“You just have to be loyal to the imperial family, right?”




Sylvester was stunned.
He thought a reasonable reason would come out, but what? To dedicate loyalty to the imperial family? What is this—!


“You’re out of your mind.
It’s really crazy.
It’s not enough to say that you’re crazy! What could be worse than that?”


Sylvester shouted as he walked around the room.
However, Ophelia was calm.
She spoke in a calm tone. 




Sylvester’s eyes glanced back. 


“Do you know what the Emperor’s goal is?” 


“It’s probably strengthening the Imperial power.”


Ophelia nodded.
“In the future, the imperial family will absorb local territories to strengthen the imperial power.”


This is the content from the original.
Before passing the throne to his two sons who are worse than him, the Emperor uses his powers to strengthen his power.
This means that it will happen soon. 


After thinking so far, Ophelia looked straight at Sylvester and continued to talk. 


“The Imperial family, who has grown so strong, will try to target and eliminate the families that are not loyal to them, that is, suspected of being a force, one by one.” 


“Do you think my family will be discouraged by such threats?”


“You’re going to be.” Ophelia responded firmly.
“The Imperial family has power and money.”


Sylvester opened his mouth and closed it.
Keep silent.
He loves the family.
He has no intention of losing this family he has built with his own strength.


If the Emperor comes out like that, he will protect the family even if he goes to war.
Sylvester was like that.
That’s why Sylvester wanted to meet the Emperor.
To know how the Emperor evaluates his family and to prepare for it.
If Ophelia is right— he’ll have to find out— it’s a problem. 


It won’t be a problem right now, but if the Emperor grows in power—. 


‘There’s no choice but to be pushed back.’


Sylvester bit his teeth.
Ophelia waited calmly for his silence and carefully opened her mouth. 


“Anyway, you support the Second Prince, aren’t you?” 


Sylvester’s eyes opened wide. 


“So what you’re saying is, for now, I have to show loyalty to the Imperial family, then make the Second Prince to be the Emperor and then get out of the way.” 


“That’s it.” 


Ophelia smiled. 


“In exchange for putting the Second Prince on the throne, you might request independence from the Empire.”


Ophelia recalled the original content.
The reasons for Sylvester’s blind support of the Second Prince were not fully revealed.
However, one reason was described. 


Independence from the Empire. 


The intention is to make the duchy into a principality.
Ophelia, who is well aware of Sylvester’s desire, secretly encouraged Sylvester. 


“Aren’t you hoping for that?”




Sylvester let out a laugh and swept his hair. 


“I really don’t know if you know.” He came close to Ophelia.
Then he grabbed her chin and lifted it up.
“I don’t even know when a person who’s not interested in politics got so much information.” 


“It’s all because I’m smart.”


“I’m annoyed that you’ve seen through all my plans.” 


Tak, Sylvester squeezed the hand that was holding Ophelia’s chin roughly, and narrowed his forehead. 


“Just go ahead as planned.” He gritted his teeth and said.
“Because I want to see the face of the damn Emperor.” 




Ophelia was enjoying a break after a long time.
All the urgent lights have been turned off, so there is nothing to do until the school is built.
And there are accidents in the Grand Duke, so it would be good to stay calm for the time being.


So Ophelia woke up late, changed into comfortable clothes, and was drinking tea leisurely.


‘Ah, what a happy life.’


Ophelia was very satisfied with her current life.
Of course, there are times when she has to twist her head tightly, but it’s only for a while. 


Most of that time is this calm.
It doesn’t hurt as much as it used to.
So Ophelia was starting the day pleasantly.
She expects today to be a peaceful day without any problems. 


But it wasn’t.


“Madam! I got a letter for Madam!” Irene, who ran in, handed out a letter to Ophelia.  


“A letter came to me?”


Ophelia was wondering. 


Who would write a letter—to her? She doesn’t get along with all of the capital’s wives, and she has a relationship with the Crown Prince, but she doesn’t think he’s going to send her a letter. 


So who is it? 


Ophelia hurriedly identified the sender.




Ah, she remembers.
This is the Young Lady who was present when the necklace was robbed by Countess Cardel.
Then she sent her a thank you letter.
And she has forgotten about it for a long time—.


“Why are you sending me a letter like this?” 


She’s such a sweet person.
Ophelia opened the envelope and took out the letter.
Read the contents.


[Hello, Duchess. 


I’m very careful about whether it’s rude to write like this.
However, I really wanted to say thank you to the Duchess again, so I wrote a letter with such courtesy.
I hope you forgive me with a generous heart] 




Did I slaughter and eat them?


Ophelia pouted her lips. 


[It’s no different, it’s just that my family found a very good opal gem this time.
It was said that it would be a really good accessory if you worked on it because of its considerable quality.


As soon as I saw it, I thought of the Duchess’s opal-like hair and wanted to give it to the Duchess, so my father readily agreed. 


Originally, it should be enclosed with the letter, but I thought it would be polite to visit in person and give it to you, so I contacted you first. 


If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you.
What do you think?] 


So she found a gem and it reminded her of her.
She will give it to me so she asks me if I can let her visit—.


“You can just come.”


Ophelia muttered.
Irene freaked out and stopped. 


“You can’t do that! Young Lady Jasmine is the daughter of a Viscount.
How dare the Viscount’s Young Lady visit the Duke’s house without contacting him? If that was the case, the master would have been very angry!”


“I’m not scared of Sylvester getting angry.” 


“That’s because you’re a Madam.
But I’m really scared.”




Ophelia glanced up and raised her gaze. 


“Then are you scared of me or Sylvester?”


Irene raised her round eyes wide.
Then she burst into laughter and shook her head.


“I’m not scared of Madam anymore!” She spoke with all her heart.
“Now that I know that Madam is a good person.”




Ophelia turned her head while making a hmm and low sounds.
At first glance, her ears were red.


Irene thought Madam was really cute! But would she be offended if she said cute? So Irene quietly closed her mouth.


“Anyway, tell Jasmine that today is fine, so she can come visit me.” Ophelia presented a letter to Irene and said.
“I want to keep a pretty girl next to me.”


Irene nodded.
In fact, Young Lady Jasmine is quite beautiful.
But why does she feel sad? Irene pouted her lips. 


Will she notice how Irene feels? 


Ophelia smiled and touched Irene’s nose.
“Of course, you’re also pretty, so I’m keeping you by my side.”




How can our Madam be so good at making such exciting words? 


Badump, badump. 


Irene hurried out of the room, trying to calm down her beating heart. 




Jasmine Smith gulped and swallowed a dry saliva.


Duke Ryzen!


A scary family that makes a crying child stop crying! She couldn’t believe she was here.


‘I have to be friends with the Duchess.’ 


Jasmine took a deep breath and made up her mind.
There was only one reason for wanting to form a relationship with the Duke of Ryzen, who is known for being the worst and most fearful in the world. 


To get help.


The Viscount Smith family was on the verge of collapsing.
Perhaps because the three mines they have have already been dug up enough, minerals no longer came out. 


So even if she tried to give money to the workers, she couldn’t.
The workers were furious, and rumors circulated that they would rush to the Viscount.


It was on the verge of bankruptcy.


Jasmine did not want her family to collapse.
So she made a plan, and that was to become a vassal family of the Duke of Ryzen! Then she will be able to receive regular money, and she will be able to take over the business of the Duke of Ryzen! 


If that happens, she doesn’t think she’ll have any regrets—.


‘Will it be possible?’


She still doesn’t know yet.
And it’s really scary—.


‘But I’ll try it first.’


She carries all the expectations of her family on her back.
So she had to do well.
Jasmine made up her mind once again. 


And she walked to the drawing room according to the guidance of the servant.


Knock, knock. 


“Madam, you have a guest.”


After a while, she heard a voice telling her to come inside.
The servant slowly opened the door.
As soon as he opened the door, Jasmine frowned at the pouring light.
Then slowly open her eyes.


There was still a light, but a rough outline was visible. 


A fancy room.
And sitting in the middle of it—.


“You’re here?” 


And a gorgeous Duchess.
Jasmine could feel her eyes blinded at the moment.
How can a person be so beautiful? 


She looked at Ophelia with a mesmerization, then quickly bowed her head with a sigh. 


“H,Hello Duchess.”


Ophelia twisted her lips.
She then pointed to the sofa opposite her. 


“Sit down.”


“T, thank you.”


Jasmine sat down.
As soon as she sat down, Ophelia ordered the door to close. Tak, as soon as the door closed, an appropriate silence filled the room.


“Well, so—” Ophelia sat with her long legs crossed and looked at Jasmine.
“You.” Ophelia looked down at Jasmine’s trembling hands and said.
“What did you come to me for?”




Jasmine took a breath. 

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