The 2nd Prince is the villain who appears in the second half of the story.
It’s not time for him to come out yet.
But why did he come out already—?


I was confused. 


I had no choice but to do so.
Because it was an unexpected situation! 


As I remained stuttering, Largo looked down at me and laughed.
It was kind of an odd laugh.


A mocking laugh that makes you want to slap him. 


But I shouldn’t mess with him. 


Because the 2nd Prince, Largo, is really a scary person. 


He was a very vicious and wicked character as the final villain in the story.
How many people died in his hands? Even the characters, who were quite important, were difficult to avoid death if they caught Largo’s eye. 


Therefore, I should not be rude to Largo.


I slowly lowered my eyes, avoiding Largo’s gaze.


“If you’re done talking, why don’t you go back?” 


At this time, Callian intervened.


“Because I don’t want to see your face anymore.”


Callian gritted his teeth.
It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Callian so wary about anyone other than me.
He seemed to hate Largo as much as he hated me. 


Well, it’s bound to be like that. 


No one stands in the way of Callian’s ascension to the throne more than Largo.


On the contrary, the same applies to Largo. 


As much as Largo was targeting the Emperor, he was also hostile to Callian. 


Is that why? 


Largo looked at Callian, still with annoying smile on his lips. 


“Brother, how can you say that?” Largo said, slightly frowning.
“Isn’t that too much to say to me, who ran to see Brother as soon as I returned to the Imperial Palace?” 


“It’s not too much.
So go back.”


“I don’t know why you keep doing that.” 


Largo stroked his chin and tilted his head lazily to one side. 


“You holds your fur upright like a frightened kitten.”




“I guess you’re not a good one to become a lion.” 




Largo said with a smirk at Callian.
Callian’s face turned red.
He pointed to the door and shouted loudly.


“Get out.
Right now!” 


I’ll go back now.”


Largo shrugged his shoulders up and walked slowly toward the door.
Then, he stopped walking and turned his head slightly.


“Aren’t you curious why I came back to the palace so early?”


At that question, Callian opened his eyes and looked at Largo.


Largo’s lips went up smoothly. 


“Father called me over.”


“T, that’s—!”


“I’m sure you know what this means.”


That the Emperor summoned the second prince. 



This meant that the 2nd Prince also had the right to inherit the throne.
Callian, who knew this well, clenched his fists, biting his lips. 


Largo looked down at Callian indifferently, then glanced back and looked at me. 


“Do you say you’re Ophelia Ryzen?”


Why are you calling me? All of sudden. 


Something was creepy, so I nodded with my face slightly hardened. 


“I heard a lot of stories through the Duke Ryzen.”


It was Largo, who is openly saying that Sylvester is supporting him.
I glanced at Callian nervously. 


Callian still frowned with a deep face.


Largo said it again.


“I’m sad that we have to say goodbye after saying hello lightly today, so let’s make an appointment to talk more next time.”


He reached out to me. 


“We’ll meet often anyway.”


I just wanted to let go of my hand.
I don’t want to have any contact with Largo. 


But that didn’t happen. 


As I said, I shouldn’t have been cheeky in front of him.
So I had no choice but to reach out to him, and Largo shook my hand lightly and passed by me and left the room. 




As soon as the door closed, Callian stared at me with ax eyes.


“Ophelia!” He raised his voice.
“If you meet Largo one more time, I won’t call you again.
Do you get it?


No I mean, why are you mad at me? 




Callian grumbled for a long time more.


So I was really speechless.


If it were me who comforted Callian like I used to, I would answer ‘Okay’, but I couldn’t because my opponent was Largo. 


Because Largo was someone I could meet at any time! 


So I said to Callian, a little arrogant.


“Is he someone I can’t meet just because I don’t want to meet him? If my husband wants to meet the 2nd Prince, I have no choice but to accept it.”


“Yeah! Your husband is the problem!”


Callian shouted! 


“Your husband is supporting that punk, so my power is getting smaller! It’s all because of your husband!”


What is this exactly? This b*stard—.


I got a little dizzy and grabbed my forehead.


“You shouldn’t blame my husband.”


So I spoke in a rather sharp voice.


“You must blame yourself for not being able to expand your power yet, Your Highness.”




“Don’t you think it’s Your Highness’ fault that you haven’t solidified your power since it’s been a while since the 2nd Prince has been away from the Palace?” 


I could see Callian biting his teeth.
But he doesn’t shout more.


Because he can’t refute my words.
I smiled more softly towards such Callian and sat down opposite him. 


“So that’s why.”


I slowly raised my head.


“I’m saying I’ll help you.”






I looked at Callian with a confident smile.
Callian’s face changed a little strangely.
He looked at me with a mixed expression of half doubt and half desire to trust. 


“First of all—”


He exhaled for a long time. 


“I called you to hear what happened with Fleur yesterday.”


“Oh my.”


I covered my mouth with a fan and shrugged my shoulders. 


“You’ve probably already figured it out, so why are you asking me again?”  


As I said, Callian must have already investigated everything behind the scenes. 


But why are you asking me again? 


The answer was one.


“As we said, isn’t it obvious that Fleur did something wrong?”


As soon as I spoke, Callian’s face turned grim. 


“Watch your mouth.
Nothing is certain yet.”


“What do you mean there’s nothing for sure? Why do you turn a blind eye to the obvious truth?”


I sat cross-legged and lifted my chin. 


“The Countess suddenly recommended me to try it, saying she had bought a precious perfume.
When I refused, she broke the perfume bottle in front of me.
After that, I went to wash my hands by the lake, and I saw the Countess inside the forest of monster.”




“So, I followed the Countess out of fear, but then I was surrounded by monsters.
That’s right.
Because of that perfume, the scent of Kerban flowers.” 


Callian narrowed his forehead.
Then he let out a groan, and he seemed to be in a bad mood.


Of course. 


It’s probably his first time thinking that she might not be the Fleur he trusted. 


So I waited calmly for Callian’s next words.


“Fleur is—”


Callian let out a long sigh as he wiped his face with his palm. 


“She’s not that kind of woman.”


He continued to speak.


“No matter how annoying you are, she’s not a woman who will try to kill you.”


Callian, who was talking, seemed to be brainwashing himself. 


“Good, innocent, and pure— she’s that kind of woman.
There’s no way.”




I raised my head. 


“Your Highness.”


I clapped in front of Callian’s eyes.


“Wake up.”


Callian’s eyes shook slightly.
I twisted the corners of my lips as I looked at his obvious agitation. 


“You have to believe in what’s in front of you.”


Callian clenched his fist. 


He closed his eyes and breathed heavily, and slowly exhaled.
Then he slowly open his eyes. 


“I can’t trust you.”


“I know.” I smiled.
“So I will make Your Highness trust me in the future.
Isn’t that how it works?”




“And you know.”


I squinted my eyes at Callian, who seemed to be half way over.


“I’m more helpful than Countess Fleur, aren’t I?” 


Callian opened his mouth slightly.
He clasped his hand and looked at me intently.

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