What kind of nonsense is this? I was dumbfounded and stared blankly at Sylvester.
Then Sylvester looked at me with a dumbfounded expression. 


“Of course, you should give it to me.
Why would you give it to the Crown Prince?”


“Why of course?” 


“Because I’m your husband!”


In some ways, I think what he says is right.
Of course, married women with husbands present embroidered handkerchiefs to their husbands. 


But isn’t the case different for me? 


“When are you telling me to seduce the Crown Prince?”


Now it’s time to get a good impression on Callian.
Of course, I had to give Callian a handkerchief, not a handkerchief to Sylvester. 


“To do that, I have to send something to show my feelings.”




Sylvester bit his lower lip as if he was speechless and narrowed his brow.


Do whatever you want.”


He said, throwing a handkerchief at me. 




I tilted my head to one side with a low voice. 


“Are you angry?”


“I’m not.”


“You look angry even from a hundred meters away.” 


“I told you I’m not!”


Sylvester jumped to his feet. 


“I’m going to sleep outside today.
That’s what I know.”




I was surprised and opened my eyes wide. 


“Are you saying you’re going to sleep outside now? Were you such a piece of trash?”




Sylvester pointed his finger at the door with an unfair look. 


“I’m going to sleep in the office.
In the office!’


“Ah, what else do I say?”


At my insignificant answer, Sylvester narrowed his eyes.


“Do you think I’m having an affair? I’m not you.
I’m faithful to my marriage.”


“I’ve never been unfaithful.” 


“I guess you don’t remember chasing the Crown Prince because you love him?”


“I wasn’t faithful.” 


Sylvester laughed as if he was dumbfounded by my quick change of statement.
Then he said, ‘Ah,’ and covered his lips again.


“I didn’t laugh at all.
You didn’t win.” 


He seems to remember me saying, ‘If you laugh, you lose.’ 


It was so cute, too, so I smiled. 


Are you really going to sleep outside?” 




He snorted and turned his head away.
Having said this, what am I supposed to say? I had no choice but to say I can’t help it. 


“Do whatever you want.” 


Then Sylvester’s eyes shook.


“Is that the end?” 


He looked at me with a bit of resentment. 


“Then, do you want me to stop you?”


“At least once.” 


“Are you going to listen to me if I stop you?”


“I’ll think about it.”


“Then I won’t stop you.
Go sleep outside.”


I waved my hand and said ‘Shoo~ Shoo.’


“Get out.
I’ll lock the door.”




Sylvester took a deep breath.
And then he looked at me. 


Why? What? So what if you look at me like that? No.
Just go back. 


“My wife is really cold-hearted.” 


“It’s a fact that I know even if I don’t say it.”


“Not even losing a word.”


Tsk, Sylvester pouted his lips.
He came back to bed. 


I’m going to sleep here, too.” 


Then he lay down on the bed.


“Ah, wash up first and then lie down!”


“I washed up a while ago.”


“I know you’re lying, you know?”


I washed up.” 


Sylvester looked up at me as he lay on the bed.
I made eye contact with him. 


Maybe it’s because I’m on the bed, but somehow the atmosphere became strange.
I turned my eyes slightly because I was embarrassed.
Then Sylvester opened his mouth. 


“Don’t we really look like a married couple?”


Sylvester said softly wrapping my wrist.


“I never imagined it would be like this with you.”


He pulled me close. 


Flop! My body fell to his side.
Sylvester skillfully put his arm behind my neck and gave me an arm pillow.
Then he wrapped his arms around my waist. 


“It’s better to sleep now.”


“No, like this?”


It’s nice, right?


My heart isn’t saying it’s good.
I inhaled, feeling my heart beating fast. 


“Let’s sleep like this today.”


Sylvester hugged me more and buried his face on the back of my neck. 


“Good night.”


The unique refreshing body odor tickled my nose.
So I couldn’t sleep even though I was extremely tired.


It’s not that I couldn’t sleep because I was nervous.


It’s never like that. 




The next day.


I woke up rubbing my tired eyes. 


As expected, Sylvester wasn’t here.
He woke up early in the morning and worked, so it was natural that he was not there. 


But I was disappointed.


No, how can you sleep with me yesterday and wake up first like this and leave? 


I want to at least wake him out and leave. 




I pouted my lips and pulled the rope.
Soon after, Irene opened the door and came in. 


“Are you up, Madam? Did you sleep well?” 


“It’s not good, but I slept well anyway.” 


“Are there any uncomfortable places?”


 uncomfortable place? 


Why are you asking that all of a sudden? I wondered and titled my head. 


“What does that mean?” 


“Ah, that’s—”


Irene slowly opened her mouth, quietly looking at the situation. 


“There are a lot of rumors that the Master and Madam finally shared a room—”


“We just slept.”


After that, I sighed and pressed my eyes tight.


I swear I only slept.”


In my words, Irene replied, barely holding back her laughter. 


“You don’t have to say that as an excuse to me.” 


“It’s not an excuse, you know?!”


I took a deep breath and looked at Irene.
Irene is still biting her lips to keep a straight face.


What would I say? Ugh.


I shook my head as I touched my forehead. 


“Never mind, I’m going to the Crown Prince Palace today.”




Irene raised her head in surprise. 


“Still— You haven’t given up on His Highness.
Even though you’ve gotten along so well with Master—.”


Irene said with a sad look. 


It’s something that your Master makes me do.
Can you not say anything to me when you don’t know what’s going on behind you? 


I wanted to tell you everything if I could.
But I can’t. 


The promise with Sylvester was our own story.
So I jumped out of bed and said, “It’s all because I have a situation.” 




“So can you help me get ready? Don’t say anything else.”


With my sharp eyes, Irene moved quickly, answering that, she seemed a little scared.
Irene walked behind me and I slightly put my nose on my arms. 


Sylvester’s body odor from last night seemed to still remain. 




Sylvester, sitting in the office, is staring out of the window blankly. 


He’s holding a pen, but he doesn’t use it.
He’s just holding it and thinking about something else.


He also couldn’t sleep well last night. 


He asked to sleep together curiously, but Ophelia was bothered and couldn’t sleep at all.
Every time Ophelia tossed and turned, it felt like his heart was pounding.
His heart beat fast just by listening to the sound of breathing quietly.


‘Let’s never sleep together again.’


Sylvester muttered, disheveling his bangs.


At this time, Neil opened the door and entered the office.
Sylvester welcomed Neil with a happy look at the thought that he could finally have a conversation partner and shake off his thoughts.


“Why did you come so late?”


“I was late because I was wandering around the mansion for a while.”


Neil replied.


“I had something to discuss with Madam about the school site, but she wasn’t there.” 




I heard she’s going out.”


Sylvester frowned.
He was in a good mood and suddenly he felt bad.


“To where?”


“They said she was going to Crown Prince Palace.”




Did she go to give a handkerchief? Then he even felt worse.
No, you should give me the handkerchief.
Why would you give it to that jerk Crown Prince—!


Of course, he was the one who made that decision, but he hated Ophelia a little.
Sylvester sighed. 


“It is said that His Highness Crown Prince also willingly accepted the visit.
Isn’t it really surprising?” 


It was such a surprise.


Because the Crown Prince was originally scared and hated when Ophelia came out.
But recently, they—.


‘They got quite close.’


Obviously, he felt strangely bad even though he made her do it.
Sylvester gently bite the flesh inside his mouth. 


“Well, I don’t know what happened.
Is His Highness trying to accept Madam’s heart?” 


“There’s no way.” Sylvester shook his head.
“I don’t think so.
It can’t be.”




Neil looked at Sylvester with an expression that he didn’t understand well.


“Didn’t you want His Highness to be close with Madam?”


Neil is right.


Sylvester originally hoped for that.
He had to be happy to congratulate Ophelia on doing so well right now.


“I don’t know either.”


He doesn’t know he feels bad like this. 


“I don’t know anything.
I’m annoyed.”


He let out his necktie and sighed.
He thought he couldn’t control his feelings well recently. 


“The hunting contest is tomorrow, right?”




Sylvester recalled what Ophelia said. 


‘I can’t imagine you holding a sword.’


‘But I don’t think you’ll use your strength.’


It was a conversation that was very annoying because she seemed to think weakly of him.
So this time, he was going to show his abilities properly.


Wouldn’t Ophelia think I’m cool, too?


“Why don’t we catch something this time?”


Sylvester hummed, leaving Neil’s shocked face behind. 

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