I was surprised and looked at Sylvester.
After bending the teaspoon, Sylvester glanced down at the spoon and soon threw it to the table and frowned.


“I couldn’t control my power.” 


You were holding it well, but suddenly you couldn’t control your strength—? 


It was strange, but it wasn’t time to care about it.
It’s because I got an invitation from Callian first!


I hurriedly opened the letter.


The contents of the letter were simple. 


[Run here right away.]


Oh, my.
How can he be so rude?


I thought for a moment about who would be ruder, Sylvester or Calian. 




Nonetheless, Sylvester seemed to have won the old title for how rude he was.


But now it’s up to Callian to be such a shameless person. 


While I was so lost in thought, Sylvester snatched the letter. 


“He wants you to run?”


Ha! He swept his hair and laughed in vain. 


“What an arrogant bastard.
How dare he tell you to run?” 


“You said this to me before, too.”


“—Did I say that?”




“It’s okay because we’re a married couple.”


Sylvester sneaked away from my gaze by coughing. 


“Anyway, are you planning to go?”




That’s a strange question.
Why is he asking such a question when the answer is obvious?


“Of course I have to go.
His Highness called me directly.”




The new teaspoon in front of Sylvester has bent again.


Seriously, what’s wrong with him?


“I failed to control my strength again this time.
You can ignore it.” 


“It’s too much to ignore.”


“Ignore it more.”


Sylvester replied and let out a long sigh.


I really couldn’t figure out why Sylvester was like that. 


I guess he doesn’t want me to go to Callian, but it was strange.
Because it was Sylvester who told me to seduce Callian first! Or did something change his mind? 




I sighed and looked at Sylvester. 


Perhaps because he felt my gaze, Sylvester quickly responded and changed his expression. 


Callian called you in person, so you have to go.
It would be weird not to go.” 




Yeah, you have to come out like this, Sylvester.


I smiled and leaned a little more towards Sylvester.


“So honey, what I want to say is.”


I placed my chin on my palms to be like a flower and said. 


“When are you going to give me the money?”




Sylvester is suffering from a sense of shame after telling Ophelia that he will settle for 30 gold coins. 


He declared himself that he certainly would not like Ophelia. 


Therefore, even if Ophelia went to see Callian, he should have been calm, but he couldn’t.
It’s like bending a teaspoon twice. 


Sylvester really hated himself. 


But Ophelia is really bright.


‘When are you going to give me the money?’


Just saying this and that. 


Sylvester felt skeptical about giving Ophelia money. 


Why did he say such a dog-like thing to seduce Callian—.
Why did he accept Ophelia’s offer for money—.


Sylvester was going crazy because he had this emotional thought and rational thought that he shouldn’t like her. 


 “I’m going crazy.”


Sylvester leaned his head back and put his hand on his forehead.
Then he closed his eyes tightly.


“Your Excellency.”


At this time, Neil called Sylvester. 


Sylvester slowly raised his closed eyes and looked at Neil. 


“What’s the matter?”


It’s nothing, because I have something to tell you because the Crown Prince had called Madam earlier.” 


He’s going crazy thinking about that, and now he’s going to say that again?


Sylvester was angry, but he tried hard to hold back because he thought that if he was angry here, he would reveal his little heart. 


“What is it?”


However, the sharp voice could not be hidden. 


Neil carefully opened his mouth in a slightly nervous manner. 


“Well, isn’t this the first time His Highness has called Madam? Except for the first time the two of you called together.” 




“I don’t think he called her for anything bad this time.”




“So what I’m saying—”


Neil spoke slowly. 


“How about releasing an article?”






Neil continued to talk. 


If you publish an article with a headline like this, I think it will help to reduce the Crown Prince’s reputation.” 


That’s not a bad idea.


No, it’s correct. 


That was a pretty good idea. 


If an article like this comes out, Calian’s reputation will hit the bottom. 


But then—.


‘What about Ophelia?’


Sylvester bit his teeth. 


“What will Ophelia become if there’s an article like that?”




Neil frowned and tilted his head. 


“You didn’t care about Madam’s reputation, didn’t you?” 




“And the worse Madam’s reputation gets, the better it is for Your Excellency, isn’t it?”


This, too, is right.


Sylvester always wanted Ophelia’s reputation to go down and fall. 


That way, his evil deeds are not known and hidden behind her background. 


Sylvester used to be like that.
This was clearly the case in the past.
But now—.


‘No, no.’


Sylvester got his mind together again. 


Now that he swore he wouldn’t like Ophelia.
He couldn’t shake this decision.


Sylvester exhaled for a long time. 


And he said to Neil. 


“You’re such a great aide.”


Neil smiled.
He seemed to have no idea that Sylvester was being sarcastic. 


So Sylvester sighed again and swept his hair roughly.






“I said no.
Never do anything that’s harmful to Ophelia.” 


He said, then clicked his tongue.
Niel was perplexed. 




“I said no.”


With Sylvester coming out so hard, Neil couldn’t talk more. 


However, Neil was a person who did anything for his master, and he was also a person who was not willing to follow his master’s orders.






After getting 30 gold coins, I headed to the Crown Palace with a light step.


It didn’t matter why Callian called me. 


Well, I guess he’s calling me to tell a useless story.


More importantly, I got 30 gold coins! 


‘Of course, Sylvester looked unhappy when he gave me gold coins.’


He can feel bad because he lost his money. 


But is it my business? 


I was rightfully extorting his money. 




‘How much did I collect?’


I thought I should go back and count it. 


But I collected quite a lot. 


This means that I’m not going to starve to death when I leave. 


‘I’m going to collect more.’


That way, I can live peacefully with a maid as I do now.


At first, Irene’s serving was burdensome, but now without it, it has become a little difficult to move.
After all, humans are animals of adaptation—.


Anyway, I decided to save more money, so I thought I should look better to Callian in the future.
Only then will Sylvester look at me and give me gold coins.


‘I want to do it within this year—’


I want to stand out before the original work progresses further. 


Now that it is in the middle of the original work, there are not many big events, and as it goes to the second half, there is a lot of blood and a power struggle. 


There was also Ophelia between that blood—.
I shrugged. 


‘Let’s survive.’


And let’s live well. 


I grabbed my mind and knocked on the door of the office where Callian would be.


“Your Highness, can I come in?”


Soon after, I was told to enter. 


I slowly opened the door. 


Naturally, I thought he would be alone, so I just talked to him.


“Your Highness, you must have missed me.
You called me just one day like this.”






I heard an unfamiliar sound.
This was definitely a laugh.
When I turned my head, I saw someone standing in the corner. 


A man with platinum blonde hair like Callian.
However, the impression is definitely different from Callian’s.


If Callian looked sharp and scary, the man in front of me looked a little softer and more gentle.


Who is he? 


I was surprised and opened my eyes wide. 






The man smiled and turned toward me.


“You don’t know my face.”


And he slowly approached me.
Standing tall in front of me, he looked down at me and smiled softly.


“Largo von Regenne.” 


Oh my. 


I know this man.


There’s no way I don’t know. 


“If I say it like this, you’ll understand, right?”


The villain of the work. 


Since he’s the 2nd Prince. 


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