That was a favor. 


Countess Cardel was doing Ophelia a favor.
Considering the bad relationship in the past, it has been a great development now. 


“I, I actually thought I’d be kicked out,” Ophelia said, remembering the Young Lady who cried a lot earlier.  “By the way, seeing I was guided to the drawing-room like this, would it be okay to judge that Countess Cardel had a good feeling about me?” 


“Probably,” Jasmine replied.
“Because Countess Cardel is a smart woman.
She’d probably believe she owed Madam a lot.
Thanks to Madam for driving the mercenaries away.”


“That’s true.
They would have been in big trouble if it weren’t for me.” 


Because the mercenaries are from the lawless zone, things almost went wrong.
In such a situation, Ophelia’s arrival would have been a great help to Countess Cardel.


“By the way, when did you learn the black magic?” Jasmine asked.


Ophelia tilted her head.
“I thought everyone was expecting me to be able to use this kind of black magic.” 


“Not at all.” Jasmine shook her head quickly.
“Everyone knew that Madam only knew how to curse.
The same goes for me.
I thought it would be a threat to Countess Fleur first.
But today—.” Jasmine said, shivering her shoulders.
“It was really scary, Madam.”


Ophelia closed her mouth.


Perhaps, the real Ophelia only used the curse magic.
In the original, there was no scene where Ophelia used black magic as she does now.


‘Anyway, I’m glad about everything.’


I have the power to protect my body.


But Jasmine doesn’t seem to think so.
She spoke to Ophelia in a slightly blamed tone.


“Don’t show this much strength next time, Madam.
Because the wives and Young Ladies are afraid of black magic.”


I didn’t know they would cry like that.” 


She was upset for no reason and pouted her lips.
No, she thought everyone would be thankful.
She would not have used her strength if she had known they would be so terrified.


She was disappointed, but what could she do? It has already happened.
And when the Young Ladies return, they will all think about it.


I saved them!


Wouldn’t that raise her reputation? Of course, it would be scary, but it wasn’t bad there either.
Ophelia smiled.


It was then. 


“Have you been waiting long?” 


A friendly voice was heard.
It was Countess Cardel. 


“I apologize.
It took some time to persuade the Young Ladies and send them back.” As Countess Cardel spoke, she glanced at Ophelia’s eyes. 


Countess Cardel swallowed dry saliva.






Ophelia replied.


“It must have been a hassle, but you worked hard.” 


“Y, yes?”


Countess Cardel opened her eyes wide in surprise.
How would Ophelia say this—?


Did I really hear it correctly?


She slapped her ear once, even though she knew it was not polite.
However, looking at Ophelia’s calm expression, it seemed that she had not heard it wrong. 


‘No way—’


She wondered if rumors were true that Ophelia had changed.
Looking back on what happened today, it may or may not be true.
She still doesn’t understand. 


But one thing she knows for certain is that she owes Ophelia a lot today.
The fact that the mercenaries were expelled was not enough to thank her again and again.
Otherwise, the status of Countess Cardel would have been greatly reduced.


“Thank you so much for today, Madam.
I owe you a lot.”


Ophelia didn’t answer.
Then Jasmine pokes Ophelia in a hurry.  


“Ah! Oh, that’s right.
It’s fine.
I just did what I had to do.”


Ophelia said exactly what Jasmine told her to do.
In the carriage, Jasmine said. 


‘Unintentionally, Madam’s way of speaking causes others to misunderstand.’


‘So just do what I tell you.


She was debating whether to listen to that or not but seeing the moved face of Countess Cardel, she thought it was good that she listened to her.


Ophelia smiled and patted Jasmine’s thigh.


“You must have been surprised.
Are you okay?”


“Are you worried about me?” 


Countess Cardel opened her mouth wide.
Oh my, maybe Ophelia Ryzen is going to die soon! If it’s not, how can a person change like this? 


Countess Cardel struggled to correct her confused thought and tried not to lose her mind. 


“T, thank you for your concern.”


“Of course.”


Ophelia smiled brightly.


Yeah, she smiled! That Ophelia Ryzen!


Countess Cardel was so startled that she couldn’t breathe.
She took her breath away. 


I don’t know if you’ve heard it, I am now serving as the Duchess’ attendant.” 


At this time, Jasmine intervened.
Come to think of it, she heard such a rumor.
So everyone expressed regret, saying, ‘Poor Jasmine—.’


But when she looked at Jasmine, she looked very good.
Does it seem that she looks brighter than before—? And look at the clothes.
The old dress she always wore is no longer there.


She’s wearing Madame Jonah’s limited edition dress! And pearl earrings, sapphire necklaces, and ruby rings!


‘It can’t be—!’


Was it all because of Duchess Ophelia? Countess Cardel’s eyes shook. 


“I didn’t know how good Madam was until now.
That’s why I’m having a good day every day thanks to her.” 


Oh my. 


It seems true that the Duchess did everything to Jasmine.
Countess Cardel opened her mouth wide.
It was a situation that had no choice but to do so.


“Anyway, there was something that suddenly caught my eye on my way to buy this child’s dress.” 


Ophelia said, spitting out a small cough. 


“When I saw it, I remembered you.
I thought it would suit you very well.” 


Jasmine took out the brooch.
She put the box on the table and pushed it straight toward Countess Cardel. 


“I received the painting for the first time, and I couldn’t pay the full price.
It’s the price, so please accept it.”


Countess Cardel had no idea what she was hearing.
First, she thought she should open the box.




And as soon as it opened, the Countess screamed.
Because she really wanted this brooch, she was wandering around looking for days and days!


“W, will you give this precious thing to me?”


She thought she shouldn’t say no here.
Because Countess Cardel’s eyes were shining that much. 


Ophelia smiled and nodded.


“Yes, it’s yours.”


“Oh my!”


Countess Cardel covered her mouth.
Then she said, “Ah,” and her eyes shook. 


“I, if you’re thinking of giving this to me and taking something else—”


“It’s not like that.
It’s a gift.”


“G, gift—”


The Countess’ eyes rolled away.
In aristocratic society, if she receives a gift, she must return it. 


Ophelia Ryzen couldn’t have given her this brooch for no reason.


What are you up to?


Countess Cardel waited quietly for Ophelia’s next words.


“It’s a gift for a future friendship.”




“I think you understand what I mean since you’re smart.”




Countess Cardel swallowed dry saliva.
Originally, she would have said that she would not accept it even if Ophelia beat her.


But, based on what happened today, and looking at Jasmine’s splendid appearance.
It seemed that Ophelia was making up her mind on something.
This means that there will be a big impact on the social community.


How should she act at a time like this?


‘My husband is very close to the Duke.’


Then she had to get close to the Duchess too.
In the past, she couldn’t approach it because she was scared, but now it may be possible.


If Ophelia is like this! 


“Madam.” Countess Cardel said with sparkling eyes.
“I’ll show you how today’s work becomes known to the public.” 


So she would have to show her abilities to the fullest.


“In return.”


Ophelia and Jasmine made eye contact.


And smiled.


Their plan was a success. 

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