I return to my place. 


The people were arguing as they had seen Callian accept the handkerchief I had given him.
I looked at them and smiled.


‘As planned.’


This way, won’t people know that Callian and I have a better relationship? And I also succeeded in getting Fleur angry. 


‘Oh, it’s cool inside.’ 


I could feel my ten-year-old congestion going down.
Smiling, I swept down my chest. 


“How did you make His Highness accept the handkerchief?” Jasmine asked. 


She didn’t seem to hear the whispering conversation because she was standing behind. 


I replied casually. 


“We made a deal.”




To be exact, it’s the most threatening deal.” 


I smiled low and raised my chin.


“What about Count Cardal?”


“She’s over there.”


There was a group of people where Jasmine pointed.
There was Fleur and the Grand Duchess.


“She’s with Fleur.”




I narrowed my eyes.


Seeing that Countess Cardel had a perplexed face, it seemed that Fleur and the Grand Duchess were forcibly holding her.
If it were a place like that, I might as well join it. 


I approached them with dignified steps.


“Hello, Duchess.”


First of all, I greeted the Grand Duchess.
And then I greeted the other Lady lightly.


“It’s been a while since I saw you all.”




“It’s nice to see you, Duchess.”


People answered with bitter faces.
Among them was Angela, who was recently scolded by me.
Seeing that she was stuck next to Fleur’s side, it was as if she had completely turned to her side. 




She didn’t even know it was the wrong choice.


I turned my gaze away from Angela and looked at Countess Cardel. 


“I was looking for the Countess.
There’s still something to talk about with me.” 




Countess Kadel opened her eyes in surprise, then nodded with a sigh.  She had noticed my intentions. 


“That’s right.
I had something to talk to the Duchess.
So I can’t stay here any longer.
I’m sorry.” 


Countess Cardel, who did not look sorry at all, smiled and crossed her arms at me.


That’s how we tried to go back.
Until Fleur opens her mouth.


“It’s a pity.
I was just about showing the ladies the perfume I got as a gift.” 




I tilted my head because it was out of the blue. 


“The Duchess also likes perfume, right?” 


Did I?


In the original story, Ophelia’s taste was never mentioned, so I have no way of knowing.
I rolled my eyes.


“It must be a perfume that suits your taste.
Do you want to try it?”


Fleur had Angela hold the bottle of perfume to me. 


If she smiles like this kindly here and holds out a bottle of perfume, do they think I’ll say, ‘Oh.
Is that so?’ 


“I guess you haven’t heard that my taste has changed.”


I took a step back and frowned. 


“I don’t like perfume anymore.”


“Yes? But—”


“So don’t worry.
You guys can do it on your own.” 


I pushed Angela’s perfume bottle out and said.


Then the Grand Duchess opened her axe’s eyes and looked at me. 


“You’re such a wicked woman to refuse Fleur’s favor.”


Why do you call a wicked woman for something like this?


I couldn’t believe it, so I laughed in vain.


“Don’t you think favor doesn’t always mean you have to accept it.
I don’t like it so I don’t like it.
What’s the problem?”


“After talking back and forth.
Someday, that high nose bridge will definitely break.” 


“My nose is so high that it won’t be easily bent.
Anyway, thank you for complimenting my pretty nose.” 


I could see the face of the Grand Duchess getting red.
With a smooth face like a grain of rice and a red fever, it looks like a sweet potato.
But if I say it like this, they’ll get mad, right? So I kept my mouth shut. 


“Then, I’ll leave.”


And I tried to leave with Countess Cardel and Jasmine.


It was then. 


“Oh my!”




The perfume bottle broke right in front of me.
Angela, who was holding a perfume bottle, missed her hand.
The dress is soaked. 


The smell that was really sweet poked my nose.
It’s a strong scent enough to bring a headache.


“I, I’m sorry Countess! My hand lost it!”


Angela bowed her head toward Fleur with a pale face. 


“No, it’s okay.
I can buy perfume again anytime.
Are you hurt?”


Fleur replied kindly, as always. 


That’s why I was even more absurd.
I’m the one who’s hurt right now, so why are they playing with each other? 


“I think it’s right to ask about my safety first.” 


I said, looking down at the soaked dress. 


“I’m soaked in the smell of perfume that I don’t even like.”


“Oh my.”


Fleur sighed while covering her mouth with a fan. 


“What to do, do you want a handkerchief?”


I looked directly at Fleur.
Beyond the oblique fan, I could see her smiling.
Something feels strange.
I bit my lower lip and stared at Fleur. 


“I think you’d better wash your hands, Madam.”


Countess Cardel said as she pulled me in to restrain me. 




No matter how strange it was, I couldn’t say anything here without evidence.
Furthermore, I didn’t want to talk to the Grand Duchess anymore.


That would be good.”


So I tried to leave with the help of Countess Cardel.
Then, I glanced at Angela.


“Was it a mistake?”


Ugh! Angela breathed heavily and gathered her shoulders.


“Y, yes.
It was a mistake.
I’m sorry.”


I blinked slowly.
I couldn’t say anything when she was talking like this, so I clicked my tongue and responded briefly. 


“I hope it wasn’t intentional.”


But in my words, Angela’s face turned white.
And Fleur’s hand, holding a fan, trembled.


As expected—.


‘Something’s weird.’


I left my place feeling uncomfortable.






Callian shot an arrow at the monster’s head.
The monster fell down and died.
Callian removed the mana core embedded in the monster’s chest and put it in his pocket. 




He looked around. 


It seems that all of the nearby low-level monsters have been killed.
In fact, it would be nice to have a stronger monster, but in a hunting contest like today, it was difficult to face a stronger monster.


This is because monsters are thoughtful creatures, so if they know they will be attacked, they will hide.
That’s why he only catch these stupid, low-level monsters—. 


“Is it roughly thirty?” 


If this was enough, it seemed that the first place in the hunting competition was obvious.
So Callian moved more leisurely. 


It was then. 


“You’re here, Your Highness.”


A familiar voice was heard.
When he turned his head, Sylvester was standing there.
With blood on the other half of his face!


“Did you kill someone?”


Callian asked in surprise.
Sylvester let out a low laugh. 


“I don’t kill anyone in situations where I would be suspected like this.
This is the blood of a monster.” 


Sylvester was a man who could kill people as much as he wanted without getting his hands dirty.
In other words, there is no way to kill people in such an obvious situation.


Callian tried to calm down and looked at Sylvester. 


“What’s the matter? I know that conversations between each other are prohibited during the competition.”


“There’s no one nearby anyway, right? 


Sylvester approached Callian with a shrug.


“I came because I wanted to ask you something.”


“Say it.”


Callian replied. 


“What do you think about Ophelia?”


“I hate her.”


Callian replied immediately.
As soon as that, he thought.
No matter what, Ophelia is still the Duchess.
How can he swear at a Duchess? Later, he could have found fault with his words.
Callian swallowed a bitter breath.


But Sylvester’s expression was strange.
He had a smile that looked like something happy.


What is it? 


Why is he making such an expression? 


Callian hesitated. 


“I see.
You hate her.”


 Sylvester rubbed his blood-stained chin. 


“I hope you continue to hate her.”


What is this crazy guy? 


Callian couldn’t understand Sylvester’s thoughts at all.
There seems to be something up, but he doesn’t know what it is—.
Callian narrowed his eyes. 


“But strangely, doesn’t it seem like you can’t see monsters?”


Sylvester turned around.
Callian turned his gaze away and replied back. 


“All of them must be hiding because there’s a hunting contest.”


“But last year, it wasn’t this bad.” 


Sylvester crossed his arms with ‘hmm’ sounds.


“It’s weird.”


It was then. 




A scream came from somewhere. 


Is that the other participants who participated in the hunting contest? 


Meanwhile, Sylvester and Callian realized at the same time that it was a voice they had heard many times. 






They made eye contact with each other.
It was Sylvester who ran first.




Callian blinked slowly as he looked at Sylvester, who was running in a hurry. ‘That’ Sylvester is so flustered like this? 


No way—.


Callian’s lips rose roundly. 


Because he thought this might be fun.

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