Fleur must be yelling with joy by this point.
Because the Grand Duke properly screwed me.
As a result, my reputation suffered even more damage, and I was pointed out by others. 


But she won’t know.
That I plant the seeds of doubt in the Crown Prince.
And the use of black magic was openly allowed.
If I look about it this way, I’ll win.


‘Of course, it would have been nice if I had won on the outside.’


Will that be possible? 


‘After seeing what happened at the Grand Duke’s house, it’s impossible.’




‘It’s unfair!’


The situation in which I was misunderstood despite the fact that I did not do it! Even now, when I look back, my body is trembling.
But I was misunderstood because of something Ophelia did in the past.


Isn’t everyone falling for Fleur’s word now that she’s done so much evil?


It was the most deadly obstacle to my plan to restore my relationship with the Crown Prince, divorce Sylvester, and then leave.
It will be quite tough in the future.
I glanced at Jasmine. 


“Can you really calm down my rumors?”


Jasmine opened her eyes roundly. 


“Yes, Duchess.”


She smiled softly and nodded. 


“I know a lot of merchants since my father owns a mine.
They are the most sensitive to rumors.
I only need to speak a few words to them.
If I say something today, rumors will spread across the capital the next week, right?”


“But isn’t my bad reputation higher?”


“Then we have to prove it over and over again.” 


Jasmine replied as if it were natural.


“Duchess is a warm person.
It’ll be possible.” 


She seems to have misunderstood me.
I’m far from being warm—.


“I’ll try to make a place for you.” 


“What kind of place?”


“A place where the Duchess can show your warmth.”


Jasmine opened her eyes with a firm will. 


“And anything like what happened in the Grand Duke, I’ll make sure it never happens.” 


I was surprised for a second.
It sounds like she knows that I was falsely framed when I didn’t do anything! No way.
Does she trust me? 


So I asked.  “Do you believe I didn’t do anything?”


“Yes.” Jasmine gathered her hands politely.
“I have to believe it.” 


In other words, even if I ran into Fleur, she would believe me.
Jasmine has grown more confident in me.
She’s the only one who can truly help me.


That’s good.
It’s a reputation-turning project.
Let’s just give it a try.  I breathed heavily as if I were determined.


“Madam, we’re here.”


Slowly, the carriage stopped and the coachman’s words were heard.
Soon after, the carriage door opened.
Jasmine got off first, and then I got off.


“Oh my!”


Knowing where this is, Jasmine shouted and then covering her mouth.


“This is Madame Jonah’s shop! Oh my! I never imagined I’d come here! I can’t believe you brought me to this great place!”


“Do you like it?”


“Yes! Really!” 


I smiled and reached out my arm to Jasmine.


“Then I hope it’s worth it.
I’m hoping for that.” 


Jasmine, who noticed what I meant, smiled brightly.


“Don’t worry.” 


And she skillfully folded her arms in front of me..
Oh, I really liked her in many ways. 




I returned to the mansion after giving Jasmine a bunch of dresses. 




As soon as I entered the room, Irene nervously followed me.
Then she complained.


“You’re so mean, Madam.
You’re so mean.” 


All of sudden? I was puzzled and shook my head.




“What do you mean why!”


Irene cried out in tears. 


“You left me to save someone else! How could you do that! Take away all my loyalty!”


Ugh! Irene wrapped her arms around herself and took the position of the abandoned female protagonist just like that.
I blinked several times.
This is because I didn’t understand what Irene said.


So she’s jealous because I have Jasmine next to me—? Since when did she start liking me so much—? It was also cute, so I laughed in vain. 


“You’re the only one who takes care of me in the mansion.
Jasmine is just helping my social activities.” 




Irene was breathing roughly, but she seemed to have calmed down a bit.
She muttered, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. 


“I was still upset.
I mean, I felt like I had lost my Madam.”


“I see.” 


I put my hand on Irene’s head.
Patted her hair.
Irene calmly accepted my hand. 


‘She looks like a rabbit.’


Squirrel on the left, rabbit on the right.
It seemed like a good combination.
After all, both of them said they would be loyal to me.
Of course, I became a little more attached to Irene.
Because she was the one who took care of me from the beginning.


Even after I leave the mansion, I want to continue the good relationship—.
Will Irene stay with me even if I get divorced? 






Irene raised her head.
Her rabbit-like eyes headed for me.
I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t.
I’m scared of what kind of answer I’ll get. 


“It’s nothing.” 


I took my fingers off Irene’s bangs.


“Ah! Come to think of it, the Master has found out.
I think it would be good to go and see it.” 




I frowned.


“It’s annoying—.”


“Madam is the only one who finds the Master annoying.”


Irene burst into laughter and said.
I frowned even more.
Then Irene added a word. 


The Master is so popular outside!” 


That’s true.
Sylvester was, unfortunately, very popular outside.
What was it called? Did they say that he was very good with a handsome face and a gentle attitude? 


He’s not gentle.
I pouted. 


“If they knew his personality, no one would like it.”  


“Ah, it’s because he’s comfortable with Madam.”


“Do you agree with the idea that Sylvester is not trash?” 


“I’ll shut up.” 


Irene put her lips together and stepped back.
I smiled and patted her on the shoulder.


I’ll have to go and see him.”


And I left the room.




I knocked on the door of the office.


“Can I come in?” 


Soon after, I heard a call to come in.
I opened the door.
I saw Sylvester sitting at his office desk rolling a pen.
He took off his glasses and looked at me. 


“Today,” He possessed me with a cold gaze.
“You spent a lot of money.”


My heart jumped.
Because it was true.
I bought many outfits for Jasmine today.
That means I spent at least 100 gold.
I thought Sylvester would notice since I put it in front of the family.


But how does he find out so quickly?


I narrowed my eyes.


“How did you know?” 


“What do you mean I know? I saw it at the store, so of course, I know.”


“Don’t lie.
The number of clothes I bought during the day can’t be reported tonight.”


I took a step closer and said to him. 


“Did you attach someone?”


“That’s right.
Isn’t that obvious?” 


To be honest, I was taken aback for a moment when he said it proudly. 


“Wow, I want to applaud you for saying things that aren’t really obvious as if they were taken for granted.” 


Clap clap clap.
I clapped. 


Then Sylvester smiled shyly and was embarrassed.
Is he crazy—? 


“Don’t be shy.
I’m being sarcastic.
You really don’t know that I’m being sarcastic, do you?” 


“I’m not.”


Sylvester glanced at me and clicked his tongue. 


“Why did you attach a person?” 


“To see what you’ve been doing.”




“You didn’t do much.” 


Sylvester raised himself from the chair.
And came closer to me.
His height was almost twenty centimeters different from mine, so I naturally raised my head straight. 


“But that’s more suspicious.” 


He looked down at me with doubtful eyes. 


“You’re not doing anything special, so how can everything go so smoothly?” 


“What does that mean?”


“What do you think it means?”


Sylvester walked past me.
Then he picked up a letter from Neil’s desk and threw it at me.


“It’s a big catch.”


I hurriedly looked through the letter. 


The sender is, 

“The Emperor sent a man.”


The Emperor. 


It was such a big catch.

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