Chapter 47

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I didn’t know the Emperor would contact me this quickly.
Since I hadn’t expected this up to this point, I couldn’t help but be a little confused.
The contents of the letter were short.
The content is when I will come to visit him. 


The date is—.




“That’s right.”


Sylvester crossed his long legs, burying himself on the sofa.


 “It was yesterday that I ordered to make a stone statue modeled after the Emperor.
But we got a call today.
Do you know what this means?” 


“Your Majesty was watching us?”


“That’s right.”


Sylvester tilted his head back.
He frowned and covered his eyes with his palms.


“Unless it turns out that he was really watching our family, I can’t stand still.”


He spoke as if muttering. 


“We need to prepare for a counterattack.”






Tak, he raised his head.
It seemed that he had no intention of telling me.
I narrowed my eyes as I looked at Sylvester like that. 


“Are you not going to tell me either?”


“That’s right.”




“Because I don’t know what you’re up to.” Sylvester stared at me and said, “Seducing the Crown Prince to divorce me, I understand.
But aren’t the other behaviors a bit strange?”


“—What’s strange?”


Sylvester said as if he had been waiting.
“Aren’t you suddenly bringing in talented people?” 




“And now, you’re going to stick with the new Young Lady by your side.”


“How did you know that?”


“I told you I attached someone to you.
So answer me.
What are you thinking?”


Cheers to Sylvester, who says things that aren’t really natural as if they were taken for granted.
I shook my head. 


“As I said, these are actions to seduce the Crown Prince.” 


It was true.
Everything I do now, that is, bring the original work to me as it is, was all to seduce Callian.
So that Sylvester can divorce me! 


“My reputation is so poor that the Crown Prince won’t pass it on.
That’s why I’m trying to raise my reputation.
I think Young Lady Jasmine can help with this, and hiring talented people is—” 


“What about it?”


“To catch the eyes of His Majesty the Emperor.” 


Sylvester’s face was crumpled. 




“If His Majesty is my strong supporter, I don’t have to worry about dying.” 


“Huh?” He snorted.
“I’m the one behind you.
Am I not that reliable?” 


“A little bit.” 


“I really don’t know why you don’t trust me.
No one in this Empire can touch me.
Who else is there?” 


It’s me. 


I couldn’t say anything, so I had no choice but to shut up. 


“And die? What kind of horrible word is that?” 


“I can die.”


If I had acted like Ophelia, I would have died.
In order not to do that, I’m struggling like now.
But Sylvester had no idea of my mind like this. 


“Don’t say nonsense.” 


He sighed and ruffled his hair. 


“You will never die.” 


I really hope so.
But I’m still nervous.
Because I don’t have proper power.
And even Fleur declared war on me—.


‘I just want to run away.’


I sighed. 


“To be honest, if you just divorce me nicely now, I don’t think I’ll ever die.
I’m leaving this place.” 


Sylvester looked at me with his head tilted. 


“Do you want to divorce me like that?”


I answered immediately, and Sylvester asked with a false smile. 




“I told you,” I answered with my hands together.
“Because I don’t love you.” 


Sylvester’s eyes shook for a moment.
He repeatedly clenched and unfolded his fist and exhaled slowly. 


“So, is it true that you love the Crown Prince?” 


How should I answer this?


If I say no, he will be suspicious of the actions that Ophelia has been doing in the past. 


“Well, I don’t know if this is love or not.” 


So, I had no choice but to say something else. 


“Anyway, you’re saying that you like the Crown Prince more than me.” 


However, Sylvester’s eyes were a little strange.
He looked a little angry—.
But why? I tilted my head.


“Why are you angry?” 


“I’m not.
Stop and leave now.”


“No, it’s obvious that you’re angry.” 


“I’m not.
Get out.”


“Say something—”


“Get out!”


Why do you have such a temper? His personality is really dirty.


I snorted and left the office. 




The next day. 


Sylvester came down to the first floor and was preparing to greet Ophelia.
He was still displeased.
Since last night, to be exact, he has been unpleasant all along since he talked to Ophelia.
He tried to find a reason, but there was no reason.


It would have been nice to have an excuse, but he couldn’t even find an excuse.


Why is it unpleasant?




Sylvester frowned one eye and swept his hair back. 


‘Do you want to divorce me?’




Ophelia really gave an immediate answer.
Without any hesitation! Sylvester didn’t really understand why she wanted to divorce him.
He’s the most handsome man in the Empire, he has a lot of money, and he’s capable! 


Besides, she even said that loving the Crown Prince can make her close her eyes!


But why?


“Ha, tsk.”


Is that how much she loves the Crown Prince? But—.


‘To be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever die if you just divorce me nicely now.
I’m leaving this place.’


She said she was leaving this place.
Where is she going? And how will she live her life?


Sylvester didn’t understand everything about Ophelia.
Sylvester was a person who inferences causal relationships that were appropriate for everything.
If there was a cause, there had to be a result, and if there was a result, there had to be a cause. 


However, Ophelia only had results and had no cause. 


What’s the reason she’s changed like this? And why does she say she’s leaving? 


He was annoyed because he didn’t know anything.
The reason why it was so unpleasant was because of Ophelia.
Because she hides everything. 


But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t tell her he wouldn’t divorce her.
He already made a deal with Ophelia, and Ophelia was keeping the deal very well. 


It would be a great harvest if she could really make the Crown Prince on her side.
So Sylvester was now unable to withdraw. 


‘I have a headache.’


Sylvester frowned and touched his forehead.


“How about Ophelia? Not yet?” 


He asked Neil. 


“They say she’s coming down soon.” 


“She’s coming down soon.”


Neil and Rivert answered at once. 


Sylvester looked up the stairs with his arms crossed, hitting the floor with his feet.  


At this time, Irene appeared.
After that, Ophelia appeared.
Today’s Ophelia was wearing a modest turquoise dress.
Sylvester himself chose the dress.
He chose it because he thought it would look good on her, but it was perfect for Ophelia.


The pearls embedded in the neckline that fell in a halter style were very pretty.
In fact, it was Ophelia who was prettier, but Sylvester didn’t want to think so.
He didn’t want to admire Ophelia’s face while he was already in trouble.




“Did you wait for a long time?”


Looking at Ophelia walking with a subtle smile, Sylvester thought he was out of breath for a moment.
Because she was so beautiful.
The red lips, which blend well with transparent and white skin as if they were really a snow fairy, are very seductive. 


Sylvester turned his head. 


I’ve been waiting for a long time.”


“I know you just came out.” 


“But I came out first.
That’s why I waited a long time.” 


“Why don’t you say a word?”


Ophelia smiled and stretched her arms toward Sylvester.
And she crossed her arms skillfully with him.
Sylvester looked down at Ophelia’s hand in his arm and slowly turned his head to look at Ophelia’s face. 


He looked into her eyes. 




Looking at Ophelia’s eyes full of freshness as if holding the earth, Sylvester had a suffocating experience again. 


So he thought about it. 


‘This is quite dangerous.’ 


It seemed that there would be a situation where it would be more troublesome.


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