldn’t have forgotten this.
He seemed to have something up his sleeve. 


“Don’t lie, hurry up and tell me.”




“Why did you hide it from me?”


Sylvester turned his head toward me only then.


“I really forgot.
I completely forgot because I was thinking about something else.”


Thinking about something else? 


I tilted my head. 


Come to think of it, Sylvester’s expression was unusual.
I approached him because I was worried. 


“Is something serious going on?”


I said it with my own worries, but Sylvester only looked at me indifferently.




Then he replied back coldly.


“It’s none of your business.”




I covered my mouth.


“A round of applause for praising you who somehow speak rudely.
Clap clap clap.”


“Don’t be sarcastic.”


“Now you know when I’m sarcastic, you’ve grown a lot.”


“Are you kidding me?”


Two jokes. 


I wanted to say this, but I held it in.


“Anyway, I hope you tell me in advance if this happens in the future.
That’s how I prepare my heart.”


“What kind of mental preparation do you need to go to the Grand Duke?”


Sylvester frowned and asked. 


“No, the Grand Duchess hates me.
That’s why I need to prepare my heart.”


“Don’t worry.”


Sylvester responded firmly.


“Because I’m going to make the Grand Duchess like you.”


I opened my eyes wide.


The Grand Duchess hates me very much.
That she likes me is like the sun rising in the west.



It doesn’t make sense.




The Grand Duke is already on my side.
What if the Grand Duke is on my side?


Nothing could be more beneficial than that.


I blinked my eyes a little. 


“How? How can you do that?”




Sylvester looked into my sparkling eyes and said.


“Of course it’s a secret.”


“Huh? Why?”


“Because I’m not rude.
I won’t tell you.”




I wanted to applaud this man’s rudeness and pettyness.


“You’re really shameless, like stabing the sky.”


“I know.”


“If you know, why don’t you change?”


“Why should I?”




I pouted my mouth and glanced at Sylvester.


However, Sylvester ignored me as if it was nothing.
So I looked out the window past him. 


The snow was flying vigorously.


Perhaps that’s why it was bright outside.
A white world was spread out. 


I had a sudden thought that I was going to hit Sylvester as an excuse to go out and have a snowball fight, but I quickly erased my thoughts because I thought I would be beaten more if I did. 


Furthermore, it’s the middle of the night, so I couldn’t go out and do anything.


Thinking of time, tiredness has come. 


“Then, shall we go to bed?”




But Sylvester freaked out and raised himself.


What’s wrong with him? 


“Didn’t you come here to sleep? It’s late.
You have to sleep.”




In my words, Sylvester couldn’t answer and closed his mouth. 


“No, that’s true.”


He stuttered along.


“Sleep together?”


What is this? When did you tell me to sleep together? Are you ashamed of sleeping with me now?


That doesn’t make sense.


I mumbled, snorting, and made a slight impression. 


“Then what, are you going to sleep on the floor?”




Sylvester remained silent again.


He looked down at the cold floor, looked at the sofa once, and soon turned to the bed. 


And he sighed as if he couldn’t help it and sat on the bed again.




He lay carefully in bed, secretly avoiding my eyes. 


Then he crouched as if he were going to lie down and occupy only the smallest area. 


“Good night.”


On top of that, he greets me without looking at me.


Really, what’s wrong with him?




Sylvester got up as soon as Ophelia’s breathing became drowsy.


And he looked down at Ophelia, who was asleep.


Ophelia was sleeping really well.


So Sylvester was a little dumbfounded. 


‘How can you sleep so well?’


At first, Ophelia seemed to have tossed and turned, but now she sleeps very well as soon as she lies down.


Will they become a couple where the tension disappears like this?


It felt a little gloomy. 


Sylvester put his hand on Ophelia’s forehead with a sigh. 




Ophelia tossed and turned with a low groan.


However, it does not shake off Sylvester’s hand.
His cold body temperature seems to be good.
Sylvester laughed in vain.


‘A round of applause for praising you who somehow speak rudely.
Clap clap clap’


Whenever he talked to Ophelia, he always laughed.


Even when he hears this, he doesn’t know how hard he tried to hold back his laughter. 


He didn’t think so before, but at some point, Ophelia has a very good sense of humor.
So it was fun to be with her.


It was fun. 


Sylvester strongly received an intuition that he would not be able to control his feelings in the future.


But as he said again, it shouldn’t happen.
Sylvester can’t like Ophelia.


He sighed again.


Now, Largo, the 2nd Prince is back. 


He didn’t know what would happen if he ever knew Sylvester’s heart.
So he had to hide his heart as much as possible in front of him.


No, he had to hide his feelings for Ophelia everywhere, not only in front of him.


Because he shouldn’t have liked Ophelia.


So he had no choice but to remove his hand from Ophelia’s forehead. 




Ophelia tossed and turned and grabbed Sylvester’s hand.
And she didn’t let go. 




Sylvester agonized for a moment.
Should he wake up Ophelia and leave her hand as it should be? 


If he wakes up Ophelia, he has to reveal that he was caressing her. 


He doesn’t want that. 


And there was a feeling that he didn’t want to let go of the two hands that are now holding each other.


So Sylvester lay quietly next to Ophelia and closed his eyes.


He felt his heart beating wildly.


His pounding heart didn’t stop, so he couldn’t sleep.




When she woke up, Sylvester was of course not there.


I’m used to his absence now.


So I stretched to the fullest and raised myself. 


I pulled the rope. 


Soon after, Irene knocked on the door. 


“Are you awake?”


Irene approached with a smile.


“How about Sylvester?”


“Your master is in the office.
You must have been very busy this morning.’


“Master is in the office.
He must have been very busy this morning.’ 


Since the 2nd Prince returned, he must be really busy.


I nodded and approached Irene. 


“Is everything okay?”


“Young Lady Jasmine has announced her intention to visit.”


“Really? Tell her to come.”


“On top of that, Countess Cardel will also join her.”


“Both of them?”


I titled my head. 


Is there anything that happens for the two of them to come at the same time? 


I had doubts, but I didn’t think deeply because it would be solved anyway when they came. 


And it’s a good thing for me if the two get closer. 


I shook my head.


“Yeah, well.”


And now I looked out at the bright outside where the snow had stopped.


When I looked at it, it didn’t seem that snow piled up or anything.


Yesterday’s Sylvester was a little rude.
So can’t I spend a little of his money?


“Should I go out after a long time?”


I heard that there were a lot of limited edition items in Madame Shine’s shop.


Countess Cardel will like it, right? 


After all, it wasn’t my money, but the Duke’s money, so it was okay. 


“Get me ready.”


I smiled and beckoned Irene.


“I’m going to spend my money.”


I loved the fact that no matter how much I spent money, it was less than half of the original Ophelia.


How much will I spend today?


Ah, it’s thrilling.


I shrugged my shoulders and smiled.


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