Sylvester looked dumbfounded. 


It’s ridiculous.


I, who had no interest in politics in the first place, suddenly came to him and asked this question out of the blue.




Sylvester looked at me with a slightly strange expression. 


“Why do you ask that?”


“Just because.”


I gave the answer that I had prepared. 


“I met the 2nd Prince earlier.”


“In the Crown Prince Palace?”


Two of them were fighting.”


To be precise, rather than fighting, Callian was unilaterally defeated. 




Of course, did he expect the situation? Sylvester snorted. 


“Largo would have poured out harsh words.
What do you mean fight?” 


Sylvester just calls the 2nd Prince by name.
They must be really close. 


I clapped internally and closed my lips.


“Anyways, why did you meet him?”


“He told me that we’ll see each other often in the future.”


“That’s true.”


“But he said that in front of His Highness the Crown Prince.
What do you think will happen?”


“It’s going to be a mess.”


“That’s right.”


When I answered, Sylvester asked.


“What did you say?”


I thought for a moment about how far I should go.


For a moment, I thought about whether I should lie for the sake of Calian’s authority.


But I thought it was better to be honest in order to ask the questions I wanted and get an answer. 


“Well, it’s as you expect.”


So I slowly opened my mouth.


“Because of your husband who supports the second prince, I am going through such a hard time, what will I do, etc—.
Because of that I thought it was fighting with a child.” 




Sylvester burst into laughter while talking. 


There’s a little bit of a childish side to the Crown Prince.
So what did he say?”


“It doesn’t matter.”


I didn’t say it exactly like this, but I thought it would be better to say this to Sylvester, so I mixed a little bit of lies.


“I’m not supporting either of the 2nd Prince.
That’s why I told you it doesn’t matter, but that’s why I’m curious.”


I tilted forward with my eyes somewhat sparkling. 


“Why do you support His Highness the 2nd Prince?”



Sylvester tilted his head to one side and looked at me. 


He stroked his chin.


I knew that stroking his chin is a habit that comes out when he has to force himself to say something he doesn’t want to say, so I waited quietly for his next word. 


“He has what I can’t have.”


After a long silence, Sylvester opened his mouth.


“So when he became Emperor, he decided to give it to me.”




“Will this be the answer?”


I narrowed my forehead a little.


“It’s not enough.”


How can I guess if you say this?


I couldn’t get the hang of it at all because it didn’t even come out in the original. 


I was a little sad to talk around like this, so I pouted my lips.


“Will you answer if I ask more questions?”




I won’t ask anymore because I have pride.”


Sylvester burst into laughter again. 


I looked straight at him and opened my mouth.


“Then I—”


Until now, I felt a little guilty because I felt like I was betraying Sylvester.


So I thought I had to say it clearly now. 


“I will support His Highness the Crown Prince.”


That I’ll support Callian.


That way, Sylvester won’t feel betrayed even if he finds out later.


And I thought Sylvester would like it, too. 


Whatever it was, it was part of seducing Callian. 


That’s why I said this.




“You’re really unpredictable.” 


Somehow Sylvester was weird.


“Who supports that jerk Crown Prince?”


He jumped up and approached me and glared.


“Do you like the Crown Prince that much?”




“Are you going crazy because you really like him? So, should I do my best to help him?”


When he said something so absurd, I opened my mouth half-open.


No, I think there is a misunderstanding from the beginning.
I thought I should resolve the misunderstanding.


“I’ll say it again, I don’t like His Highness.”


Sylvester’s eyes gleamed with suspicion.
I hurriedly added.


“The current job is part of what you said ‘to seduce’.
But I don’t know why it’s coming out like this.” 


I narrowed my eyes and looked at him. 


“Why do you hate it so much? Is there a reason why you hate it so much?”


“A reason?”


Sylvester’s face was distorted. 


He stopped walking toward me, faltered, and swept his face with his palm. 


“I don’t have any.
There can’t be.”


Sylvester grunted, sharply grinding his teeth, as if hinting at himself.


What’s wrong with him?


He’s going crazy. 


I looked up at him with a slight frown. 


Then Sylvester opened his mouth again. 


“And I don’t believe you don’t like the Crown Prince.”


“What? Why?”


“It’s like 3 years.
You’ve been chasing the Crown Prince for 3 years, and now you’re not? Don’t even think about lying.”


You’re really amazing Ophelia—.


Three years later, Sylvester couldn’t believe it even if it wasn’t.


I nodded in acceptance.


“Whether you support the Crown Prince or not.
It doesn’t matter to me.
But know this one thing.”


Sylvester approached me and put his hand on the back of the sofa next to my shoulder.
He looks down on me as he locks me in his arms.


“I must make the 2nd Prince the Emperor.” 


His blue eyes were filled with desire.


I don’t know what that desire means.


But one thing is clear.


“Don’t interrupt this.”


Sylvester is a real villain.


At the end of the original story, I felt a little strange for myself, who knew all too well what happened to the 2nd Prince and Sylvester. 


Is it really okay? 




Soaking in the bathtub again, I fell into thought.


In the original, the 2nd Prince dies. 


He is sentenced to death for so many evil acts he committed and disappears into the dew of guillotine. 


Sylvester is—.


‘He’s died in my hands.’


I looked down at my hand and muttered.


I’m not going to kill Sylvester.


However, that did not guarantee that he would not die. 


So, there is no guarantee that Sylvester, the villain of the original story, will survive safely—.


If Callian became Emperor, he would try to clean up Sylvester after the 2nd Prince. 


Oh my. 


‘Sylvester is going to die?’


I opened my eyes wide open. 


‘Why did I think about it now?’


I haven’t considered Sylvester because I’ve only been thinking about surviving so far.


How stupid! 


‘Sylvester is going to die.’


Of course, before he dies, I will divorce him and leave this mansion, so I will not be harmed. 


But I couldn’t let him go, knowing he was going to die.


‘What should I do?’


In fact, the answer is simple.


It is only if Sylvester does not support the 2nd Prince. 




‘He has what I can’t have.’


‘So when he became Emperor, he decided to give it to me.’


Sylvester seemed to have no intention of withdrawing his support for the 2nd Prince. 


What the hell is ‘something I can’t have’?


What’s that? Why are you following the uncomfortable 2nd Prince?


But Sylvester didn’t tell me even if I asked. 


So, what I can do is—.


‘I should ask the 2nd Prince.’


I thought I should meet him soon.
It’s scary, but there’s nothing I can do to protect Sylvester.
Sylvester should recognize my efforts.




Suddenly, I wondered. 


Why do I want Sylvester not to die?


In fact, if they divorce, I will not know his life or death at all because I will not be involved anymore. 

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