He likes her. 


I like Ophelia.


Sylvester finally realized his mind.
He didn’t want to admit it, but he had no choice but to admit it.
He likes Ophelia.
A lot of that, too.


‘It can’t be like this.’


He turned around and swept his face with his palm. 


It can’t be like this. 


This doesn’t make sense. 


I can’t believe I started liking someone!


In Sylvester’s head, things of the past unfolded like a panorama.
He remembered the past and what happened with his mother. 


Instead of using her own, Sylvester’s mother, a black wizard, used Sylvester’s emotions.


And it was love. 


‘Baby, you love me, right?’


‘You have to love me unconditionally.’


She forced Sylvester to love her. 


When her strength weakened even a little, she repeatedly scolded and hit Sylvester.
He loved his mother only when he was very young and tried to be loved, but as he grew up he felt something strange.
At the same time, his love for his mother gradually decreased.


By the time love fades like that, his mother left him.


‘You’re not worth using.’


While talking like that. 


Sylvester was greatly shocked and betrayed.
Sylvester, abandoned alone on the street, vowed at that moment. 


He won’t love anyone.
He’ll never love someone again. 


But, what about with Ophelia now?


‘There’s no way.’


This doesn’t make sense.
It shouldn’t have happened.


Sylvester decided to pull himself together.
He won’t like Ophelia.




As Sylvester was weighing on his resolution, Ophelia approached him. 


“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? Are you okay?” 


Only then did Sylvester raise his eyes and look at Ophelia.
Sylvester clenched his teeth. 


“I’m okay.” He said, half avoiding Ophelia’s eyes.
“What about you? Are you hurt?”


“I told you my eyes hurt.
It still feels uncomfortable.”


My eyes. 


Ophelia muttered and groaned. 


Sylvester smiled unknowingly because it was so cute, but he quickly forgot about it.


It shouldn’t be like this.
He has to pull himself together. 


“First of all, we’d better get out of the forest.
Before more monsters come in.” 


“I agree.” 


At Ophelia’s words, Sylvester walked ahead wiithout looking at Ophelia’s face.
So Ophelia was a little curious. 


The guy who was smiling at her until just now suddenly got cold.
However, Sylvester has always been an unpredictable person, so she decided that the current emotional change was not something to be concerned about. 


She walked out of the forest after Sylvester. 




When she saw the open lake, her heart was relieved.


In fact, even if the monsters were subdued and killed at once, the scared feelings did not disappear. 


Ophelia was still afraid of monsters.
She shook her shoulders and breathed heavily.


“What’s wrong?” Sylvester asked. 


“Because I’m scared.” 


At Ophelia’s answer, Sylvester tilted his head. 


“You fought well considering that.” 


“Fighting is one thing and being scared is another.” 


“Is that so?”


Sylvester suddenly thought that he felt sorry for Ophelia.
But this too immediately shook his head and scattered.


He can’t have feelings for Ophelia, he can’t.


He muttered and made up his mind again. 


“Knowing that it’s scary, you spray that perfume and enter the forest of monsters? Are you insane?”




Ophelia asked back, narrowing her forehead slightly. 


“What’s wrong with this perfume? Is there a problem?”


“Of course.”


Sylvester gasped at the fact that Ophelia knew nothing and clicked his tongue. 


“This smell is the scent of Kerban flowers.”


“What’s that?”


“I mean, it’s a scent that monsters really like.
It’s like jumping into a sea full of sharks with seven packs of blood.
Do you understand?”




Ophelia unknowingly opened her mouth in half. 


So, because this scent keeps coming out of me, the monsters keep coming to me like today? What if I didn’t know how to use black magic? I would have died for sure! Fleur was trying to kill me!


This wicked woman—!


“I didn’t spray the perfume!”


Ophelia shouted with a lot of resentment. 


“Countess Fleur broke the perfume bottle in front of me!”




Sylvester frowned. 


“Was it a mistake?”


“—I don’t know about that.”


“It’s not a mistake.” 


He stroked his chin and gently pressed the inside of his mouth with his tongue.


Countess Fleur. 


He often heard from Ophelia that she thought she wouldn’t be such an innocent woman, but she does the same thing today.


‘It could be quite dangerous.’


Sylvester muttered, twinkling his eyes.
And he glanced at Ophelia, who was angry. 


“That’s right.
It won’t be a mistake.
Oh, my.
How can she try to kill someone? She’s such an evil woman!” 


Sylvester laughed. 


“You seem to have forgotten that you tried to kill the Countess by hiring someone in the past.” 




“You tried to force her to drink poisoned tea.
Don’t you remember?”




Ophelia from the past. 


She’s such a crazy woman—.


Ophelia buried her face in her hands.


“Anyway, it was really dangerous for you today.
You almost died.”


“I know.”


“So we have to get revenge somehow.” 


“But wait.
There’s no evidence.”


Sylvester spoke in a friendly tone as if to calm Ophelia.


“Don’t worry.
I’ll take care of this on my own.”


He thought this kind of generosity could be given. 


So this is to punish someone for trying to harm her, not because he likes Ophelia. 


“Trust me.
I’ll give you as much revenge as you want.”


He put his hand on Ophelia’s shoulder and said. 


“I’m a more crazy bastard than you think.”


She knows that. 


Is he underestimating her thoughts too much? 


Ophelia tried hard to swallow what she couldn’t say. 




When I left the forest with Sylvester and returned to the place where people were, many people had already returned. 


Callian caught my eye. 


He stood with the most triumphant expression on his face.
Seeing that the pocket in his hand was heavy, it seemed as if he had returned from slaying many monsters. 


I glanced at Sylvester. 


Sylvester couldn’t catch more monsters to save me.
He was looking forward to this competition.
Is he okay?


I thought of it, so I carefully opened my mouth to him.


“Are you okay?”




Sylvester pointed himself to my question. 


“I don’t know what you’re asking.
What’s okay?” 


“I think you were looking forward to this competition.
But you didn’t win the competition to save me.” 


“Ah, that’s.”


Sylvester laughed in vain. 


“Did you see me defeating monsters earlier?”


“That one?”


“You must have seen that I’m an amazing person, right?




I didn’t understand what he said, so I looked dumbfounded. 


“As long as I showed you that.”


Sylvester had his hands on the top of my head and messed up my hair. 


“That was my goal today.” 


He said with a really casual expression on his face.
How can he say such a sweet thing in such a way? 


Isn’t he being too mean? 


I breathed hard, holding my fluttering chest. 


“You’re finally coming!”


As if he had found us, Callian ran with a smile.


Why is he smiling? 


Something is fishy—.
As soon as I thought of it, Callian opened his mouth. 


“I think I won this hunting competition.” 


He said, lifting a bag full of mana cores.
He was here to brag to Sylvester. 




I felt like I was sitting on a cushion of thorns, so I looked into Sylvester’s eyes.
But Sylvester looked really calm. 


“It doesn’t matter to me.”


He said, laughing at the sense of superiority that spread across Callian’s face. 


“I learned something more important than that.” 


“What do you mean it’s important? Is there anything more valuable than winning the competition?” 


Callian’s pride seemed to have been slightly hurt.
Seeing that his voice is sharp.




Sylvester stroked his chin and tilted his head. 


And he stared at Fleur standing behind Callian.


“I think the Countess knows better about this part.”

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