I’m just in a good mood. 


I narrowed my forehead as I saw a person who was obviously Fleur walking from far away.
Fleur was not alone.
Next to her, there was the Grand Duchess. 


Are they going to meet Callian?


If so, it means that they came without an appointment with Callian.
If Callian knew Fleur was coming, he wouldn’t have allowed me to come in the first place. 


‘Well, she’s with the Grand Duchess, so what’s the importance of an appointment?’


I shook my head lightly at the Grand Duchess who was walking towards me with a sullen expression. 


“Hello, Grand Duchess.”


“You can’t say hello.”


The Grand Duchess, who looked like a grain of rice, glared at me with her eyes wide open. 


“What are you doing here?”


I shrugged my shoulders. 


“Why did I come to the Crown Prince’s Palace? Of course, I came to see His Highness.” 


“You met His Highness? Why?”


The Grand Duchess looked at me with a ridiculous look.
Well, now that it is publicly known that Callian hates me, it was natural to have this kind of reaction. 


I smiled and nodded my head. 


“Do I have to explain the reason why I met His Highness?”


And before the Grand Duchess could open his mouth, I continued. 


“His Highness would hate to tell the story of just the two of us outside.” 


“This arrogant—!”


The Grand Duchess pointed at me and started preparing to shout. 


Uhm, as expected, she’s a hot-tempered woman. 


I tried to cover my ears in anticipation of the soon-to-be-hear shout. 




“Grand Duchess “


It was Fleur who stopped the Grand Duchess.
Fleur folded his arms around the Grand Duchess and stroked her arm.


“Don’t worry.
There is no secret between His Highness and me.
If we go in and ask, he’ll definitely tell us.”


Then, she glances at me. 


It was a look with a subtle sense of victory.
So I was a little speechless. 


Because those words were deliberately telling me to look and listen! 


If it was the original Ophelia, she would have grabbed Fleur’s hair right away. 


But not me. 


“Really? Let’s see”. 


I crossed my arms and looked at Fleur.


“I don’t think so.”


“Oh my, Duchess.”


Fleur pulled her lips and smiled and said. 


“His Highness tells me everything.”




I smiled and looked at her.


“Then I’ll tell you that I’m going to do the first dance at the ball in a while with him.”




Fleur’s eyes trembled.
Her face said that she can’t believe it. 


I twisted my lips even more.


“So I’m really looking forward to it.
I hope you look forward to it with me.”


Fleur didn’t answer.
Instead, the Grand Duchess shouted.


“That doesn’t make sense!” 


The Grand Duchess raised her voice with her eyes open. 


“Why is His Highness with a wicked woman like you! His Highness can’t do that!”


“If you can’t believe it, why don’t you ask His Highness?”


Unlike her, who was angry, I showed a more calm attitude and smiled.
Because that would make her even angrier. 


I was right. 


“You’re evil.
You’re doing this knowing that Fleur has a weak heart and can’t speak well!”


The Grand Duchess shouted more wildly. 


I looked down at her and shrugged. 


“Then the Grand Duchess should ask instead of her.”


“T, that’s—!”


The Grand Duchess bit her lower lips hard. 


Because she herself knows.
That she doesn’t have the right to ask about Callian’s private life. 


The same goes for Fleur. 


Fleur’s asking Callian is an act that goes against the image she has built up.
So she won’t be able to get her words out in the first place. 


She has to wait until Callian tells her.  


‘Let’s see?’


Will Callian tell her? 


He will never do it.


So I smiled brightly at them.


“I’m looking forward to the ball.”


I smiled and passed them.


I’m glad I screwed them properly so I didn’t see it.
What kind of eyes Fleur was looking at me with. 




Sylvester dropped his pen like this.


It’s already almost dinner time.
But Ophelia still hasn’t returned.
What the hell is she talking about with Callian to make her so late? 


Sylvester was nervous.
Then he wondered why he had to feel this nervousness.




Why is he so concerned about Ophelia?


He didn’t know the reason.


‘It’s annoying.’


He ruffled his hair and furrowed his forehead deeply.
Sylvester was always a man whose cause and effect had to be clear. 


If there was a result, the cause had to exist, but now there was only a result that said it was annoying, but the cause could not be found. 


That’s why it was more frustrating. 


Sylvester swept his bangs away, spitting them out as if he was breathing. 


“Send someone to the Crown Prince’s Palace.
Bring Ophelia back.” 




Neil, who was working on the opposite side, suddenly raised his head. 


“But Madam already came back earlier?”




Sylvester was surprised and asked back. 


Because he had no idea Ophelia was here! 


“Why didn’t you tell me?” 


Sylvester asked sarcastically.
Neil replied with an absurd look on his face. 


“That’s because you never say anything—?”


It was natural for Neil to come out like this.
Sylvester was always not interested in Ophelia’s whereabouts. 


It is Sylvester who didn’t care much whether Ophelia went out or came in. 


But why is he doing this now?


Neil was dumbfounded. 


“You’ve never been curious.
Why all of a sudden? Is there anything special today?”


At Neil’s question, Sylvester tilted his head back and closed his eyes tightly. 


He also wants to know the answer. 


He wants to say what made him so annoyed and why Ophelia’s absence bothers him so much. 


But he can’t do that. 


That’s why he was even angrier with himself.


“No, it’s not like that.”


Sylvester raised himself by pressing down on his temple. 


“I’m going to go to Ophelia now.” 


Neil stared blankly at Sylvester getting up.


“How about work?”


Sylvester pointed at the desk with a chin. 


“You do it.
As a punishment for not telling me.” 


“You’re too mean!” 


Neil shouted, but Sylvester ignored it. 


And soon, he left the office with a quick step.




Sylvester decided that he should knock first before opening the door.


—Knock knock. 


As soon as he knocked on the door, he heard Ophelia’s voice telling him to come in. 


Then he felt his heart beating.


This was a strange feeling.




Really, why am I doing this?


Sylvester sighed for a long time. 


Still, he thought he should go into the room and meet Ophelia. 


He opened the door. 


Ophelia, sitting on the sofa and fiddling with something, was immediately seen. 


“When did you get here?”


He asked, pretending to be indifferent.


“Before the evening moon rises.” 


“Why don’t you tell me when you’re here?”




Ophelia raised her head only then. 


“Since when have you been curious about my whereabouts?”


It’s the same thing as Neil.
Sylvester responded. 


“From today.
I’ll keep wondering, so tell me from now on.”


“It’s annoying—”


Ophelia pouted. 


“I’ll tell you where I’m going and when I came, so you should do the same.” 


“I’ll think about it.” 


That’s not a very good answer. 


Sylvester looked at Ophelia with a distasteful expression. 


“What were you doing?”


“Something you might like.
I’ve been working hard, but I can’t believe I’m getting order as soon as I get here, so I’m not feeling good” 


“I didn’t order it, I asked for it.
By the way, what were you doing?” 


Ophelia stopped wriggling her hands only then.


And she sticks something out to Sylvester.




She handed it to Sylvester.
When he looked at it—.




Although it was a mess, it was an embroidered handkerchief. 


Sylvester’s eyes got bigger. 


“I’ve tried my best.
So don’t laugh at me.”


Sylvester grabbed the handkerchief. 


He couldn’t speak for a while.
Because it was a gift that he never thought of. 


“Did you—make a new one?”








“To give it to me?”


“Of course.”


Sylvester kept his mouth shut.
He swallows dry saliva.
A cold sweat ran down the back of his neck.
His heart began to pound.


He gently closed his eyes and opened them up because he felt dizzy. 


Still, he was confused and his head hurt. 


“Why do you look like that?”


Ophelia tilted her head when she saw Sylvester. 


“Are you sick?”




Sylvester shook his head. 


“I don’t know what expression I’m making.”


Now that he came to his senses, he smiled low and folded his handkerchief.


“I’m happy.”


And he put his hand on the top of Ophelia’s head. 


“Thank you, Ophelia.”


He stroked her hair.
He like the feeling of her hair wrapped around his fingers.


No, maybe it was good to be with Ophelia like this. 


Sylvester could vaguely guess what caused this emotion. 

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