Chapter 48

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Sylvester didn’t say anything in the carriage.
He was simply staring out the window.
So I was wondering.
Normally, he would have chosen a fight, but it was unusual for him to be silent for so long without saying anything.


Is it because of yesterday’s conversation? What did I say yesterday?




No matter how much I looked back, it didn’t feel right.
I couldn’t understand the reason why he was angry.




Sylvester didn’t answer. 


“Honey, you’re deaf.”


“I can hear you.
Say it.”


“Are you angry?” 


Sylvester quickly turned his head and looked at me. 


“I told you a hundred times that I didn’t.”


“Oh, you learned how to exaggerate now.” 


At my words, Sylvester looked at me even more. Gasp, I got scared and turned my eyes away.


“No, it’s just— Because you look angry.” 


“I told you I didn’t.”


Sylvester sighed and continued to talk.


“I was just a little annoyed.”


“See! You’re angry!”


I pointed and shouted as if I had got it right.
Sylvester frowned even more. 


“Angry and annoyed are not the same thing.”


“Is that what it is?” 


I pouted my lips and leaned forward. 


“Why are you annoyed?”


Sylvester stared straight at me.
For a short moment, there was silence.
Sylvester answered slowly after that.


“Because of you.”


It’s as if he’s expressing something great.
I mean, I knew you were mad at me—? I tilted my head. 


“I know that even if you don’t say it.”


“Why don’t you keep your mouth shut if you know?”


“I’m the type of person who needs to know the reason to solve it.” 


“Tsk, how nasty.”


Sylvester laughed in vain.
Ah, he laughed. 


“If you laugh during a fight, you lose.
You know that, right? You can’t get angry again now.” 


I don’t know.” 


“It’s okay if you know it now.”


Sylvester laughed again.
The frowned face straightened out. 


“It’s just that I have a lot of thoughts.
It’s interesting to hear that this road is the way to meet the Emperor.” 


It seemed that he had relaxed a bit, so I brought out the curiosity I had been holding on to the whole time. 


“Have you ever seen His Majesty the Emperor?” 


When I received a title.”


Sylvester replied back. 


“He was the first person who couldn’t be deceived.”


“Is that so?”


“I was quite embarrassed.
At that time, I thought my abilities were the best in the world.
The Emperor also said that he noticed and said ‘Yeah, what will you get from me without your abilities?’” 


“So what did you say?”


“What do you think I said?”


Sylvester rolled up his smiling lips.
He looked like a naughty boy. 


“I said I could take the life of the Emperor.” 




Did he say that in front of the cruel and vicious Emperor? I tapped my ear once, wondering if I had heard it wrong.
Then Sylvester burst out laughing. 


“I told you.
At that time, I thought I was the best in the world.” 


No, regardless of your age, you should have done it in moderation.
I honestly believed that Sylvester was worse in the past than he is now.
I’m happy we didn’t run into each other back then.


“I’m glad you’re not dead.” 


“Why would I die?”


Sylvester looked at me with a ridiculous look.


“No, just because.
His Majesty the Emperor is strong.”


“I’m strong, too.”


He narrowed his eyes. 


“I think you sometimes see me as a nothing but a bastard.”


“Not sometimes, but often.”


“Don’t correct that.”


Sylvester straightened his posture.
He put his elbows on his thighs, leaned over, and looked at me. 


“I’m stronger than you think.” His blue eyes shined coldly.
“Who do you think was the one who faced the Northern Monsters?”


“—The knights?”


“It’s me.”


He raised his chin arrogantly and nodded.
Sylvester, monsters? Come to think of it, such content came out in the original.
The northern master who fights against monsters, Sylvester.
The number of monsters slashed by his sword alone could not be counted.


“I can’t even imagine that you are holding a sword.”


I really couldn’t imagine it.
Sylvester is a character who mainly uses his head, but does he fight monsters? It’s like seeing Neil holding a mop instead of a pen.
I couldn’t imagine it, so I narrowed my forehead. 


“I think you’ve forgotten, I’m half-human.
I have half the blood of a demon.”


 “I know, but I don’t think you’ll use your strength.”




“Because you’ve never used your strength in front of me?”


“Should I show it now?”


“I don’t like that.”


Sylvester looked at me as if he was dumbfounded. 


“You really provoked my anger.
Can I get angry?”


“You can’t,  I’m scared.”


“You’re good at answering things like that.”


“That’s my charm.”


I winked and said.
Sylvester’s face hardened. 


“You’re really—crazy.”


“When are you going to stop telling me that I’m crazy?” 


“When you’re not crazy?”


“I’m in my right mind now.”


I snorted and turned my head.
Sylvester’s laughter was heard.


“The hunting competition will be held soon, so I’ll prove my skills.” 


A hunting competition? Looking back, it seems that there was such an event.
It’s like a part that contributed greatly to the romance between Fleur and Callian—.


“You’ll have to attend this time, too.” 


Oh, should I go? I think I’m going to get tangled up in something.
But Sylvester seemed too determined to say no, so I couldn’t help but nod.




We’ve arrived at the main palace.
I and Sylvester got off the carriage.
Then one of the servants ran as if he had been waiting.


“From here on, I will guide you.”  The servant said and bowed his head.
“I have a request for you.
This is the rule of the main palace, so you must follow it.”


“Say it.”


Sylvester nodded and said.


“The main Palace should be quiet.”


The servant said, pointing to the somewhat gloomy main palace.


“You can’t make loud noises.
Please refrain from talking and pay attention to your steps.”


“So do you mean to keep our mouth shut?”


“That’s right.”


Sylvester filled his face with displeasure. 


“Nothing has changed in the past and now.”


He lifted his chin and clicked his tongue.
It was meant to guide them.
The servant bowed his head once more before moving ahead at a very slow pace.
Sylvester and I followed in the footsteps of a servant like this.
The main palace was really quiet. 


I can’t even feel the presence.
I couldn’t even hear the sound of the wind.
Are there people here? It was so quiet that I wondered.
I swallowed my dry saliva. 


“Is this originally like this?”


And I spoke in a really small voice.
Sylvester whispered, too. 


“Is this a crazy space in the first place? That’s right.”


“But why?”


“Because the Emperor is a crazy bastard.”


Sylvester responded casually. 


“So you should be careful with what you say.
You shouldn’t do it as you do it in front of me.”


“How pretty am I when I talk?”


“—You really don’t think so, do you?”


He looked down at me with a really bewildered face. 


“If you really think so, you really have a mental problem.” 


“I want to scream, but I’m holding it in because I’m here.”




The servant in front turned around and covered his lips with his index finger. 


“Be quiet.”




I and Sylvester both shut our mouths.
Soon after, he stopped in front of a huge door boasting tremendous dignity. 


‘No way, is it all gold?’


My mouth opened wide.
It’s just incredible.
The imperial family who possessed such wealth, and the Emperor who made it so proud.


The Emperor played a large part in the original work.
But he didn’t appear often.
There was only a description of him as a man of great power, and that is why they had to pay attention to him.


So I didn’t know much about the Emperor.
Except he’s a great character. 


Badump, Badump. 


My heart jumped.
Let’s not get my neck cut off because of the wrong words here—.
Let’s make him on my side somehow.
I made a strong determination and straightened my back. 


“I’ll open the door.”


The servant slowly opened the door.
Perhaps there was a window on the other side, a huge amount of light poured in.
I frowned while making a cover with my hands.
And when I got used to the light and opened my eyes slowly, 


There was an amazing sight.

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