Today is the day of the hunting competition. 


So I woke up early in the morning, got ready, and left the room to ride a carriage with Sylvester.
However, there was no Sylvester that I thought would be on the first floor. 


No way, did he leave first?


This jerk—!


“The Master is waiting outside.”


“He’s waiting outside.”


I said ‘Aha’ at Neil and Rivert’s words and raised my chin.


“I think I’m underestimating my husband’s personality too much.”


“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”


“All of sudden?”


“Just because.”


I shrugged my shoulders up and walked ahead.
Then Neil ran and opened the door.
As soon as the door opened, a cold wind poured out.


The wind has snow on it.
There was a blizzard. 


When I saw it in the room earlier, it didn’t snow, but the weather in the north was really unpredictable. 


“It’s a bad day.”


I murmured out.
Neil replied. 


“The south will be fine.” 


In other words, if they cross the border between the North, the snow will stop.
I agreed, so I nodded and waited for Neil to put an umbrella on me.
Neil soon opened his umbrella, and we walked side by side toward the carriage. 


“His Excellency has been very much looking forward to this day,” Neil said.


“Today? Why?”


“He’s going to show his true self in a hunting contest or something.
He said something similar to this, but it was so strange that I didn’t really listen to it.” 


No way—.


‘The hunting competition will be held soon, so I’ll prove my skills then.’ 


Does he still remember this? That’s why he said that to Neil? 


I think I ignored Sylvester too much that day.
It was clear that his pride was hurt by what I said then.


Anyway, he’s just like a child.


I clicked my tongue and shook my head.


“Good job.
Don’t reply to strange words.” 


“I agree.”


Neil smiled and stopped in front of the carriage.
And looked around. 


“Where’s His Excellency?”


There was no Sylvester who said he would be waiting for me.
Where did he go again? He didn’t ride a horse alone, did he?


“First of all, it’s cold, so you should go inside the carriage.
I’ll have to look for His Excellency.”




Neil opened the carriage door, and I got on the carriage and arranged my dress.
And I opened the window and looked out. 


The snow was scattered outside.
The mansion on the white outer wall looked blurred. 


I wondered if I could start the carriage, and then I wondered where Sylvester was.
He didn’t really go alone, did he? I put my chin on the window frame and looked out grumpy. 


It was then. 


“His Excellency! Where have you been!”


Neil’s cry was heard, and then the sound of horseshoes was heard one after another. 


I turned my head toward that side.


Then I saw Sylvester just getting off the horse. 


“I went around once to look at the road.” 


He answered casually and handed over the reins of the horse to Neil. 


“How about Ophelia?”


“She’s in the carriage.”


Sylvester turned his head toward the carriage.
As soon as he did that, he made eye contact with me. 

His pitch-black hair flutters in the wind.
The eyes are blue as if they contained a clear sky. 


Black and blue.


They were two very different colors, but for Sylvester, it suited him better than anyone else. 


He reached out to me. 


“Were you waiting for me in this state?” 


He smiled, touching my cheek. 


“You’re so cute.” 


As soon as I heard it, I felt a heat coming up on my face.
The cheeks that his fingertips touched were particularly hot.


Aish, seriously. 


I quickly turned my face away and took a deep breath.
I wiped my sweaty hands on the dress.


The carriage door opened, and Sylvester came in. 


He said, wiping the snow off his coat and hair.
“The road is fine.
It’s snowing, but it’s not to the point where we can’t go forever.” 


As soon as Sylvester finished speaking, the roar of the horses was heard and the carriage set off. 


I nodded my head quietly with my lips closed.
Then Sylvester narrowed his forehead.


“Why do you look like that?” 






“How do I look?”


“Your cheeks are red.” 


He reached out to me. 


“Do you have a fever?” 


And he put his hand on my forehead.
With a worried expression.
Watching him like that, I could feel my face getting hotter.
Sylvester seemed to feel the same way. 


“You’re getting hotter.
Are you okay?”


“I, I’m okay.
So, can you move your hands?”


I leaned back and refused his touch.
Sylvester looked at his hand floating in the air, then pulled it up with an unfavorable expression on his face.


“We’ve even slept together, but you don’t even want me to touch you.
That’s too much.”


I shouted with my eyes wide open. 


“Don’t say things that people will misunderstand.
We’re just sleeping!” 


“That’s why I said we slept together.
I don’t think it’s wrong?”


That’s true, but—.
I shook my chin.


“If you say that in front of His Highness, I’ll be really angry.”


He can’t do that. 


Yesterday, I told Callian, “I like you.” 


But what if it turns out that I slept with Sylvester? 


He thought my heart was fake, so he could have been more suspicious and distanced from it.
That’s why I said this to Sylvester.




Sylvester’s expression changed strangely. 


Until just now, he was smiling even a little, but now he was not smiling at all.
Rather, his impression became rough as if he were angry. 


“What’s wrong with you?” I asked carefully.
Sylvester replied. 


“I don’t feel good.”


All of a sudden?


I laughed in vain because I was speechless. 


“You’re really an unpredictable person like this weather.” 


“Is it a compliment?”


“Does it sound like a compliment?”




Tsk, Sylvester clicked his tongue again.
He rested his elbows against the window sill and rested his head in his hands.
looking down at me obliquely. 


“Will you give a handkerchief to the Crown Prince?”


“Of course.”


“I don’t think he’ll receive it.”


“I know.” 


Callian will not receive it.
I just hope he doesn’t do anything like tearing it up and throwing it in the trash can. 


“But I have to give meaning to giving.
I have to make them believe that I like the Crown Prince.”


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed. 


As expected, I don’t feel good.”


He pressed the inside of his mouth with his tongue and narrowed his forehead.
He looks at me with squinting eyes.


“I’m afraid I won’t give you anything to hunt.”


“To me?”




“Who are you going to give it to then?”


“I don’t know.” 


Sylvester said so and turned his head.
What is this absurd but cute behavior—? 


I said, holding back my laughter.


“Do you know sometimes you’re like a child?”




Sylvester glared at me with a ridiculous look. 


“What would I have done if someone else had said that?” 


What would you have done? It would have been either beaten or killed.


As I know the character of Sylvester in the original, I knew better than anyone how kind and gentle Sylvester is now. 


So, it’s true that I’m a little high spirit now. 


Because Sylvester is looking at me. 


“You’re letting it slide because it’s me? Okay.
I’ll be more playful from now on.” 


That’s why I’m saying this. 


I sneaked a glance at Sylvester, but he didn’t look offended.
Rather, he looks like he’s felt better.


“You’re really fun.”


Sylvester tapped and hit my forehead and said.


“I guess that’s why I feel good when we talk.”


He smiled. 


But the smile quickly fades.
Turning into a serious face in an instant, he said, giving each letter of strength.


“So don’t talk about the Crown Prince from now on.”




“Do you get it?


But why? 


He’s the one who tells me to seduce him. 


He’s a weirdo.


I wanted to say, but I was a person who knew how to be modest.
So I calmly replied, “Okay,” and we soon crossed the border and arrived at the Monster Forest.

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