As soon as I left the main palace, I let out a long sigh. 


“I mean, why is he making the birds in the room so noisy while keeping the outside quiet? Do you know why?” But Sylvester didn’t answer.
He’s just standing there blankly.


When I said it again, Sylvester responded quickly as if he had just come to his senses.


“Ah, that’s.”


He slowly opened his lips. 


“Because the Emperor is a crazy bastard.”




Why are you secretly telling what everyone knows? I know the Emperor is a crazy bastard. 


“I know that.
His Majesty was a little strange.” 




Sylvester glanced down at me and narrowed his forehead. 


“But what are you trying to get into with such a strange guy?” 




I opened my eyes wide because I didn’t know what he was saying.
Sylvester continued. 


“I mean Callian.
You said it wasn’t like that to me, and you liked it when the Emperor said he’d stick you with Callian.” 


“Then, should I say no there? I thought he would cut my neck if I did it.”


“I said it wouldn’t happen.”


“But I was still scared.”


When the story of Callian came out, the Emperor’s eyes were really crazy.
I thought I’d be kicked out immediately if I said no there.
I was the one who had to be trusted by the Emperor, so that happened.
And there was no reason to refuse because the words matched my ultimate goal. 


“And in the end, you gained his trust.
Isn’t that enough?” 


“It’s not.”


Sylvester’s bangs were messed up, and he clicked his tongue.


“Because I’m not feeling good.” 


I blinked several times. 


“Do I have to pay attention to how you feel—”




“I’m sorry.
When I’m thinking inside, it comes out of my mouth.” 


Sylvester laughed in vain as if he was dumbfounded.


“Sometimes I’m curious.” 


He pointed his finger at my forehead and said. 


“What kind of thoughts fill your little head.” 


I looked up at Sylvester.
I looked at the displeasure and irritation spreading across his face.
He tried to relieve his irritation until morning, but not now. 


I have a lot to say, too. 


“No, I don’t know either.
Once, you said you would divorce me if I seduced His Highness Crown Prince.
I’m trying to seduce him by believing in it like a stone.
In that context, isn’t today’s work good too?” 


Sylvester didn’t answer.
His silence is somewhat strange.


I narrowed my eyes. 


“No way, are you trying to break your promise with me?”


Sylvester turned his head away.
And pointed to the back of me. 


“Callian is coming over there.”


“Don’t change the subject.” 


“But he seems to see us and avoid us.”




I didn’t want to miss a good opportunity to meet Callian. 


“Let’s talk later.” 


I tapped Sylvester’s shoulder and waved at Callian. 


“Your Highness!”


As soon as Callian saw me, he started walking faster. 


“No, don’t run away!” 


I ran to catch Callian like that. 


So I didn’t know what kind of expression Sylvester was making. 




“What again! Why are you here again!”


Callian freaked out as soon as he saw me. 


Why? I think our relationship got better.
Was it just my misunderstanding? I’m hurt—.


“Why? I’m here to say hello.
Have you been doing okay?” 


So I will get going.”


Callian tried to kick me out and waved his hand.
Normally, it wouldn’t come out this much.
It was suspicious to show this attitude.
I looked at him with an expression that I knew everything.


“Are you here to meet the Countess?”


Callian’s eyes grew bigger. 


“How did you know?” 


“I noticed it again.” 


I smiled and approached Callian.
I took one step closer and he moved back two steps.
Wow, it’s a double hurt.
A little offended, I thought I should tease Callian.


“I just met His Majesty the Emperor.”




As expected, he trembled and shouted. 


“H, he’s someone who doesn’t meet me often, but you said you met him? Why? How?” 


“I’m not sure.” I replied with my shoulders up on purpose.
“Why don’t you ask His Majesty about that?”


Callian bit his lip as if he was angry. 


“Are you doing this on purpose now? Because you know His Majesty doesn’t meet me often.” 


“No way.
Am I that bad?”




“Oh my.”


Coming out like this made me want to play more. 


“Just… His Majesty said this earlier.” 


Before leaving the room, I remembered what the Emperor had said. 


‘Come here often.
Your visit is always welcome.’


“He said he’d welcome me.
So I think we’ll be able to see each other often in the future.”




Callian opened his mouth wide.
He looked incredibly surprised.
Well, I was very surprised to hear this, so Callian was even more surprised.


I smiled and nodded my head. 


“What the hell did you do?”


Callian narrowed his eyes.


“Did you use black magic? That’s why you lured His Majesty, isn’t it?” 


“I would have used it to Your Highness if I could, right?”




Callian leaned back, wrapping his arms around his chest. 


No, this crazy bastard—.


“It means I can’t do it.
And His Majesty is so strong.
How will he fall for black magic?”


“—Well, that’s right.
He’s not one to fall for black magic, because he overcame the Duke’s illusions.”


He said with pride. 


“By the way, has Your Highness ever been deceived by my husband?” 




Callian responded firmly.


“Strangely, he didn’t use it on me.
That’s why it’s even more annoying.” 


There is a strange sense of disappointment in the words.
So I gently asked. 


“I think you’re a little disappointed?”


“I’m not.”


“Ey, be honest with me.
You’re a little upset, right?” 


“I said I’m not!”


Callian screamed and pushed me on the back. 


“Just go back for now.
Fleur will be here soon.” 


“Oh, my.
But what should I do about this?”


I said with a frown. 


“She’s already here.”




While Callian turned around, I hurried up to him and crossed my arms.
And I greeted Fleur. 


“Nice to see you, Countess.”


With a bright smile. 




Fleur couldn’t understand this situation now.
Why are Callian and Ophelia together? Why is she holding his arm with her hands?


“Let go of this!” 


Callian hurriedly threw Ophelia away, but the image of them sticking together had already been stuck in Fleur’s mind.


It’s a misunderstanding.” 


I know.”


Fleur breathed calmly.
She’s sure Ophelia rushed to him first.
Callian must have just accepted it by chance. 




Even though she knows everything.


She’s angry and her hand trembled finely.
Fleur tried to catch her breath by holding her hands together.
Because she shouldn’t show it to Ophelia here. 


“Hello, Duchess.
I didn’t know you would be together.”


Ophelia did not answer.
She was just looking down at her with her head tilted to one side.
She knows that the height difference doesn’t match her eye level.
However, Fleur thought Ophelia looked down at her anytime, anywhere. 


She always looked down at herself, both sitting and under the stairs.
As if saying she’s out of touch. 


Fleur gritted her teeth firmly.


“I’ve come to talk with Your Highness for a moment.
I’ll be back soon.” 


Ophelia replied. 


“Come to think of it, it’s our first time since we saw each other at the Grand Duke, right?” 


“Yes, that’s right.”


“How have you been?” 


She didn’t expect Ophelia to say hello.
Originally, she would have cursed as soon as she saw Fleur.
So Fleur was a little confused and couldn’t answer properly.
Then Ophelia continued. 


“Did you sleep well with your legs stretched out after making me such a wicked sinner?”


Fleur’s eyes trembled finely. 


Callian could also be seen holding his breath next to her.
He looked into Fleur’s eyes.
Fleur, who came to her senses, responded with the utmost respect and courtesy.


“Thank you for taking care of my sleep, Madam.
I slept well thanks to you.” 


“I see.”


Ophelia twisted her lips. 


“You’d better be nervous next time.” 




“I’ll make the bed smaller so you can’t stretch out your legs.” 


“Ophelia!” Callian grabbed Ophelia’s shoulder.
His face was red, but he looked firmly angry.
“What’s wrong with you!”


“Then I will leave.
Your Highness.”


Ophelia cut off Callian’s words like that. 


And as if in a small whisper, but even to Fleur it was loud.


“I told you, I’m innocent.”


Callian’s breath stopped for a moment.
His eyes are directed to Fleur.


At that moment, Fleur realized. 




Callian is suspicious of me. 


Her heart was pounding.
The body began to tremble like a herbivore who sensed danger, thump, thump, thump. 


It shouldn’t be like this.
This means that it should not be left as it is anymore. 


‘Ophelia Ryzen.’


She thought it would be better to deal with it quickly.


Fleur promised to herself. 

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