From the moment Jasmine sent the letter, Ophelia knew she had something up to her.
It was only to help her avoid being insulted at the tea party —she didn’t intend this— but the fact that she contacted her to give precious jewels was suspicious.
So she told her to come first, but as soon as she entered, Ophelia thought as she saw Jasmine’s twinkling eyes. 


She’s sure she has a different intention.


‘I wasn’t so quick to notice originally.’ 


As she perfectly adapted to Ophelia’s body, she seemed to be getting more and more aware.
Anyway, Ophelia asked Jasmine.
“What do you need from me?”


“Ugh!” Jasmine rolled her shoulders and trembled.
If she hadn’t sat down, she would have collapsed.
“I, I—” Jasmine turned her stiff head.
What should she say here? It would be a lie to say that she came in simple good faith. 


Can I lie in front of the Duchess? But if she gets caught! 


‘I can’t.’


Jasmine closed her eyes tightly. 




Instead of lying, she decided to tell the truth. 


“My house is in a difficult situation.” It was very heartbreaking to say this.
However, it is more miserable to watch the ruined family after stepping down without saying a word.
Jasmine grabbed her dress and said, “I came here with the thought that it would be great if I could be selected as the Duke’s vassal family in the eyes of the Duchess.”


Ophelia gives no answer.
Jasmine bowed her head deeply. 


“I’m really sorry.
I’m trying to see the Duchess with this black heart—” 




Ophelia smirked.
There was one truck people that had to apologize to her now.
However, Jasmine is apologizing even though it is not something to apologize for.
How can she not adore it? 


Ophelia reached out to Jasmine. Ugh! Jasmine closed her eyes in case Ophelia hit her.
However, Ophelia did not hit Jasmine.
Instead, she just picks up her chin. 


“You pass.”




Jasmine stared blankly at Ophelia.
Ophelia, which she saw closely, was so beautiful that she thought it was too much.
Clean skin with no pores visible, big and deep eyes as if painted, shiny eyes, sharp nose and finely made lips.
Many people said that Ophelia is like a fairy in the snowy mountains, but Jasmine wanted to oppose that statement. 


Ophelia is a goddess. Goddess of snow mountain.


Otherwise, it can’t be this beautiful.
She thought, staring gently at Ophelia’s shining eyes. 


Pass.”  Ophelia smiled and let go of Jasmine’s chin.
“You’ve become a reliable person just by not lying in front of me.” She continued to talk.
“I really hate lies.” 


Because I’m doing it.


This amazing phenomenon where a person who doesn’t lie becomes precious! And that wasn’t the only reason she liked Jasmine.
Ophelia put her hand on the back of Jasmine’s hand. 


“I’ll talk to my husband about your family.
Did you say Viscount Smith?”


“Yes, yes! That’s right!” 


Ophelia looked back on her memories. 


Viscount Smith.
It was also mentioned in the original.
Viscount is a family with a fairly large mine.
However, one day, minerals did not come out, causing great economic difficulties.
Fleur, who felt sorry for them, bought a mine at a low price—.


‘That was a jackpot.’ 


A hard ground was discovered by chance and dug there, and nothing but diamonds came out! So Fleur gets great wealth, and the Viscount hits the ground and regrets.
Ophelia smiled when she remembered this. 


“But in order to talk to her husband about this family, there must be something that comes back moderately—.” 


Jasmine’s eyes flashed.
“W-we’ll give you a mine!”


This is it. 


Ophelia grabbed Jasmine’s hand a little harder.  “To whom?” Ophelia said with sparkling eyes.
“To my husband or to me?”


Jasmine swallowed a dry saliva.
What to say at this time was clear.


“To the Duchess.”


Ophelia smiled, frowning her nose. 


“You’re such a smart kid.” 


She tapped Jasmine’s cheek once and slowly raised herself. 


“Do you want to go out together?”




“I wanted to buy pretty clothes for a smart child.” Ophelia looked down at Jasmine and said.
“From now on, you will be the child who will serve me.”


This is what Jasmine wanted to hear the most, so she happily agreed to Ophelia’s proposal.






The carriage rattled.
However, Ophelia was not shaken at all.
She was looking out the far window, maintaining the position in the same posture she first sat in. 


She thought.
In fact, it was something to feel guilty about.
It’s about taking Jasmine’s mines. 


‘But I can think of it differently.’ 


Let’s say Viscount Smith really keeps the mine.
Will diamond mines benefit or harm them then? 


‘It will be the sun.’ 


She feels sorry, but even if diamonds are found, they won’t be able to recover.
It means that they will not be able to survive among those who rush like a flock of dogs.
Before that they could think that she saved them. 


Thinking like this made me feel at ease.
Ophelia turned her eyes and looked at Jasmine sitting opposite her.
Jasmine was staring at her for a second, but as soon as their eyes met, Ugh! She hurriedly turned her head away. 


‘She looks like a squirrel.’


Jasmine was a girl with blue hair and black eyes.
It’s because she didn’t decorate it properly now, but she thought it would be pretty if she had a good color.
As she said, it would have been okay to keep her as a maid of honor. 


‘I feel sorry, so I need to be nicer.
I’ll share some of mine later.


Ophelia thought so and slowly opened her mouth to Jasmine. 


“First of all,” 




Jasmine replied, she was surprised to see Ophelia talk to her. 


“I have the letter you sent me.” 


Jasmine stared blankly at Ophelia.
When was that? It’s already been over a month and she still has a letter! It was good not to burn it.
Jasmine suddenly thought Duchess Ophelia might be a warm person.
So the rumors floating around every now and then are literally just rumors, not true—. 


“I think I misunderstood about the Duchess.” Jasmine said, putting her hands together.
“I thought you were someone who gets angry and hit people easily, but all the rumors were nonsense! You’re such a good person!”


“—That rumor is all true.”


Jasmine burst out laughing, thinking that Ophelia’s words were a joke. 


“I will make sure that there are no negative comments about the Duchess from now on! Everyone must have a misunderstanding, so I’ll just have to clear up the misunderstanding!”


“Is that possible?”


“Of course! Everyone will fall in love with the Duchess if they know your warm side!” 


Warm side? Where are you looking at—?


“I’ll make it happen! Trust me!” 


Jasmine clenched her fist and shouted.
Ophelia laughed in vain at such Jasmine.
It seems like she didn’t get along well with the people in Count Cardel, considering to say to trust her. 


“At that time, it didn’t seem like you were a good fit in the social world?” 


“That’s.” Jasmine took a breath.
“Because my family is weak.” 


It’s true.
No one treat the Young Lady from Viscount well since they’re going bankrupt.
That’s why Jasmine kept shrinking.
Small, small, very small.
But now it’s different.
As long as Ophelia Ryzen is on her back, no one will despise her.


“But now I have the Duchess.
What can’t I do?”


Jasmine’s black eyes flashed. 


“I’m going to make sure there’s no one who despises me.
Because I’m a Young Lady favored by the Duchess.
They won’t dare to touch me.”


Look at this? Ophelia smiled in vain again at the sight of such Jasmine. 


“You’re such an honest kid.” Ophelia spoke with all her heart.
“So I like it.” 


She is greedy, and at the same time, she has talent.
With the help of me and the Duke’s family, she is definitely a child who can grow.


It was good to have at least one person like this next to her.
To avoid being attacked by Fleur, it was good to have a child like this by her side. 




Ophelia bit her lips. 


‘How are you doing right now?’

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