Next day. 


I forcibly opened my eyes that couldn’t open.
This is because I was so curious about ‘how yesterday’s work became known to the public’ as Countess Cardel said.


I should call Irene and ask her to bring her a newspaper.
So I rubbed my stiff eyes and lifted myself.


It was then. 


“There’s an interesting article.”


Sylvester’s voice was heard.
Right next to me! 


Looking back, Sylvester was sitting on the end of the bed with his shirt roughly hanging over him.
The morning sun shone brightly on his face.
The white skin, which contrasts with his black hair, shone to the fullest.


The blue eyes were becoming more noticeable these days, and the high nose bridge and strong jawline, as if carved, showed their existence as if separating the light.


What is this? 


He’s so handsome since the morning—?


I stared blankly at Sylvester.
Sylvester smiled at me like that. 


“It’s pierced.
Stop looking at it because I know I’m handsome.” 


“—How does it feel to live every day with that kind of confidence?” 


“I told you.
It’s the best.
It couldn’t be better.”


Sylvester opened the newspaper with his eyebrows raised. 


“Ophelia Ryzen, now she’s a hero.”




“It’s roughly like this, but take a look.” 


I snatched the newspaper Sylvester gave me.
And I looked at the contents. 


[There had been a lot of trouble in Count Cardel the day before.
The mercenaries held a protest near the Count.] 


The content is strangely different.


Perhaps it would have been a bad story to say that mercenaries had entered the Count, so that part seemed to have been excluded. 


As expected, it’s clever.


I read the following content in admiration.


[The mercenaries who were protesting came to play tricks on the Young Ladies.
At this time, surprisingly, a hero appeared to save the Count.
It was Duchess Ophelia Ryzen.
She quickly overpowered the mercenary’s leader, making everyone apologize.
With her amazing speech skills and black magic! 


—(skip part)— This shows that the rumor that the Duchess has changed is true, and therefore, her heroic actions should be praised] 




Oh my. 


I’ve never seen a newspaper article with such good words.
I covered my mouth with admiration.


“Did you see that?”




“You need to compliment me!”


I jumped up and shouted.


“That’s what Countess Cardel said.
She said she would meet the reporter herself.
But there are good articles like this out there!” 


I feel so great.


It is said that praise makes even whales dance, and that is true.
The dance was coming out automatically! 


“It’s so exciting, right?”


I went around the room and smiled brightly.
Sylvester looked at me like that, and spit out a disappointing laugh.
Then he gestured to me. 


“I have a question, so come over here.”


“I’m excited right now, so later.”


“It’s a serious topic.”


His talking face was quite serious.


“Phew, do you have to light the candles like this?”


So I was forced to get close to him. 


Sylvester held my hand.


“Until now, you’ve been a foolish black wizard who only knows how to curse.” He looked me in the eye and said.
“But you’ve become so strong all of a sudden? To the point where you can overpower mercenaries with one hand?


“But, the mercenary wasn’t a big deal.” 


“He’s a mercenary who’s been alive in the Battle of Orgen.
That’s how strong he is.
You overpowered him with one hand.”


The Battle of Orgen was a war that resulted in numerous casualties.
He was a mercenary who lived and returned from such a place—.


‘He didn’t look that strong.’


If it had looked that much, I wouldn’t have come at him. 


I became a little awkward and closed my mouth.
Sylvester lifted his eyes looking at me like that.


“So, I’m going to ask.”






Sylvester held my hand with a little strength.


“Did you make a contract with the demons?” 




I had a feeling that something was getting cold.
How can you be so wrong? 


I shook my head.


“I’m not.”


“Don’t lie.”


“It’s really not.
I swear.”


“How did you become so strong all of a sudden?”


“It’s just—”


I blinked my eyes. 


“I was like this before?” 


It’s true. 


I’d been able to use this much power since the first time I used black magic when I was angry at Fleur.
So I thought it’s not a lie.


Sylvester glanced at me as if to scan me.
Then he sighed and let go of his hand. 


“Didn’t you run out of energy?”


“I’m okay.”


“Are you okay now?”




Sylvester seems to have calmed down a little at my obedient answer.
He rubbed his forehead and got up. 


“There will be more people looking for you in the future.
When a request comes in, hand it over properly.
If there’s something good, discuss it with me.” 




Isn’t this too much jump? 


It’s too much to think that people will come to me just because I used a little black magic. 


“Hey, it’s just one side of the article, don’t you think it’s too heavy?” 


“Is it just one side of the article?”


Sylvester glanced as he buttoned his shirt. 


“Well, can you see all the letters?”


The place he was pointing to was on the desk.
There were a lot of letters piled up there.


No way—.


“It’s all in front of you.
It’s trying to get to know you somehow.”


“Oh my.”


I covered my mouth with both hands.


“Should I be happy or should I be confused?” 


“Make a happy but confused expression.” 


“It’s a bit of a difficult order.” 


Sylvester burst into laughter.
He put his hand on the top of my head and messed up my hair. 


“It is true that you are in a confusing situation.
People will now approach you based on your abilities.”




Would it be better than not approaching at all?”


“—I don’t know.
Not yet.”


Sylvester glanced at me.
It seemed like he was trying to guess how I was feeling.
He touched my cheek. 


“But you did a good job.”




“If you are the hostess of the Duke of Ryzen, you should be famous like this.” 


That jerk’s hostess of the Duke of Ryzen.
It’s a word that comes up all the time, but strangely, I feel a little better now.
Was it because of the newspaper article that only had a compliment about me written on it?


Whatever it was, I was a little reminiscent.


Of course, it’s never because Sylvester stroked her hair.


“By the way, there’s a hunting contest next week.
I hope you can attend then.” 


Sylvester nodded his head while wearing a tie. 


“I told you, right?”


Sylvester, wearing a jacket, straightened his waist, shaking off his clothes. 


“I’ll show you how great I am.” 


The morning sun came in brightly again. 


At the moment, it was so bright that I couldn’t look at him completely. 


It’s really because of the sunlight. 


It’s not because I’m shy. 




After washing roughly, changing clothes, and eating breakfast, a guest came. 


It was Jasmine. 


“Madam! I’m here!” 


Now Jasmine comes to me without a message.
It seems that she thought that she was getting closer to what happened yesterday.
I was happy to accept her because I didn’t have much in mind either. 


“Sit down, I was about to drink tea.” 


“Can we drink tea later? I’ve come with good news, so I guess we’ll have to go out now.” 


“Good news?”


I titled my head. 


I got a letter from Countess Cardel.
Let’s make a handkerchief for the upcoming hunting contest! As much as we can.”


As much as?


“She was thinking it would be nice if I came with Madam, don’t you think so?”


Oh my. 


It’s a major development. 


I was surprised and opened my eyes wide.
However, I didn’t want to reveal my surprise openly, so I tried hard to tidy up my face by coughing. 


“Why didn’t she send me a letter?”


“I guess she’s still scared of Madam.”


“You really say that casually.”


“Because it’s true that everyone is afraid of Madam.
And isn’t that better?” 


Jasmine added something. 


“Rather than look down on you.” 


Her eyes looking at me were sparkling.
Those eyes that want to be like me.
I knew very well what to say to a child like that.


“If you’re by my side, you’ll be admired by people,” I said, stroking Jasmine’s cheek once. 


Jasmine’s face slightly turned red. 


“I’m hoping for that, too.” 


“You’re always the same.” 


She is a child who is consistently faithful to desire.


So I liked Jasmine. 


If there’s anything you can get from me, you’ll be next to me as much as you want.
There was so much I could give Jasmine.
So I was able to handle Jasmine well.


“Then shall we go?”


I reached out to Jasmine and said. 


“I should decorate you to the fullest this time too.” 


A smile spread to Jasmine’s face, and I decided that her loyalty had gone up one more time. 

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