Sylvester is sitting in a carriage waiting for Ophelia.
He doesn’t feel good.
The reason is clear this time.
It’s because of the Emperor.


‘If I had known she would be such a cute woman, I would have put you with Callian.’


What are you putting on?


‘If you have any thoughts now, please tell me.’


What are you talking about! 


‘I think my children like you, too.’


I don’t like it! I don’t want to! 




Sylvester, who had been asking and answering himself for a long time, sighed and pointed his forehead.
He didn’t know the Emperor would like Ophelia to that extent.
If he had known, he wouldn’t have visited today—.
No, Why? 


Why does he have this thought?


‘You once said that if I seduce the Crown Prince, I will get a divorce.’


That’s right. 


He planned to use the Crown Prince’s switching side over to Ophelia to weaken the Crown Prince’s position and put him on the defensive.
The Crown Prince touching a married woman again, well, something like that.
In that case, he had to consider a divorce with Ophelia.


This was what he initially thought until he asked Ophelia for the deal.




‘You’re not trying to break the promise you made with me, are you?’




Sylvester bit his teeth hard.
He hates it.
He didn’t want to divorce Ophelia.




‘I don’t know the reason.’


Sylvester is a man who has never really thought about his own heart.
Therefore, he had no idea how he felt for Ophelia, nor did he want to know.
He was just being faithful to the feelings he was feeling right now, the irritation and the displeasure. 


So Sylvester looked at Ophelia entering the carriage with a joyful face. 


“What makes you so happy?”




Ophelia, who sat down on a chair, shaking off her dress, tilted her head.


“Ah, I’m happy.”


“Why? Because you met the Prince?” 


Sylvester growled slowly.
Ophelia looked at him with an expression, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’


“What’s good about meeting His Highness? It’s because I met the Countess.” 


Sylvester didn’t quite understand.
Isn’t it Ophelia who hates the Countess so much? But why did she feel good to meet her? 


“Did something happen?”


“Yes!” Ophelia replied with a happy face.
“I’ve been screwing the Countess.
That’s a good one, too.” She said, dancing her shoulders up and down.
“Wow, it’s exciting.”


Seeing her dancing like that with a consistent expressionless face made him laugh in vain.
Sylvester burst into laughter as if he had been annoyed. 


“You’re really weird.”


“You’re laughing right now, even if you say it’s weird.”


“I’m laughing because it’s weird.” 


“Anyway, you lost because you laughed.” 


Lost? Sylvester raised his eyebrows. 


“You didn’t feel good, did you? But now that you’ve laughed, you’re okay.
Don’t you think so?” 


Sylvester blinked slowly.
There were many similarities between Ophelia and himself.
There was no expression, so it was difficult to guess the emotion.
However, Ophelia always noticed his feelings quickly. 


He really likes this part. 


So Sylvester reached out to Ophelia with a pleasant smile on his mouth. 


“My wife is so pretty.” 


Ophelia’s hair came into his hand.
Sylvester smiled softly, stroking her fine hair. 




Ophelia stared blankly at Sylvester. 


What the hell? What’s wrong with him? She got goosebumps. 


She wanted to complain about it, but it seemed like Sylvester, who did so, would be upset again.
And well— it wasn’t bad at all.


“Uh, yes.
I’m pretty.”


So Ophelia tried to put down Sylvester’s hand, saying it was a joke.


“That’s why.”


Sylvester didn’t pull his hand.
His hand touches her cheek.


Startled,  his cold body temperature touched her.
Ophelia stiffened as it was.
Sylvester looked at Ophelia like that and smiled. 


Since he has this pretty person next to him, “I’m going to do whatever I want.” 


I will do as my heart goes.
Sylvester tapped Ophelia on the cheek and pulled his hand away.


“Keep that in mind.” 


Ophelia couldn’t understand Sylvester’s words at all.
But she didn’t want to ask more.
The ‘Sylvester’ right now looked a little weird. 


‘Well, it’s nothing special right.’


So Ophelia ignored it.


Until the next day, Ophelia’s room was moved to Sylvester’s room. 




Where am I now—?


I looked at the strange ceiling and blinked my eyes.
Originally, when I lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling, there was a canopy.
Sky blue canopy.
But now I can see the black ceiling. 


And the feeling of the bed was somewhat strange.
I don’t think it’s the mattress I used? 


I slowly lifted myself up. 


As soon as I did that, a completely different landscape welcomed me.
A large desk, a bookshelf full of books, a heavy sofa and a dazzling chandelier. 


Where am I? 


Have I been kidnapped while I was sleeping? I pulled my blanket tightly and rolled up my shoulders.
At this time, a familiar voice was heard. 


“You overslept.”


It was Sylvester. 


Sylvester, shaking off his wet hair as if he had just come out of the bathroom, sat down next to me and said. 


“So I had no choice but to hold you and move it.
Please forgive me.”




I was at a loss for words and was stunned for a moment.




“Ah, yes.
I was thinking about whether it was a dream.” 


“It’s not a dream.
Wake up.” 


I understand very well that it’s not a dream.
That’s not the problem! 


“Why am I here?”


“Now that your room and mine are combined.” 


“Why all of a sudden?” 


“I told you I’d do whatever I wanted.”


“Do you mean this?!”


Argh! I screamed. 


“Why are you doing this without my permission? I think my space is important!” 


It’s true. 


My own space was important to me.
My space where I sleep alone and wake up alone.
Why do you combine rooms like this suddenly? 


Sylvester is really such a jerk—!


“That’s too much! Please move to another room!”


“I’ll give you money.” 


“—How much?”


“A lot.” 


“Have you moved all my stuff? Do I have anything else to move?” 


But I am a slave to capitalism.
There’s nothing I can’t do when you give money.
It’s my personal space, I can go to another room and make it separately.
There are a lot of empty rooms in the mansion. 


“I’ve moved everything.
Is it Irene? That maid did a very good job.”


“Irene is good at this.”


Presumably, Irene seemed to walk with both arms.
Irene often said she wanted me to get closer to Sylvester. 




I glanced at the spacious bed and said. 


“Do we sleep together now?” 


“You don’t like it?”




Sylvester kept his mouth shut.
He looked at me.


“Don’t you think you’ll hurt my feelings if you answer right away?” 


“I don’t.” 


“You’re so mean.”


He reached out to me. 


“We’re going to sleep together, both of us.”


Then he stroked my cheek with his fingertips. 


“Because we’re a married couple.” 


His fingertips touched my lips.
Somehow, it became a strange atmosphere.
There is nothing strange about kissing each other right now.


Badump, badump, my heart began to beat fast.


“—I hope you don’t do more than this.” 


In my words, Sylvester smiled obliquely. 


“I don’t want to do it either.
I was joking.” 


For such a thing, I think his eyes were sincere.
I tried to calm my beating heart and turned my head.
Sylvester also joined hands.


“Now that you are close to the Crown Prince, you have to show that we are also close.
Then the Crown Prince will change his mind, right?”


In other words, Callian hates Sylvester, so he will get closer to me, who Sylvester likes.


No, I understand but—. 


No matter how hard it was, did we have to combine the rooms? 


‘I think it’s because you need something more when you even say you’re giving me money.’


I’m not sure what that is.
I glanced at Sylvester with hmm and snorted. 


“That’s the only reason, right?” 


“What else is there?” 


Sylvester smiled and said.
It looks like there’s a different reason! 


“If you have a plan, tell me now.”


“Will you forgive me?”




“Then I won’t tell you.” 


“Are you really going to be like this?” 


When I raised my voice, Sylvester burst into laughter. 


“I’m kidding.
It’s really just to keep the Crown Prince in check.” 


Drops of water fell from his wet hair. 


It’s cold.
But somehow it felt hot enough to burn.


“To do that, we have to pretend to be a proper couple.” 


Sylvester reached out towards me, who was flinching.


“Don’t you think so?” 


He kissed the tip of my hair, and I could feel my heart beating uncontrollably.




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